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Wednesday, June 22, 2016
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Tuesday, July 12, 2016
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Friday, July 22, 2016
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Driving Cultural Transformation During Large-Scale Change - OD Practitioner

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Successfully Driving Cultural Transformation: 5 Key Principles
To adapt to the rapidly changing marketplace, many organizations undergo various large-scale change initiatives in hopes of achieving a competitive advantage. One of the primary best practices associated with successful change is to make an intentional effort to shape organizational culture to support and achieve business results.
Culture can be a source of resistance to change; however, the forces that cause resistance can also be used to drive the change effort. Cultural evolution initiatives can be an important strategic lever and can be used to create alignment between the organization's values, beliefs, and the goals of the large-scale change effort. Directly addressing elements of an organization's culture can combat stagnant work practices and reinvigorate top talent.
To create a unified culture that drives organizational change, WLH uses five (5) key principles: 
  1. Culture change takes place more effectively when worked at three levels: organization, team, and individual
  2. Culture change is accelerated by connecting individual beliefs to organizational results
  3. Culture change requires a planned and disciplined implementation cascade
  4. Culture change is accelerated by using a "leader-led learning" approach
  5. Technology should be leveraged for communications, measurement, and reporting successes to reinforce cultural change
These principles draw on classic theory and practice for effective organizational change and culture transformation. Our approach includes a unique emphasis on the role of individual beliefs, a disciplined implementation cascade, and leader-led learning to drive adoption and create sustainable change. Using these five key principles will help align and leverage your organization's culture to support large-scale change initiatives.
For a detailed description of each principle, please read our comprehensive article published in the OD Practitioner (click here ).
After working on many projects with different clients, WLH realized the need for an effective change implementation framework and developed " The 5C's of Transition Leadership™." This program enhances individual change agility and readies leaders to guide others through transition.
Change affects each organization differently. WLH welcomes the opportunity to learn more about your organization and any upcoming or existing change initiatives you may be planning.
Please contact us for additional insights or for more information on cultural evolution and how to produce effective, lasting organizational changes.


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