W E L L N E S S    R E T R E A T

Sedona Mago Retreat Center  · Sedona, AZ
O C T O B E R   21 - 25, 2015

Your Journey to Wellness 

Natural Healing

A Whole-Life Approach





























One to One Rejuvenation Program:

  • Daily lectures and interactive presentations on disease prevention, condition reversal and improved longevity
  • Use the power of the mind for stress management, unlimited creativity and success
  • Activate the body's natural healing process for effective weight & craving control
  • Understand how simple meditative exercises can transform your health
  • Experience the earth's healing energy surrounding scenic Sedona
  • Integrate food as medicine into your daily living
  • Sustain fitness with simple solutions

Cost Includes:

  • Up to Three Personalized Sessions - based on Health Assessment Questionnaire
    • Physician Guided Integrative Health Coaching
    • Evolving Health Nutrition Coaching
    • Forever Fit Coaching

Plus: One Hour Full Body Healing Treatment/Massage


  • One-Way Transportation for Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport
  • Double Occupancy Room w/ Private Bath (Single Occupancy - additional cost based on availability)
  • Three Vegetarian Meals Daily 
  • Comfortable & Soothing Accommodations
  • Community Dining
  • Competent & Experienced Staff
Call today for your no cost Consultation,
Assessment Questionnaire, and
Personalized Program Cost

Terri Dean, Retreat Coordinator, 505-797-7891 



See you in Sedona,

Lori Eanes, D.O. 




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Meet Your Coaches:


Ruben J Guzman, MPH , author of  Evolving Health  and living proof of what it takes to lose weight, eat healthy and stay fit. Ruben possesses over 30 years of experience in the health field: attended 3 years at the UC Davis School of Medicine, holds a Master's degree in Public Health from UCLA specializing in behavioral sciences/health promotion. Having gone through his own health challenge and then losing 50+ pounds in 1995, Coach Ruben empowers people to enjoy a lifestyle filled with energy, vitality and productivity. He addresses mindset, sets up a balanced approach for health actions, and empowers you to create support and accountability, so you win at health for a lifetime!  For more info, visit CoachRuben.com

Idella Veal, champion and agent for positive change, has spent over 28 years as a leader in the health and fitness industry. She is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, and earned her BBA from Georgia State University. Idella also received her Health and Fitness Training from the American College of Sports Medicine. Idella is an accomplished athlete winning many awards in track/running, cycling and fitness competitions. An adventure seeker, Idella believes in stepping outside of your comfort zone, expanding your physical, mental and emotional fitness. It is Idella's life passion to inspire, teach and coach people to move beyond perceived limitations to achieve personal greatness. She has extensive training in metaphysics as a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living.


 Tao masters and Dahn yoga practitioners learn to communicate with their bodies through energy. Dahn refers to the primal vital energy that is essential to all forms of life. As energy is circulated, the body's natural healing is activated. True health means not only a fit and functioning body but balance and harmony in all areas of your life. Your treatment with a practitioner will begin to unlock the blockages that prevent your total well-being.


 Terri Dean, Retreat Coordinator