This meeting was called as a virtual meeting using Zoom teleconferencing. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss issues related to the Coronavirus and appropriate mitigation policies for the Parish.

All Vestry members and all Chairs and Co-Chairs of committees and commissions were invited. The meeting was called on a day’s notice in response to changing Diocesan and Government guidance on mitigating the potential adverse impacts of the Coronavirus. The Agenda was provided the night before to all those invited and is attached, as is a list of those attending. 

While not a Vestry meeting, per se, a quorum of the Vestry was present, and a majority of the Vestry present concurred in the approach described below, including the Parish Rector. Where there was significant disagreement with the majority, those views have been noted. For planning purposes, we considered the next two weeks of directed mitigation but also the potential that this period may be extended.

Generally, it was noted that there were strongly competing values involved in decision making, among them the critical need to contain the virus, and that the related circumstances often create significant religious needs and social risks.

The following outcomes were reached:

o    Parishioners are referred to the Calvert County Government website, with particular attention to the Releases which provide current state of County measures, and to the CCDC and Maryland State Health links provided.
o    Parishioners are referred to Diocesan guidance available at the Diocesan website, and in evolving emails to members of the Diocese
o    After considering official guidance, Parishioners are urged to make individual decisions appropriate to their particular circumstances regarding attendance at any event.
o    While there were minority views advocating complete closure of All Saints facilities during the two-week period beginning today, based largely on the view that the wisest course was to do anything feasible to limit spread of the virus, the majority view is reflected in the approaches below.
o    The outcomes below are consistent with current government and Diocesan direction, and in most cases are more conservative than required.
o    The Parish Rector has authority, canonically, over facility use; which may be informed by the Vestry and the views of others; he may refer decisions to the Vestry, and in such cases matters will be resolved as quickly as needed by electronic vote.
o    The Parish will maintain vigilance regarding current conditions and respond appropriately to changes in controlling direction or advice as needed.
o    The Parish will use risk/benefit analysis in decision making recognizing that there are strong competing interests present in many decisions to be made. (See below for decision criteria.)

Overall Parish Objectives currently are:
o    Share the love of Christ
o    Don’t inadvertently harm his people with kindness!
o    Consider the Parish’s higher-risk demographics
o    Allocate & deconflict responsibilities along officer/committee/commission lines
o    Support our people; and broaden “our people” as feasible
o    Maintain the normal schedule as possible, substituting alternative means as necessary
o    Practice sound risk/benefit principles
o    Ramp up support efforts gradually; allow time to learn by practice and understand resources needed
o    Maintain fiscal responsibility, but develop financial resources as needed
o    Enhance cleaning of facilities to include frequent wipe downs/sanitizing

The following decision criteria will be included in risk/benefit analysis.
o    Does the benefit to be gained justify any additional risks created?
o    Could it be done nearly as effectively virtually?
o    Does it encourage spiritual and social support?
o    Is it consistent with our Parish Values?
o    Does it allow for “social distancing”?
o    Does it respect “no touch/low touch”?
o    Will the venue support mitigation (separation, handwashing, hand sanitizer; Kleenex;…)?
o    Can the area used be sanitized immediately following use?
o    Before visiting, do you have the permission of the person to go?
o    Compliance: can we reasonably expect compliance with mitigation during the activity; can we terminate the activity if not. (Note: As to individual failures to comply with mitigation requirements, if the person does not comply after being kindly reminded; removal may become appropriate.)

Facility Use during mitigation:
o    As directed by the Diocese, there will be no worship services physically conducted during the mitigation period.

o    There will be no group gatherings on the Parish campus, unless a specific exception is authorized in advance by the Rector. Any group seeking an exception will provide, by email, the following, and will not meet on our campus unless/until receiving an authorized exception:
§   The specific request.
§   Mitigation measures that will be put in place (such as significant social distancing, sanitizing measures both during and after use; whether indoors or outdoors….)
§   Justification for an exception
§   Acceptance that if the mitigation measures described are not actually used, permission is revoked by that failure.

