May 28: Picture Day Photos Available Online
June 3: Picture Day Photos Payment Due
June 5: 8th Grade Bonfire/Cookout at Promontory Point
June 8: Early Childhood Step Up Ceremony, 2pm-4pm
June 10: Elementary 1 Step Up Ceremony, 2pm-4pm
June 11: Elementary 2 Step Up Ceremony, 3pm-4pm
June 14: 8th Grade Tie-Dye & Popsicles in the Garden
June 15: 8th Grade Tribute & Parade of Graduates
June 18: Picture Day Photos Delivered to Suder
June 21: 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony, 4:15pm
June 21-22: Technology Device Return, 9am-4:30pm
June 22: Suder Fest