Volume 7 | October 31, 2019
News and Updates
We are so excited to welcome our students back to school! Suder Montessori staff would like to thank all of our parents and families for your extraordinary patience during this challenging time. We truly appreciate your support and encouragement throughout this process. Nothing is more important than educating our students. Our teachers
and staff are excited and ready to get back to meeting the academic and social-emotional needs of every child entrusted in our care.

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

The first day back will seem like the first day of school all over again. We are planning to review expectations with students so that we can have another strong start this school year. Please understand that the first five days will be a time of transition back to school operations. Teachers will need time to get back into routines, and we’ll need to support them. Ultimately, our plan is to ensure students know that despite missing 11 days of instruction, they are still smart & capable of greatness. We will do whatever is needed to ensure their academic and personal goals are still met.

For your convenience, I have include arrival and dismal procedures along with with Suder Family Handbook for your review.
Mark Your Calendars
November 1: School Resumes
November 4: School-Wide Expectations Review
November 7: End of Quarter 1
November 7: Suder Jog-a-thon
November 8: School Improvement Day
November 11: No School: Veteran’s Day
November 12: Suder Prospective Parent Tour
November 12: PAC Meeting
Note: Dates potentially being revised include End of Quarter 1, November 8th School Improvement Day, and parent-teacher conferences. There may be more. As soon as the district communicates any official changes in the calendar, I will let you know as soon as possible.
Suder Jog-A-Thon
The Suder Jog-A-Thon will take place on Thursday, November 7, 2019. Be sure to bundle up as we will run outside. Please come and cheer on the kids!
Run times are:
  • 9:30-10:30 - E2
  • 10:34-11:34 - MS
  • 1:52-2:52 - EC
  • 2:56-3:56 - E1
If you'd like to help during the Sprint, please complete    this   quick survey to tell us what time you're available!
Arrival & Dismissal Reminders
The Suder Montessori Magnet School day runs from 9:00am to 4:00pm.  In order to maximize the instructional time, we will open the doors at 8:35am for breakfast.  Instruction will begin promptly at 9:00 am. Peace Circle will be replaced by Morning Meetings that take place in the classroom.  Please adhere to the drop off and pick up policy below.

Drop-Off Procedures

Doors to the school open for children at 8:35am.

Early Childhood (PreK and Kindergarten)
Early Childhood students enter through the playground doors nearest to Maypole (Door 5).   All Early Childhood Students must be signed in and out each day.   Following sign in, students proceed to the cafeteria for breakfast. Parents, please foster your child’s independence and allow him/her to walk to the cafeteria independently after he/she is signed in.

Elementary and Middle School
All Elementary and Middle School students enter the building through the “Mural Door” (Door 2) nearest to Damen and Washington. Students in E1, E2, and MS do NOT need to be signed in at drop off. Students enter and proceed directly to the gym for breakfast. Students are not allowed to go to their lockers before breakfast.

Saying Goodbye
Initially, it can be difficult for parents and young children to separate at the beginning of the school year and after extended breaks. We have found that a short and positive good-bye is easiest for the child. We do not recommend or allow parents accompanying their child into the classroom and/or cafeteria. The prolonged good-bye often makes the separation more difficult. Feel free to call the school for reassurance that your child has settled in and is adjusting well.

Pick-Up Procedures

Students are dismissed at 4:00pm.

Early Childhood (PreK and Kindergarten)
At the end of the day, parents enter through the playground doors (Door 6) and proceed to the child’s classroom. Parents line up outside of the child’s classroom and wait to sign out the student.   All Early Childhood Students must be signed in and out each day.   Students must be picked up promptly at 4:00pm. The door will remain open until 4:10pm. After 4:10pm, parents must enter the Main Door on Washington.

Elementary 1
At the end of day, E1 teaching staff will bring all students to the gymnasium for parent pick up at 4:00pm. Parents should enter through the “Mural Door” (Door 2) nearest to Damen and Washington and proceed to the gymnasium for pick up promptly at 4:00pm. If you would like to request that your E1 student be dismissed outdoors, you may request IN WRITING to the child’s teacher.

Elementary 2
At the end of the day, E2 teaching staff take students from their classrooms and release them for dismissal through the southwest door (Door 7). Students must be picked up promptly at 4:00pm. Students are not allowed to wait at the Main Entrance.  

Middle School
At the end of the day, MS teachers bring students from their classrooms and release them for dismissal through the southwest door (Door 7). Students must be picked up promptly at 4:00pm.  

Bus Students
All bus students exit the Main Door to be escorted to buses. In order to ensure that there are no mixups, if your child won’t be taking the bus notify their teacher in writing that morning. Only in emergency cases will bus calls be taken in the office. The end of the school day is a very busy time. As such, emergency changes by phone to the Main Office will only be honored until 3:00pm. 

NOTE: The Main entrance is closed to families from 8:55am-9:00am and 4:00pm-4:10pm for entry and exit.

