Volume 13 | February 2, 2020
News and Updates
Mark Your Calendars
February 4: PAC Meeting, 6:00pm
February 7: Report Card Distribution
February 13: Suder ALSC Meeting, 5:30pm
February 14: Special Delivery Day
February 17: No School
Attendance at Suder Montessori
  • SY20 Goal: 96%

  • Current YTD: 94.46%

  • Last Week: 95.24%

Why Focus on Attendance?

Research shows that student attendance and academic performance are two strong indicators of how students will perform in college.

Attendance is 20% of the school's SQRP . In order to get the most points on the SQRP for attendance, we must have an average of 96% attendance for the school year.

Attendance incentives around historically low attendance days/weeks assist in increasing attendance and helps us reach our school-wide goal.
Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)
We currently need a PAC Chairperson. If you are interested in serving as the Chairperson for the PAC, be sure to attend the next meeting on  February 4, 2020, at 6:00 pm . Please join us in Room 110 for this meeting.

As a reminder, the PAC, or Parent Advisory Council, exists to build and promote the capacity of parents of students participating in Title I programs to partner with their children’s schools in the education of their children. PAC’s main responsibilities are to advise the principal on the use of Title I parent & family engagement funds as well as to serve as a bridge between all school parents and the school administration. We received $848.40 in PAC funds for the 2019-2020 school year.

PAC Chairperson Responsibilities
  • Attend and preside at all meetings and be a spokesperson for the PAC when requested to do so
  • Attend the monthly PAC/PLN collaborative meetings to receive Title I district updates
  • Create all regular meeting notices and agendas in consultation with the principal, the other PAC officers, and other PAC members
  • Call special meetings of the PAC as needed
  • Sign all recommendations for expenditures of Title I School-wide or Targeted Assistance Program funds and Parent & Family Engagement funds
  • Ensure that all council members are fulfilling their tasks
Taste of Suder 2020
The Taste of Suder was an amazing event! Thank you to all the families that came out for this event! Also, thank you to the Friends of Suder for planning and hosting the Taste of Suder 2020. We enjoyed a diverse menu of foods, fun cultural activities, and amazing performances!
Favorite Hat Day
A huge shout out to Suder students and staff that were present all last week and on time! Students and staff who met these goals participated in Favorite Hat Day!
Report Card Distribution
Report cards will be sent home with students on Friday, February 7, 2020 . If you have questions about your child's grades and/or academic progress, reach out to your child's teacher to set up a meeting.
Elementary School Promotion Policy
The School/Parent Guide to the Elementary Promotion Policy is an at-a-glance summary of the Elementary Promotion Policy. The guide assists schools and parents in determining the promotion status of students in benchmark grades 3, 6, and 8 and the requirements associated with each promotion status.

We urge parents to closely monitor their child's academic progress to ensure he or she stays on track throughout the school year. Parents can assist their child in meeting the promotion criteria by reviewing assignments with him or her, requesting to see quizzes and tests, and maintaining communication with their child's school and teacher with regards to his or her academic progress.

Students who do not satisfy the promotion criteria above will be required to attend and satisfactorily complete Summer School in order to attain promotion to the next grade.

If you have any questions about your child's promotion to the next grade, reach out to your child's teacher for additional information.

Attendance in the Cold Winter Months
This is the time of year when winter takes a toll on school attendance. Snow and slushy weather can keep students from getting to school. So can colds, fevers, and earaches that often come with the winter months.

These absences, even if they are excused, can lead to academic challenges. If it is a snowy or rainy day but school is still open, students miss out on learning if they aren’t in class. These absences can result in lower academic achievement, test scores, and grades.

There’s not much we can do about the weather, but there are two key steps every family can take to help minimize absences this year.

