July 23, 2021
Family Enterprise Entertainment
Dear Global Family Enterprise Community,

We hope you're enjoying your summer! This month's Family Enterprise Issue is centered around the theme of succession planning. The plan of succession in a family enterprise is critical to its success, but it can be a difficult topic. We hope our entertainment selections inspire you with your succession planning.           

  • Lion King: Based on Shakespeare's play, Hamlet. The lion cub, Simba, witnesses his father's death and is told by his Uncle Scar that he is responsible for this tragedy and should leave the Kingdom. Years later, Simba finds out that his uncle is the true murderer and is currently ruling over the Kingdom. With this newfound information, Simba is finally ready to fight Scar and reclaim the role of King.

  • The Godfather: The Godfather, Vito Corleone, is the head of the prominent Corleone mafia family. When his youngest son Michael comes back from war, Vito naturally thinks he's going to join the family business and one day take on the role of Godfather. But as with many succession stories, the children sometimes want to go on their own path. Will Michael end up joining his father or choose a straight and narrow life?     

  • The Crown: Get an inside look into the royal family and how Queen Elizabeth II not only took on the role of Queen unexpectedly after her father George VI's death, but how she went on to become the longest-reigning monarch in British history.    

If you have any recommendations of your favorite movies, series, or books, please send them to: familyenterprise@gsb.columbia.edu.
Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay tuned …

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