Volume 8 | November 24, 2020
News and Updates
Mark Your Calendars
November 25-27: No School - Thanksgiving Break
December 1: Suder PAC Meeting, 5:00pm
December 17: Suder ALSC Meeting, 5:30pm
December 21-January 1: No School - Winter Break
January 4: Remote Learning Resumes
January 14: Pre-K Return In-Person Instruction
February 1: K-8 Return In-Person Instruction
Report Card Conferences
We are stronger together than we are alone. -- Walter Payton

While the approaching holiday season is typically full of hustle and bustle, this year, celebrations may be unusual or difficult because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus is keeping families apart, and people are feeling stressed and frightened. That’s why it’s perhaps more important than ever to focus on gratitude — the practice of noticing and being thankful for the many things and people that contribute to making our lives happier, better, and easier. 

Gratitude is beneficial to our mental and physical health, it can help us relax, and its effects can help us stay well through the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. The health benefits of practicing gratitude are wide-ranging — and maybe even a bit surprising. In times of crisis, it’s important to stay connected to others, and among its many other benefits, gratitude can help with this. Showing gratitude strengthens our relationships and our connection to our community. 

In the Montessori environment, gratitude is a critical component of peace education, grace and courtesy exercises, and the concept of cosmic education. Gratitude is a quality that needs cultivating over time but encouraging children to be grateful and modeling its importance is well worth the effort. It lays the foundation for children to develop a positive, optimistic outlook on life.

Here are some simple ways to practice gratitude with your family:

  • Make sharing the things each person is grateful for a daily, family activity. Sharing a few things they are thankful for can be an excellent way to boost spirits and stay grounded in the things that bring us joy.
  • Count your blessings.
  • Make it a habit to say “thank you” or, better yet, write thank-you letters. Hand-written cards still make a significant impact on people’s lives, and the practice teaches kids how to express themselves and show gratitude to others.

We, at Suder, appreciate you being a part of our parent community, and we wish you and your family a happy, healthy, and safe holiday. As you go into this week, into this season of modified gatherings and festivities, be sure to celebrate your 2020 bright spots - it’s been a rough year and naming highlights builds resilience! You may be grieving how you usually spend Thanksgiving or what you usually do when you have a break from work. Grieve. And then celebrate anything you can from 2020. And then see what you can look forward to in 2021.
Assistance & Donations for the Holidays
Suder Montessori understands that these times can be challenging for some of our families. We want to ensure that all Suder students have a happy holiday this winter. We know that COVID has made money tight for many families this year. If your family needs help with holiday gifts for your kids, please complete the survey below and we will do our best to help your family this holiday season.

Also, we created a Suder Holiday Help Wish List where families can donate gifts to other Suder families! Any gift donations would be greatly appreciated!
Suder Montessori Reopening Update
On Tuesday, November 17th, Chicago Public Schools announced the return of in-person learning for kindergarten through eighth grade students. This is in addition to the return of Early Childhood and Cluster programs. As a reminder, Pre-K students will return to in-person instruction on January 11, 2021. K-8 students will return February 1, 2021.

In order to comply with ISBE, IDPH, and CDC guidelines, our Early Childhood Program (PreK3, PreK4 and K) will be returning in a Hybrid Model. To maintain the integrity of our Montessori program in alignment with health and safety guidelines, our in-person model is different from the initial five day plan and other traditional Early Childhood programs within the district. 

Yesterday, November 23, 2020, opt-in forms were sent to all families of students in Pre-K-8 and cluster programs. Please note that if you have a Pre-K student and you already completed the survey in October, you do not need to re-submit if your preference has not changed. The deadline to update or submit your opt-in form is December 7, 2020.

