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Summer 2017

Needle Notes
In the Five Element Acupuncture tradition, which is what we practice, there are five seasons: summer, late summer, fall, winter and spring.  The Summer Solstice is upon us, and we wanted to bring you some information that might be helpful for summer health and wellbeing.
Summer - The Fire Element

Summer brings the height of yang energy which is active.  It is the energy that has us be social,  engaged and out having fun!  We are just back from our nephew's wedding and we spent a whole evening with family hanging around the outdoor fire pit.  It's the perfect example of a fire element activity.  What are your  favorite summer past times?  Here are some of ours: drive in movies, a hike up a local hill, a bike ride around the lake, dinner on our screen porch, a spontaneous ride out for an ice-cream cone!
                                      Wellness                                 Out of balance                                
                                      a day at the beach                   hiding inside
                                       vigorous exercise                     afraid to play
                                      swimming                                  overserious
                                      eating salads                             overeating
                                      BBQ with friends                       fainthearted

Our Summer Book Recommendation

Meditation in Action - Chogyam Trungpa

"This classic teaching by a Tibetan master continues to inspire both beginners and long-time practitioners of meditation."  A beginner's guide to meditation and a way to find some simple stillness in your busy life.

Patient Testimonial

When Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld first pitched their comedy show to NBC in the 80's, their summary was "it's about nothing". I feel that same theme can be applied to my daily Five Minutes of Silence - its about nothing.

I mentioned to Barry some months ago that the stress of daily life (and a recent cancer diagnosis) was creating a distraction in how I regarded things.

His suggestion was that I take five minutes a day to just sit quietly by myself and "empty my mind". No thoughts of anxiety or planning ahead, no distractions or regrets, just the quiet silence and peace of sitting alone, and letting everything slide away.

So Barry's simple solution has become my daily habit (who can't find five minutes to sit quietly alone?) and while I have no great conclusions to shout or share - "It's transformative" " it's made me a better person" , etc., I find its become a simple yet elegant technique that I haven't abandoned. Thanks again to Barry for his helpful wisdom.

 - P.W. - New Hampshire

  Wishing you a fun filled summer!!

If you know anyone who might benefit from Acupuncture treatment, please pass along our information.  We would be happy to work with your family and friends to help them discover how well they can be! 
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