October  16, 2017 
Suffering is a Choice
President Lincoln said people are as happy as they choose to be.
I felt discouraged when people would quote him suggesting it was that easy to get out of depression and be happy. Living with the decades of mostly low grade #depression I had experienced I never felt empowered or capable of just choosing. Change seemed impossible. Most days felt more like survival.
After fifteen years in a recovery program, the depression lifted, life became easier, and I even had moments of #joy that I must admit scared me at first because they were so foreign. Then by learning and practicing #ThetaHealing my world shifted to living in possibility and potentiality.
I do have the ability now to choose to be happy and to ascertain what is bothering me and resolve it through the theta brain wave state and through communication with Creator of All That Is. For example, recently while cleaning the floors in my house I kept hearing this negative dialog in my head of worry and criticism about the way I was cleaning the floor, about how often I do housework and on and on. I decided to tackle this distressing habit of negative thinking.
The negative thoughts were not grounded in my reality. My husband rarely comments about my care of our household. And yes, I would like to have a housekeeper. Wouldn't that be fun - to pay someone who wants to work to do what I like to avoid.
The self-critical arguments going on in my head were because of something else. Sick of hearing them yet knowing that the subconscious gives important clues, I decided to challenge this unhealthy pattern. On top of that, because of previous experience I knew I could do something about it.
With a little reflection, it dawned on me this was like the arguments that my mom and stepdad had from when I was about 12 to 25 years old. This was their issue replaying in my head and I was paying the price of resentment and unhappiness.
Since then I have discussed it with two trusted friends, journaled on it and addressed it with ThetaHealing. I feel a great relief.
Undeniably, we'll see how much I've healed the old family drama the next time I clean house and mop the floors. Can I do so without the old habitual negative tapes playing in my head?
Overall, I live, always at choice about my moods. When I empathically pick up others unhappiness I can clear it through ThetaHealing or Access Consciousness healing techniques. When family dysfunction from childhood trigger my unhappiness, I can remove the trigger.
I live empowered. I have tools that work. Yes, my mood is now a conscious choice. 
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