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The first month of LBL is in the books, and the girls are off to a good start with Team Rachel Smith leading the way, followed by Olivia Earley and Kennedy Burton. Anything can happen with three months left in the Regular Season! 

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First Tee Fundamentals: Balanced Finish

Good Balance is common among all great golfers. The ability to control your body throughout the swing and end with all your weight on the front foot is difficult, but can be learned through practice and repetition.

Why should all your weight be on the front foot at the end? Think about other throwing and hitting sports. By transferring your body weight forward through rotation, you impart all of that energy into the ball. Just as throwing a ball while falling backward reduces the distance it will travel, hitting a ball without shifting your weight will cost you yardage.

To maximize this benefit, practice holding a balanced finish with all your weight forward until the ball stops moving. Take note that your back foot is vertical at the end, with no wrinkles in your shoe (wrinkles indicate weight.)

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The Science of Golf:

Newton's Third Law of Motion

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Nick Faldo: Follow Through


First Tee Core Values: Dreams & Goals

What is the difference between a dream and a goal? Dreams are the end result of a series of goals. Whether you have a dream for golf, your career, or your retirement, goals are an essential part of achieving your dream.

Most often, you will need several goals to reach any particular dream. The more detailed your goals are, the more likely you are to complete them. For example, if your dream is to hit longer drives, your goals should be focused on the fundamentals that you need to learn in order to accomplish it.

You might begin with swing length, then move on the weight shift and "club lag." It's also good to sub-divide each goal into smaller chunks to make the learning process easier. So, you might focus on rotating your hips and finishing with all of your weight on the front foot as "sub-goals" of the weight-shift category.

Everyone should be encouraged to Dream, but everyone needs Goals to make it happen!

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