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The Senate concurred to the House's package of economic development bills yesterday evening. The Governor is expected to sign the bills when they are sent to him and we are hearing that IDOT may have a special letting this summer.

A summary of SB 1939 is available here. I have also summarized HB 62's non line-item appropriations backed by bond funds here. The totals do not include the line item appropriations, so will not match up with the final total and if you are looking for something that will be in a line item appropriation, it is easiest to search the bill for that specific project.


The House was in extended session today and passed a bipartisan package of legislation that included operating budget revenues, pro-business reforms, and capital revenues and appropriations.

Several of the pro-business reforms and several of the changes included in the final package were initiatives of the Chamber.

Vertical capital revenues were contained in SB 690 Amendment 3, which held a comprehensive gaming package and a bipartisan compromise on additional revenues.

Horizontal capital revenues were contained in SB 1939 Amendment 2, which is the same as the previously filed transportation revenue bill. It needed to be re-filed in the House for procedural purposes. The TRIP report co-released by the Illinois Chamber was cited during floor debate. 

The program ensures long term, sustainable revenues for transportation that allows IDOT, mass transit, and local roads to significantly improve maintenance and begin to address some of the needed congestion mitigation projects. Total funding is about $11 billion in bond revenue and $9 billion in pay as you go over 6 years.

The pay as you go revenue is split:
  • 80/20 roads/transit
  • Of the roads funding, 60/40 state/local
  • Of the transit funding, 90/10 RTA/downstate 

The Senate must now concur with the package passed out of the House. The Senate is expected to be back in session tomorrow.

The House also concurred with the capital bond authorization bill ( HB 142) and the capital appropriations bill ( HB 62) which both passed the Senate last night.

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