Watch the Avengers movie to see justice in action, spend your summer with us to be justice in action.
Our Summer Associate Pro Bono Series will prepare you to take cases and equip you to make a difference in the community. The series will consist of three training sessions: Housing & Evictions, Access to Justice Toolkit, and Temporary Protective Orders. At the end of each training, you will be able to competently provide legal representation to pro bono clients (pending admission under the student practice act with supervision). You will also receive a Pro Bono Certificate from Legal Aid to add to your resume.

Registration is free for current Legal Aid volunteers who have taken three or more cases; otherwise the law students cost is $10 to cover food and materials. Please note that you must attend two sessions and our Beer Tasting & BBQ Battle event to qualify for the Pro Bono Certificate.
New to our work? We'll get you up to speed in no time! Take an upcoming training.
Are you interested in assisting clients evaluate changes in their property tax rate and advise them on filing an appeal if necessary? This critical limited scope project is phone based and can be completed remotely after training. The project does not have set hours and can be adjusted to a volunteer's schedule. 

 Join Atlanta Legal Aid's Senior Citizen Law Project attorneys Sarah Stein and Stacey Reynolds for this FREE training and learn how YOU can assist clients in Fulton County as they navigate the appeals process.
Do you want to learn more about housing law in Georgia and learn how to assist low income clients with housing issues? Then join us on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 12 PM at Atlanta Legal Aid's Downtown office for this 2 hour CLE! The event free for current volunteers who have taken 3 or more cases; the cost is $25 for new volunteers to cover the cost of CLE and materials and $10 for law students and others who do not need CLE credit.

You will learn the basics of landlord/tenant law in Georgia and, more specifically, how to handle evictions and housing conditions cases for low-income clients in 5 Metro Counties: Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb, Gwinnett, and Clayton. By the end of the training, you will be ready to provide competent legal presentation and advice to tenants in need of representation. 
Atlanta Legal Aid is hosting a toolkit training geared towards attorneys and law students who are interested in learning more about managing a successful practice, advocating for pro bono clients, and advancing access to justice issues throughout your professional life. The event cost is $10 to cover food and materials.

We invite you to join us for lunch on June 21 at 12 PM in our Downtown office to meet with leaders from AVLF, KIND, Truancy Intervention Project, Georgia Lawyers for the Arts, Georgia Legal Services, Georgia Heirs Property Law Cente r , Lawyers for Equal Justice, Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta, Emory Law School, and Atlanta Legal Aid Society to discuss how a successful practice involves community development.
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Ready to join us? Check out our current volunteer o pportunities
We offer more than 15 pro bono projects program-wide. Here are some of our featured needs:
Atlanta Tax Project
  • This critical limited scope project is phone based and can be completed remotely after training. The project does not have set hours and can be adjusted to a volunteer's schedule. In this vital project volunteers will review the property tax statements of our Fulton County clients to ensure tax assessments for seniors and individuals living on a fixed income are accurate and affordable. In addition to reviewing records, we are seeking volunteers to help eligible clients complete appeal paperwork. To learn more, contact Cathy Waddell.
Children's Rights Advocacy/Education Law Project
  • Assist children at IEP hearings to request critical educational supports. We offer training and support, to hear more about this project which partners with our HeLP collaboration with Georgia State University in Children's Hospitals of Atlanta and our Disability Integration Project, click here.
Elder Law Project
  • Adult Guardianship Petitions - navigate full-time caregivers through the probate court process and assist a family in need. High need for Spanish speakers or paralegals willing to translate. We will mentor or co-council with you in these cases. To learn more, click here.
  • Simple Estate Planners - help a client by drafting a will to transfer her home to her children or name an agent to handle her medical care. Spanish speaking attorneys and paralegals are much needed. To join this transactional, limited scope work, contact Cathy Waddell.
Family Law Project
  • Divorce by Publication volunteers - assist a domestic violence victim obtain a divorce for safety. These divorces involve no assets, debts, or child support and can be completed in approximately three months. We have sample pleadings and checklists for first time or new-to-family-law volunteers. To take a case, contact Laurie Rashidi-Yazd
  • Spanish speaking family law attorneys in Clayton, Cobb, and Gwinnett. To learn more, contact Laurie Rashidi-Yazd.
  • Volunteers to handle temporary protection order 12 month hearings in Cobb, Clayton & Gwinnett. We provide training and support. To learn more, contact Laurie Rashidi-Yazd.
  • Family Law Attorneys - opportunities available in Clayton County. To learn more, contact Pam Hampton.
Housing Preservation Project
  • Eviction Defense Cases - opportunities available in all Metro counties. These cases involve clients who need assistance with the return of a security deposit, negotiating a move out agreement, or requesting better housing conditions. To learn more, contact Cathy Waddell.
  • Volunteer with Clayton County Landlord/Tenant Answers Clinic. To learn more, contact Farley Ezekiel.
To learn more about our other projects or to volunteer with us, visit our volunteer page !
Thank you for supporting the Health Law Partnership at our
6th Annual Shake It Up for HeLP!
Thanks to the support of our wonderful volunteers and amazing sponsors, our annual fundraiser for the Health Law Partnership was a success! The Health Law Partnership, or HeLP, is an interdisciplinary community collaboration among Atlanta Legal Aid, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, and Georgia State University College of Law that addresses the legal needs of sick children and their families.