  1. Develop back up plans for getting your children to school in winter weather. That could mean checking with other families who have a car that can manage in the snow or forming a “walking school bus” to walk your children to school with other parents. If you’re stuck, call the school. We can try connect you with families or find support that may be able to help.
  2. Keep your children healthy. Dress them warmly for the cold weather and make sure they’ve got hats and gloves. Encourage them to wash their hands regularly, and send them to school with a bottle of hand sanitizer and/or tissue. If your children do get sick, talk to a doctor or reach out to the school nurse about whether they should come to school and when it is okay for them to return. This handout offers some tips about when children are too sick for school.

Above all, communicate with the Suder Main Office and the classroom teacher as we will always find a way to help and support. We want your children and all our students to succeed!

Suder Recess Weather Guidelines
Ideally, recess should take place outdoors on school grounds as weather, space, and safety permit. Outdoor recess allows children to get fresh air, provides an opportunity for children to engage in moderate to vigorous physical activity and gives students more activity options than most indoor spaces. As a result, outdoor recess will take place outdoors when the temperature is 25 degrees F with or without the wind chill . Please be sure to dress children appropriately to go outside and have fun during recess.
Aspen: Parent Portal
Parents can always have access to students grades, attendance, and other information that the school has on file through Aspen's Parent Portal. If you do not have Parent Portal set up or want to know how to navigate the system, reach out to the Suder Main Office.
Suder Main Office Information
The Suder Main Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:15 pm. The number to the Suder Main Office is (773) 534-7685.
J @ School at Suder Montessori
J at School provides a safe, welcoming environment where students can relax and enjoy time with their school friends. Children can keep learning with games, arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor play, homework time, and more. 

  • Before Care: 7:00-9:00am
  • After Care: 4:00-6:00pm

To find out more information, visit their website on the right.
Music House at Suder Montessori
Start your Child on the Path to musical success right at Suder Montessori! Classes start Tuesday, September 3rd 2019! Class offerings are listed below.
  • Pre-Twinkle, Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Violin
  • Ukulele
  • Rock Band
  • Pre Ballet and Ballet
  • Beginning and Intermediate Hip Hop
  • Musical Theater
  • Pre-Twinkle Piano, Beginning Piano, and Intermediate/Advanced Piano
  • Latin Partner Dance

To find out more information, visit their website on the right.
Friends of Suder News
Visit the Friends of Suder Parent Room
Feel free to stop by the FOS Room at any time! Please abide by the Parent Room Rules below!
Interested in providing a little Staff Sunshine?
On Mondays, we have surprises for our staff in the teacher’s lounge. It can be anything from popcorn, a candy “bar,” croissants, donuts, tea, soup, or anything in a crockpot. Don’t have time to set it up in the morning? Don’t worry about it- FOS will set it up. All you have to do is drop it off in the office at drop-off.
Parents like to party!
Parents like to party. So, FOS has created “Parent Parties” on every first Thursday of each month. We will alternate from a morning party to after school party and the parties will take place in the new FOS room after it is renovated. We hope to continue to build our community through these parties. Expect food, surprises, and community. Stay tuned for more info. 
Want to be more involved?
Fill out our survey to let us know! 
Do you have a thing for Flower Arranging?
Sign up for Flower Power- where we arrange and deliver beautiful flowers each week.
Are Socials (aka Dances) your thing?
We are going to have Fall Fest Socials where kids can wear their Halloween Costumes! If you are interested in volunteering at this event, please sign up below!
Suder Wish List
We Love Donations!
Listed below are items that we need at Suder Montessori. If you or someone you know can donate any of these items, please contact the Main Office.

  • Guitar(s) and/or Guitar Parts
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Washing Machine
  • Dryer
  • Suder Library Amazon Wish List
  • We are expanding our school library, and we are looking for furniture donations. (Bean bags, modern couch, a rug) any ideas where can we get these donated? Does anyone have a contact with a company who might be remodeling their space and would be willing to donate fun modern furniture? If you do, let the Parent Librarians know!

If you have not already done so, be sure to visit the Suder website and sign up to receive the Suder Newsletter!