June 6, 2019


I am so excited to announce that the baby marmoset who was born a month ago has finally been identified as a little baby girl! If you didn't see this exciting story, please read about it here

Why did this take so long to discover the gender of the baby, you ask? Baby marmosets cling to the bodies of their family members for weeks. It has only been in the last week that she has been bouncing around on her own, so we were able to determine that she was a sweet girl.

Now, it's time to play The Name Game and give her a proper name! Would you like the chance to name the baby? Since we do not breed our monkey residents because we do not want any more monkeys born into captivity, this is a very rare opportunity!
The baby marmoset is discovering her new life at her forever home, Jungle Friends!
How soon they grow up - baby marmoset enjoying fresh fruit for the first time!
From now until July 3, please sign up to sponsor baby, or any other monkey at the sanctuary, and you will have a chance to enter your favorite name/s in our drawing to determine her beautiful name.

3 entries for $10/month (less than 33 cents a day)
7 entries for $25/month (less than 83 cents a day)
15 entries for $50/month (less than $1.67 a day)
30 entries for $100/month (less than $3.33 a day)

We will be drawing the name on Independence Day, July 4, to celebrate the freedom of baby and the rest of her family who escaped deplorable breeding conditions. 
Baby Marmoset at four days old.
Newborn 4/19/19
Baby Marmoset Explores her Indoor Enclosure
They grow up so fast!
Thank you for your unwavering support! This baby marmoset could have been ripped from her family, but now she will have an "Almost Wild" life with her family at Jungle Friends because of you!


Lindsey Jean
Callitrichid Manager
Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary

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