With the support of our amazing volunteer attorneys, HeLP has assisted with 4,226 cases in the last 10 years. These cases include complex family, housing, social security, special education and medicaid issues that have a huge impact on the families involved.

Pictured (L to R): Tala Amirfazli, Kinette Salter, Ashby Kent Fox, and Becky Shipes 
Learn More About Our Work
The Georgia Senior Hotline is managed by attorney Hilary Leland and serves seniors 60+ throughout the state of Georgia with their civil legal needs. The hotline routinely handles more than 100 callers per day. Hilary is a leading expert in elder law in Georgia and was featured in this month's AJC article on Medicaid estate recovery. To learn more about the Hotline, email us
2018 Pro Bono Superstars
Thank you to the following individuals for supporting an Atlanta Legal Aid Pro Bono Project in 2018!
  • Adaobi Onuoha
  • Adrienne Wimberly
  • Aikeem Cooper
  • Akilah Heslop
  • Alegra Lawrence Hardy
  • Alex Henson
  • Ali Grant
  • Alisha Brown
  • Allen Kowalczyk
  • Amanda Moulthrop
  • Amanda R. Flora
  • Amanda Riedling 
  • Anaid Reyes-Kipp
  • Andrea Baker
  • Angela Sansone
  • Anita Hill
  • Anitra Walker
  • Ann Keenum
  • Anna Leigh Keith
  • Ariel Fenster
  • Arlene L. Coleman
  • Arlene Labrew Sanders
  • Ashley Akins
  • Ashley Pruitt
  • Ashuana Gbye
  • Audrey Bergeson
  • Ayo Uboh
  • Barbara Jones
  • Bethaney Embry
  • Bettieanne Hart
  • Bettina Dennis
  • Betty Williams-Kirby
  • Bill Layng
  • Bintou Diakite
  • Bobby Palmer
  • Brandon Schecter
  • Brian Booker
  • Brittany Brown
  • Cheryl Richardson
  • Chris Brannon
  • Christopher Lee
  • Conor Hargren
  • Constance Manigo Daise
  • Dalmar Wiltshire
  • Darrell B. Reynolds
  • David Jaffer
  • Davis Popper
  • Davis Powell
  • Dawn C. Deans
  • Dawn Deans
  • Dawn Levine
  • Denise VanLandyudt
  • Donald W. Osborne
  • Doug Hill
  • Eboni Glover
  • Edward F. Danowitz
  • Elizabeth L. Guerra
  • Ellis Diment
  • Elsa Kordas
  • Emmett J. Arnold IV
  • Erin King
  • Errick Benson Peart
  • Ethel D. Andersen
  • Eufemia D'Amour
  • Fallon McClure
  • Felicia Grant
  • Fred Zimmerman
  • Frederick Kundrata
  • G. Cleveland Payne III
  • Gabriela Benghiat
  • Gais Chowdhury
  • Glen Ashman
  • Gracy M. Barksdale
  • Hannah Hewitt
  • Harriett Kelly
  • Hayley Settles
  • Hazel Langrin-Roberts
  • Herman E. Haynes, Jr.
  • Hilary Li
  • Hodan Said
  • Hugh G. Cooper
  • Immanuel Dowling
  • Irma Griffith-Steele
  • Isaac Knight III Knight III
  • Jalisa Stevens
  • James D. Hogan
  • James N. Cline
  • Jasmine Brown
  • Jason Blackmon
  • Jennie Wilson
  • Jennifer Jack
  • Jewel C. Scott
  • Jim Carlisle
  • John L Welsh II
  • John Lamberski
  • John Snyder
  • Jonathan B. Stoye 
  • Jordan Hendrick
  • Joseph Chad Brannen
  • Joseph Snitzer
  • Julie Kisaka
  • Kate Klug
  • Katherine Silverman
  • Kathryn Lee
  • Katie Balthrop
  • Kenneth Klatt
  • Kevin Moore
  • Kristy Mckenzie
  • Kyra Abernathy
  • Larry Little
  • LaTonya Ramos

