December 29, 2020
Sue Sioux is Turning 20!
Sue Sioux, a beautiful calico cat and our official mascot, will be turning 20 on January 1 and we will be celebrating throughout the coming year.

Sue Sioux came to Cat Care Society back in 2003 from a hoarding situation. She was adopted very quickly and her new owner adored her. Sadly her owner had to have surgery and was no longer able to care for her. So Sue Sioux was returned to CCS in 2006, and we learned that unfortunately she had also been declawed. From 2006 through 2009 Sue Sioux was adopted three more times and returned for various reasons. She came back the third time from the shelter where she had been surrendered - they had located CCS through her microchip. Cat Care Society will always take a cat back that it has adopted out..we never give up on finding a good home for a cat! By this time Sue Sioux had developed some health issues such as early kidney disease and some behavioral problems possibly due to the declawing. These understandably made it harder for her to get adopted.

During her years in the shelter at Cat Care Society, Sue Sioux became our mascot. Everyone knew her when they walked in. They would tell her how beautiful she was and what an amazing face she had. Sue Sioux loved the attention.

In 2018 the staff decided that CCS would be her forever home. She was moved to the administrative building where she could roam freely and live out her days in a home with people who love her. Sue Sioux gets lots of attention, a sunny porch, and all the cozy beds she could ask for! She also gets the occasional cheesy popcorn piece (her favorite snack). 

As you can tell, Sue Sioux is deserving of a great celebration in honor of her 20th birthday! Please watch for upcoming news of her special events.
Sue Sioux's Birthday Wish
Sue Sioux's birthday wish is that her cat friends find the love and companionship that she has at CCS. Several of her feline pals are special needs cats who need a little extra care. Elvis and Pounce de Leon are two of those, both wonderful cats who will require more attention from a loving cat parent.

They are both diabetics and require ProZinc insulin, which runs about $107 per 10ml bottle. They also both require M/D Glucose/Weight Management Feline (Hill's Prescription Diet). The cost of an 8lb bag is $53.99; a case of 24 5.5oz cans costs $49.99. This amount of dry food should last several months, and the canned will last about a month and a half for one cat. Both Pounce and Elvis cope with their diabetes very well with this regimen of food and medicine. Each cat will need someone who is able to keep up with and afford his care.
Meet Pounce de Leon. He is an 11 year old very outgoing boy who was transferred to Cat Care Society from another shelter. Pounce is friendly and loves everyone he meets. He's very food motivated and he really enjoys joining into everyone's activities. He especially likes back scratches and lounging in cat beds.  He doesn't do especially well with other cats, but he does get along with pal Elvis. An adopter who wants two cats would be fine with this pair. Pounce would LOVE a home with a family who will play with him and give him lots of loving care. If you think that your family would be willing to open their hearts to him, we are sure he would do the
Just like his friend Pounce de Leon, Elvis is a very outgoing and affectionate guy. He is also 11 years old. Elvis is really into toys and loves to play. Besides his buddy Pounce, he gets along fine with the other shelter cats and with dogs as well! He's basically an easy going guy looking for a great family to love and who will love him. If you are looking for an affectionate companion, Elvis could be the one for you!
Raffle Drawings
Tomorrow, December 30

The drawings for our raffles will be held tomorrow, December 30, so there is still time to buy a few tickets. The items to be raffled are a cat basket, a cat and dog basket, and a cat tree/tower. You can purchase raffle tickets online through today with this link: Raffle.

Also, although you may be done decorating for this year, we still have a few shelter cat ornaments which would be nice to have for future holiday seasons. You can buy those at this link: Ornaments.

And remember, our online Meow Mart is open 24/7 for shopping and we have curbside pickup.

We thank you for supporting our cats!
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