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Summertime ... and the Living is Easy
Hello again, and welcome to July...summer's really heating things up now, huh?

But not to worry - if you're looking for ideas on how to beat the heat this summer, we have a suggestion - consider checking out Tempe's newest renovated public pools. Adaptive Architects worked with the City of Tempe on their McClintock and Escalante Pools to modernize these facilities. Together, we added a new splash play area and water slide to McClintock Pool and added two new slides, new pool decking and shade canopy at Escalante Pool. Looking good, Tempe!
Photo Credit: Tempe Recreation
Photo Credit: Tempe Recreation
A New Rising Star in the Local Restaurant Scene
Photo Credit: Porter Brothers
Despite our high daily temperatures, grilling great food and socializing with friends on the patio remains a popular summer pastime in the valley. In fact, t his tradition helped establish a very popular authentic Mexican food restaurant with a huge following in the east valley, Backyard Taco . Their success is the result of legendary grilling and one couple’s love for bringing great food and good times together. The history of this restaurant is something of an urban legend - read on!

Back in 2005, a Mesa couple originally from Mazatlán, Mexico, began sharing their delicious tacos and culture with friends and family in their backyard. Word quickly spread about their amazing food and unique flavors, and soon they had a loyal following of fans. In fact, people were so captivated by the delicious aromas filling the air, they began lining up at their backyard to get their own tacos. Their fan base continued growing until they could no longer meet demand from their home, so they opened a restaurant ... and Backyard Taco was born. Today there are three Backyard Tacos, and true to their humble beginnings, each restaurant features a large and inviting outdoor patio.

Adaptive Architects his proud to have worked with Backyard Taco on their most recent (and our favorite) location - right across the street from us! And we're currently working on two new locations, in Chandler and Queen Creek. So their reputation for delicious Tacos al Carbon and their intoxicating mesquite-flavored aromas is sure to grow. Give them a try if you haven't already; just don’t be surprised if you see us there...

Photo Credit: Porter Brothers
Photo Credit: Porter Brothers
Restaurant Patio Design
Photo Credit: Porter Brothers
It goes without saying that people love restaurant patios. And research has shown that restaurant patios, when done well, can really help a restaurant's bottom line and propel a restaurant's popularity. But designing a restaurant patio, like designing any other space, requires careful thought. Some of the critical items and opportunities architects have when designing patios are listed below. How many of these ideas you can spot at the Backyard Taco location at Stapley and the US-60?

- Comply with local ordinances & secure necessary permits -
- Consider the ratio between servers, kitchen & customers when sizing a patio -
- Design to protect from weather and outdoor pests -
- Create focal points, such as an outdoor fireplace to attract customers -
- Consider locating a bar or the grill outside as well -
- Design character to match or complement the main restaurant space -
- Use creative outdoor lighting and signage to promote the restaurant -
- Use outdoor misting systems, heaters & umbrellas to increase comfort -
- Create a festive atmosphere with great music -

Home Patio Design Inspiration
Photo of residential patio.
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No in case you're feeling inspired to spruce up your own patio at home, we provided a link to check out a collection of some nicely designed residential patios, just click on the picture above and you can check them out.

Already got your patio ready to go and just need some party ideas? We got you covered there as well...for a list of fun BBQ party ideas, click here . We're definitely on board for the S'mores Camping Party...

Speaking of Great Music ...
You made it to the end of the newsletter....and if you're in the mood for some easy-going summer tunes, look no further. Check out the link below for a modern remix of a classic summer favorite. California Dreaming anyone?
And that'll wrap up this month's newsletter.
Until next time, have a great month!
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