  • Laura Alford
  • Lauren Frisch
  • Lauren Sturisky
  • Lauren Ulrich
  • Lee Snitzer
  • LeeAnn Jones
  • Leticia Fiscian
  • Liliana Ramirez
  • Lillyanne Alexander
  • Lin Stradley
  • Lisa Howell Baggett
  • Loretta Smith
  • Lorette Mitchell
  • Luce Randall
  • Luke A. Lantta
  • Luz Palma
  • Lynn H. Sturges
  • Madeline Blanchard
  • Madison Marcus
  • Maggie Vath
  • Mandy Conner
  • Marchanon Bunn
  • Margaret Quinlan
  • Maritza S. Ramos
  • Markayla Warren
  • Meagan Griffin
  • Melissa Fox
  • Mengling Li
  • Meridith Thompson
  • Miaomiao Li
  • Michael A. Arndt
  • Michael DeGori
  • Michael Kirkwood
  • Michelle L. Bloch
  • Mike Dalton
  • Miles Skedsvold
  • Mimi Loughlin
  • Mindi Evans
  • Mindy Pillow
  • Miranda Ayotte
  • Nancy R. Wasdin
  • Natalia Arbelaez
  • Natasha Reymond
  • Neil Weinrich
  • Nicholas Smith
  • Nitaira Wilkes
  • Nkenge Green
  • Nneka Muojeke -Watson
  • Nolan McKeever
  • Nyjah Johnson
  • Ophelia Chan
  • Pandora E. Palmer
  • Patricia Fortune Ammari
  • Peter Nielsen
  • Phyllis Talley
  • Prince Njoku
  • Raina Nadler  
  • Randall L. Hughes
  • Randy Beebe
  • Regina I. Edwards
  • Renae Wainwright
  • Rennie Laryea
  • Robert Chambliss
  • Robert W. Hughes Jr.
  • Roderick H. Martin
  • Ronna Woodruff 
  • Sam Bruner
  • Samantha Dorsey
  • Samantha Wallace
  • Sarah Avraham
  • Sarah Cipperly
  • Sarah Faith White
  • Sarah Jett
  • Sarah Saintius
  • Sarah Siedentopf
  • Sarah Williamson
  • Scott Halperin
  • Sean Ditzel
  • Seun Adebiyi
  • Shalamar J. Parham
  • Sherley Joseph-Roper
  • Sheronn Harris
  • Shielle Dauzacker
  • Shimson Wexler
  • Shirlise Rivera
  • Shonterria Martin Stokes
  • Sophia Horn
  • Spenser West
  • Stephanie Handy
  • Stephanie Steele
  • Stephen M. Worrall 
  • Suzanne C Wakefield
  • Terri O'Neil
  • Tom Holcomb
  • Tracy S. Drake
  • Urvashi Jain
  • Vanessa Saint-Louis
  • Walter J. Clarke
  • Weinan Zhang
  • Wick Cauthorn
  • Will Focht
  • William J. Layng, Jr.
  • William Stanhope
  • William T. Davis
  • Yesenia Muhammad
  • Yinghao Dong
  • Yolanda Epps
  • Yuan Wang
  • Yue He
  • Zandra Hall
  • Zizi Li
*note that this list does not include all volunteers. A complete list of our volunteers can be found in the Annual Report.
Grab your crew & join us for an evening of brews and barbecue!
Atlanta Legal Aid Society and Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation are partnering up once again to host the 6th Annual Beer Tasting & BBQ Battle! This event is a fun way to interact with the legal community while supporting the critical work AVLF and Legal Aid are providing to low-income families in the Atlanta area.

Join us on June 14th from 6 - 9 PM at Park Tavern! We look forward to having 'cue!
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