****Per CPS policy, if a student is not picked up by 4:30pm schools are instructed to call the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services to report neglect and to call CPS Safety and Security, who will then call the police. If a parent constantly picks up a child late, the parent will be required to register with J @ School and will be required to pay the $25 drop in fee each time the parent arrives late.****
Suder Family Handbook
In order to establish and maintain clear communication with families, we have created the Suder Family Handbook, which has information about the school and its operations, policies, and procedures. Refer to this handbook often as it provides important information for families. We hope that this handbook provides you with a clear understanding of our school-wide expectations, programs, and policies.  
Out of School Time Programming
Suder is partaking in a before/after school program called Out of School Time (OST). This program is free for students to participate in before school and/or afterschool activities. We would like to invite your child to participate in the program. We believe your student will greatly benefit from this opportunity.
We're offering programs to students from grades E1 through Middle School. Space is limited and the maximum number of students enrolled for each program is twenty. Students will be enrolled on a first-come-first-served basis. An afterschool snack will be served to students before programming begins. The programs listed below are available. If you student is interested, please complete the form below and return it by Monday

  • Book Club  - Tues. and Weds. 4:30-5:30 p.m.-  Grades 1-3 
Instructor - Ms. Arnold

  • 5th Grade Math Club - Tues., Wed., and Thurs. 7:45-8:45a.m.- Grade 5 
Instructor - Ms. Andrade

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Wed. and Thurs. 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. Grades 7-8 - Instructor - Ms. Tankson

If your child received a confirmation letter for the OST Program they selected, they can begin attending after Tuesday, November 5, 2019.
First Quarter Celebration: Skating Field Trip at MLK Rink/Bowling Alley
The Suder Montessori School Community will be celebrating the first quarter by taking an all-school field trip to MLK Skating Rink/Bowling Alley. The trip has been rescheduled to Thursday, December 5, 2019 ! We are inviting all students and staff to attend the celebration as it is a unique school culture-building opportunity for Suder. Each class will require one chaperone. Please see the permission slip linked below and return it as soon as possible.

Early Childhood students will have the option to bowl instead of skate. In addition, we will have alternative activities for E1, E2, and Middle School students who do not want to skate. Students will be closely monitored by adults and have access to skate mates (pictured above) available for use.

Note: We strongly encourage families to pay for trips online at  https://magic.collectorsolutions.com/magic-ui/Login/cps-26881-suder-montessori-magn
Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)
PAC, or Parent Advisory Council, exists to build and promote the capacity of parents of students participating in Title I programs to partner with their children’s schools in the education of their children. PAC’s main responsibilities are to advise the principal on the use of Title I parent & family engagement funds as well as to serve as a bridge between all school parents and the school administration. We received $848.40 in PAC funds for the 2019-2020 school year. Be sure to complete the PAC Funds Proposal below if you want to suggest how the council should spend these funds.

On Tuesday, November 12, 2019, we will hold a PAC Meeting at 6:00 pm. The Council will develop a budget for the $848.40 we received in Title I funds. Please join us in Room 110 for this meeting.
J @ School at Suder Montessori
J at School provides a safe, welcoming environment where students can relax and enjoy time with their school friends. Children can keep learning with games, arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor play, homework time, and more. 

  • Before Care: 7:00-9:00am
  • After Care: 4:00-6:00pm

To find out more information, visit their website on the right.
Music House at Suder Montessori
Start your Child on the Path to musical success right at Suder Montessori! Classes start Tuesday, September 3rd 2019! Class offerings are listed below.
  • Pre-Twinkle, Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Violin
  • Ukulele
  • Rock Band
  • Pre Ballet and Ballet
  • Beginning and Intermediate Hip Hop
  • Musical Theater
  • Pre-Twinkle Piano, Beginning Piano, and Intermediate/Advanced Piano
  • Latin Partner Dance

To find out more information, visit their website on the right.
Friends of Suder News
Interested in providing a little Staff Sunshine?
On Mondays, we have surprises for our staff in the teacher’s lounge. It can be anything from popcorn, a candy “bar,” croissants, donuts, tea, soup, or anything in a crockpot. Don’t have time to set it up in the morning? Don’t worry about it- FOS will set it up. All you have to do is drop it off in the office at drop-off.
Parents like to party!
Parents like to party. So, FOS has created “Parent Parties” on every first Thursday of each month. We will alternate from a morning party to after school party and the parties will take place in the new FOS room after it is renovated. We hope to continue to build our community through these parties. Expect food, surprises, and community. Stay tuned for more info. 

Join us for a Parent Mixer at Grand Central Brewery, 6-8pm. Enjoy Pizza on FOS and try out some new beers from our neighbors! Street parking is available.
Want to be more involved?
Fill out our survey to let us know! 
Do you have a thing for Flower Arranging?
Sign up for Flower Power- where we arrange and deliver beautiful flowers each week.
Are Socials (aka Dances) your thing?
We are going to have Fall Fest Socials where kids can wear their Halloween Costumes! If you are interested in volunteering at this event, please sign up below!
Suder Wish List
We Love Donations!
Listed below are items that we need at Suder Montessori. If you or someone you know can donate any of these items, please contact the Main Office.

  • Guitar(s) and/or Guitar Parts
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Washing Machine
  • Dryer
  • Suder Library Amazon Wish List
  • We are expanding our school library, and we are looking for furniture donations. (Bean bags, modern couch, a rug) any ideas where can we get these donated? Does anyone have a contact with a company who might be remodeling their space and would be willing to donate fun modern furniture? If you do, let the Parent Librarians know!

If you have not already done so, be sure to visit the Suder website and sign up to receive the Suder Newsletter!