Here are some Tips and Tricks to share as a result of the update on Tuesday.

Can't access WIREdata
WIREdata needs to have third-party cookies enabled. Not all browsers are set up to accept third-party cookies. Here are the instructions for various browsers:

Internet Explorer:
Click Tools/internet options and then choose Privacy.
From the Privacy tab click on Sites and add and and make sure to Allow.
Click the Advanced tab and made sure 3rd party cookies are set to Accept.


Click Tools > Options.
Click Privacy in the top panel.
 Select the checkbox labeled 'Accept cookies from sites.'
 Select the checkbox labeled 'Accept third-party cookies.'
 Click OK.




Windows XP and Internet Explorer having issues logging into flexmls.
Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft. The flexMLS system is incompatible with Internet Explorer on Windows XP systems. You will need to download a new internet browser for use with flexMLS.  

Solution is to use an alternative browser, either Firefox or Chrome:
The two that we are suggesting would be Mozilla Firefox, which you can download for free at or Goggle Chrome which can be downloaded for free at 


Contact Access to Portals and Emails
You may have received calls from some contacts that they are unable to open their Portal when accessing the Portal Link. This problem does not apply to all contacts. Two things you can do. Check to see if your contact has logged in since Tuesday, March 24th.  Sort by the Last Login in Contact Management to see when they last logged in. You can add the Last Login column by going to Contact Management and clicking Advanced > Customize Contact List.


Note: If this is an active and current contact, the quickest and easiest solution is to Resend the portal link to that contact. Navigate to the Portal tab of the contact and click Email Portal Link. Their current username and password will work.



Some contacts and agents were having issues with auto emails not opening or unexpected results.  These issues have been fixed so if you are continuing to have issues with auto emails please send us an email to with the problem email links. Refer to Information Collection Tips on what information will be helpful.



Information Collection Tips
Here are some guidelines to collecting information that will help us solve your issue more quickly.

There is some basic information we need to collect when we hear about an issue with clients using links in FlexMLS. Collecting as much information about the issue reported will help us establish a pattern and lead to an effective solution.  


Contact information: contact name and contact search name.
Describe the issue: find out from your contact exactly what is happening.
Find out how your contact is accessing the link: i.e. desktop or mobile device (Android or iOS, PC, Mac, Tablet, or smartphone). 


Forward emails links that you are having problems with and a brief summary of the problem to


Metro MLS thanks everyone for their patience as we worked through the auto email issues. If you are still having issues that have not been reported please call us or send an email to for additional assistance. 


Any questions, please call the Help Desk at 414.778.5450.
Or e-mail You may also follow our updates at