Suicide Prevention Competencies Released for Faith Leaders
Collective guidance aims to provide all faith leaders
with essential life-saving skills
Research shows that people who are struggling with thoughts of suicide are increasingly turning to faith leaders for help and support. To equip faith leaders with the capabilities needed to prevent suicide, and provide care and comfort for those affected by suicide, the   National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention (Action Alliance) the nation’s public-private partnership for suicide prevention, and its  Faith Communities Task Force   released new  Suicide Prevention Competencies for Faith Leaders: Supporting Life Before, During, and After a Suicidal Crisis . The new resource provides feasible, practical, research-based actions faith leaders can adopt immediately to help save lives and restore hope in faith communities nationwide.
The competencies, informed by faith community leaders and national suicide prevention experts, is part of the Action Alliance Faith.Hope.Life. Campaign—   a national initiative that provides resources and information to help faith communities promote mental health and suicide prevention. The new resource helps to integrate and coordinate suicide prevention across sectors and settings, like faith-based organizations and places of worship, a key goal of the Action Alliance’s   National Strategy for Suicide Prevention .
Suicide Prevention Competencies for Faith Leaders: Supporting Life Before, During, and After a Suicidal Crisis  is designed to help faith leaders – serving in both congregational and unique ministry settings (e.g. hospital, civil, and military chaplaincy) – develop the suicide prevention knowledge, attitudes, and skills required to effectively promote hope, help, and healing. The competencies address six key areas for faith leaders:
  • Pastoral Prevention
  • Pastoral Intervention
  • Pastoral Postvention
  • Pastoral Communication
  • Pastoral Leadership, Support, and Mentorship
  • Unique Organizational Ministry Settings
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The   Faith.Hope.Life .  c ampaign – launched in 2014 by the Action Alliance’s   Faith Communities Task Force  –  aims to involve every faith community in the United States, regardless of creed, in suicide prevention. The campaign works to provide guidance and resources to help faith communities promote mental and spiritual health, and support the needs of family and friends after a suicidal event.