I intend to embrace,
work on, advance, and sweat over what I can stand a chance of controlling ....

There’s a new refrain I’m hearing more and more everywhere I go. It used to be, “I’m so upset, I don’t know what to do.” But that’s just not sustainable. You can only be so upset you don’t know what to do for so long before you figure out something to do. And that’s become the new refrain.

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Educators, Parents, Adults with ADHD

ADHD Across the Life Span August 6-10 

Dr. Hallowell will share his unique approach on how to manage this most commonly diagnosed neurobehavioral disorder at the Cape Cod Institute , MA. Read Dr. Hallowell's thoughts on ADHD here.  
Succeed with ADHD Telesummit

A week long online event with 25+ ADHD experts - including Dr. Hallowell - who tell you the real story behind ADHD
When: July 23-27, 2018
Free, Online.
Each day you get access to 5, 30 minute expert speaker audios and you have 24 hours to listen in to them for f.r.e.e. The next day you will be sent the link to 5 more different topics and speakers and so on.
How you join: Simply sign up here and click any yellow button that says ‘Yes! I Want In!” and fill out the form and…YOU ARE IN!
ADHD Family Summer Adventure Camp Starts Next Week - There is Still Room!
Glen Arbor, MI
July 15-20, 2018
Parents, kids 8-18 and siblings engage in adventure activities. This unique family experience includes location, staff, challenge, program balance, fun, and new friends. "Unwrap the gifts of ADHD." Register Now! . Watch Dr. Hallowell's video here
NYC Happenings

2018 Parents League Boarding School Fair
Loyola School
September 26, 4:30-6:15pm
More than 120 boarding schools' representatives will be available to speak with parents and provide information about the school admissions process and their programs. Learn more

One-Day Executive Function & College Readiness Workshop for College Students with ADHD Tuesday, August 14, 10:00am-5:30pm Learn more
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Dr. Hallowell

Seeking young person who overcame a challenging relationship with technology

Consider being a guest for an upcoming episode featuring a young person who overcame a challenging relationship with technology.

Parents, teachers, or other mentors are welcome to participate. The goal is to create a piece that the guest feels accurately reflects his/her experience, and might even be proud to share with his/her community.  Learn More
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