o    To the extent feasible, the Parish will attempt to facilitate appropriate arrangements or alternatives, to include allowing use of a part of the campus that may be more conducive to mitigation (e.g., outdoors or a larger room), and facilitating virtual capabilities.

o    Consistent with the Bishop’s guidance concerning the need to continue the provision of vital services and ministries, and subject to their agreement to, and compliance with appropriate mitigation and sanitation measures*, the following groups, will be provided exceptions:
§   AA
§   HeartFELT
§   Spudnik for activities held outdoors
§   Broadview Baptist small group meetings
§   Seventh Day Adventist small group meetings
§   Christian Counseling

o    Regarding Safe Nights:
§   Generally, we feel responsibility to meet our commitment to Safe Nights and will make best efforts to do so, if safe.
§   Parish Safe Nights leadership will contact the central SN leadership to discuss: the wisdom of continuing as warm weather affects the risk/benefit analysis; concerns with indications that appropriate mitigation procedures may not have been actually practiced; concern that one or more individual guest may not be appropriate for the group setting (and that this setting may not be appropriate for the individual under the circumstances.
§   If, after the discussion above, it appears that we should continue with our commitment, we will determine the current feasibility of doing so to include: enough volunteers under the circumstances; implementation of appropriate sanitation and social distancing measures; adequate
means to provide food while mitigating risk.

Supporting our Parishioners:

o    To the extent possible, we will support the needs of our Parishioners, individually and collectively, to include Pastoral services and maintaining as close to normal parish scheduling, including social activities (substituting virtual formats as feasible.)

o    We recognize that a significant proportion of our Parish are individuals particularly susceptible to this virus and may need a high degree of support to them and their families.

o    We will make best efforts to provide the following support:
§   Accomplish regular, appropriate contact with shut-ins, including those restricted as a result of the virus, be aware of their particular needs and assist with those needs.  The Parish Family Commission will be the leading component of our Parish to do this but will call upon other commissions and committees as needed to accomplish this.

§   Since substitution of virtual contact and information is important to fulfilling our intentions, we will finish the process of identifying how we can reliably pass information to people who do not routinely use computers, smart-phones or other devices suitable to social media and maintain an information flow to them by telephone, mail or other means.

§   We will provide a point of contact for Parishioners in need of assistance in addition to the normal availability of the Rector and Secretary; and create the ability to respond quickly to foreseeable needs, to include delivery of medications, food and other important items.

§   The Prayer Warden will be available to pray with members of the Parish and we will provide contact information and means for this.

§   The Giving Back Commission will continue coordination with school representatives to continue to provide children in need with food, likely by delivering usual amounts of packaged food to the school for distribution to the children, at a time determined by the school. Individual teams will decide how to best accomplish this while maintaining appropriate mitigation procedures.

§   The Connections Commission will continue widest dissemination possible of helpful information to our Parishioners, to include appropriate information from this summary.

§   The Campus Use Coordinator will contact guest-users who are currently scheduled to use of our facilities (other than those specifically discussed in this summary) to inform them of the relevant, temporary changes in policy, and work with them to reschedule or otherwise meet their objectives as possible.

§   The Christian Formation Commission will consider ways Youth affiliated with our Parish might be beneficially and safely incorporated in providing support activities.

§   We will expand arrangements for frequent cleaning and sanitation, to include the goal of sanitizing any area used by a group quickly after such use. (Note: Alcohol-based sanitizers can be harmful to some of the wood surfaces of our facilities; CDC-described suitable sanitizers will be considered as substitutes.)

§   We will consider potential future scenarios that might require the assistance of the Parish and do anticipatory planning for them.

Financial implications:
o    We anticipate that the substitution of virtual formats, and the cancellation of some activities, such as the Outreach Breakfast could result in serious reductions or delay in income vital to the Parish, and perhaps more important during such mitigation. Consequently, we will communicate with Parishioners to encourage them to continue, and if appropriate increase, their ongoing financial support, to include special donations related to cancelled activities.

o    The Finance Committee will, with the Treasurer, carefully monitor our financial circumstances and advise the Vestry.

Other:  This summary will be followed by a “Do List” confirming the allocation of specific responsibilities to specific officers, committees and commissions as discussed in the meeting.