Please know that Suder Montessori will strictly adherence to the comprehensive health and safety protocols developed in coordination with the Chicago Department of Public Health. Additional information regarding the safe return of students can be found on the CPS Reopening Website. A handbook with school-specific health and safety procedures will be shared closer to the date of return. Once families submit learning preferences, we will share a school-based survey to determine pod preference (Mon/Tues vs. Thurs/Fri) to accommodate family scheduling preferences to the best of our ability.
Suder Montessori Student Council
We are very excited to be launching the School Year 2020-21 Suder Montessori Student Council! This year, your involvement in Student Council is more important than ever as we work together to make our school year great. We will be holding elections on Friday, December 11th for the following positions:

  • President (Must be in Middle School)
  • Vice President (Can be in Middle School or E2)
  • Secretary (Can be in Middle School or E2)
  • Director of Communications (Can be in Middle School or E2)
  • Classroom Rep (One rep will be chosen per classroom E1 - Middle School. E1 reps must be in third grade.)

Please see the information packet below to learn more!

Applications are due TODAY, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24th!
Suder State of the School Address
On Wednesday, November 18, 2020, Ms. Bada delivered the Suder State of the School Address. The State of the School Address is important as it offers a common lens for conversations on the progress and priorities at our school. We hope that families that were not able to join us for this session can review the information in the presentation below.
Suder Parent Champion - Chamika Jones
Greetings Suder Family,

Chamika here. I don't know many of you, but I hope to know more soon. As you know, Suder has a strong Social-Emotional Support Team between a Dean of Students & Community, a School Counselor, a School Social Worker, and a School Psychologist. This year, the role of a Parent Champion is being introduced for a new social-emotional learning experience for the parent community. I am honored to fill that role and given the current climate of the school year, relieved to share with other parents. 
As Montessori parents, my family and I are constantly looking for ways to enhance our girls' learning experience while also giving them the room to figure some things out and intervene when needed. Well this year, I'm needed a lot and I'm sure everyone else does too. Social and emotional Learning has become more important than ever right now. Luckily, Suder already had a very strong support system with lots of SEL resources and an amazing parent community. As Parent Champion, I will  share everything I've learned through formal training with Clever Characters on SEL mentoring methods with other parents. These discussions will help us as parents implement and advocate SEL Mentoring Methods within our community (especially schools) and streamline what's being introduced at school at home. It gives us parents an additional way to support each other and strengthen our school community while simultaneously strengthening our kids along with ourselves. 

As an introductory to some of the training topics, below is a registration link to attend an information session with Dr. Lori Desautels covering the topic of self regulation.This interview, conducted by Clever Characters, will discuss how the knowledge of how your brain works allows you to self-regulate and is directed towards parents and educators. I know everyone has a busy schedule right now and I can only imagine the magic tricks people are doing but if you have time, this is a good one. If not, there will be more and a follow up meeting after within the Suder community. In the meantime, If anyone has any additional questions, feel free to reach out at chamika.jones@gmail.com
PAC Meeting Notice & Agenda
The next PAC Meeting is at 5:00pm on December 1, 2020. The meeting link and agenda can be found here: December 2020 PAC Meeting.

Suder PAC Officers
  • Chairperson: Serena Sumrell
  • Vice-Chairperson: Cheryl Curtis
  • Outreach Coordinator: Helen Ho-Supanich
  • Secretary: Charles Alley

PAC Meeting Dates
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COMIC: A Kids' Guide To Coping With The Pandemic
Kids, this comic is for you!

You've been living through this pandemic for months, and you might be feeling sad, frustrated or upset. But there are lots of different ways to deal with your worries – and make yourself feel better. Here are some tips and advice to help you through. Check out the comic below!
ComEd Financial Assistance Program
For a limited time, this financial-assistance program provides an additional one-time grant of up to $300 to help low- income residential customers, and those who express financial hardship, reduce past-due balances. Assistance through the Helping Hand program will be administered directly through ComEd. Residential customers can apply for Helping Hand grants at www.ComEd.com/PaymentAssistance or call 1-800-334-7661.
Holiday Food Pantry
The Kingdom Baptist Church Food Pantry may be a very good resource for families during this time. The foods donated are fresh and of high quality. Please feel free to visit the food pantry for feed. Distribution is planned to follow safety and sanitary guidelines. They are hopeful that the food does not go to waste.
If you have not already done so, be sure to visit the Suder website and sign up to receive the Suder Newsletter!