Dear JKHA/RKYHS Families,

Since we opened our doors on August 31st, faculty and school leaders have heroically transitioned to a new and challenging educational environment and committed to the integrity and vibrancy of JKHA/RKYHS’ instructional program. Unfortunately, many of our families were compelled to quarantine during this holiday season to prevent the possible spread of the virus. We regret this reality and are continuing to refine our safety protocols to mitigate the chances of future disruptions of our in-school experience. 

Pivoting to remote learning after Yom Kippur and Sukkot was a preemptive and precautionary step to mitigate the potential transmission of the virus. Even if each person scrupulously follows school, community and CDC guidelines, additional shul time, Sukkot social gatherings and the surge of positive Covid cases in our region increase the risk of exposure over the chag. We recognize that transitioning to remote learning during and after the chag is a conservative approach. Nevertheless, we believe that extra caution will minimize health risks to your children, your families, and our faculty. Maintaining our remote learning program for an additional five days after the chag is in the best interest of our community.

The most important aspect of our infection prevention protocols, however, is personal responsibility. It is imperative that over the Sukkot vacation we each follow and model the following safety directives and guidelines:

  • When in public places, always maintain social distance and wear a mask.
  • When outdoors, wear a mask if you are not socially distanced from anyone other than household family members.
  • Choose outdoor shul services over indoor whenever possible. If a person attends an indoor shul service, the shul must follow all New Jersey Department of Health guidelines.
  • The sukkah should be open on one side if dining with anyone other than household family members. Please consult with your local rabbi for halachic specifications.
  • If you are hosting overnight family guests you should remain masked and socially distanced while you are indoors.
  • Students must remain in their home communities and not host or sleep over at friends’ homes.
  • Please quarantine when you return if you are traveling to a state that is on the New Jersey mandatory quarantine list.
  • Please alert the school administration if you or someone in your family tested positive for Covid.

By adhering to these guidelines, and being mindful that we are all responsible to and for one another, you can join us in our commitment to keeping our community healthy and our campus open to in-person learning.

Thank you for partnering with us, and enjoy a healthy, festive and joyous chag.

Eliezer E. Rubin