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'The Robes of St Anne' - Dieppe Circus Festival, New Brunswick (Photo credit Lagrab)
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 October 2014

Reflection Time

The Carpetbag Brigade is slowing down as the leaves of the northeast turn red, yellow and brown. Actually we have slowed down and dispersed. Our summer tour through the Maritimes was amazing. We are very grateful to Julie Duguay and Circus Stella and all the wonderful performers we worked with. The residency at Chapel Beaumont along the Petticodiac River imprinted us with eagles, maples, changing tides and the deep history of the Acadian and M'Kmaq peoples. The collaborative work that evolved there - "The Robes of St. Anne" impressed upon us again how powerful and vital open air action and spectacle-based drama can serve as a means of cultural exchange and reinvigoration of archetype, community and landscape. It is a genuine blessing to be able to share this work and live within it.

Last year at this time we were still deep in the middle of the Bi Cultural Road Show with Nemcatacoa Teatro and Hojarasca touring the southwestern U.S. The year before we were at the Santa Lucia Festival creating a performance in Monterey, Mexico with Pura Vibra and afterwards we participated in the Trolley Dances at San Francisco. During the past two years the Global Stilt Congress birthed itself to the world and operates as nexus for the evolution of stiltcraft in performance.

Our endeavors saturate our memory and it is time to take repose and measure our steps into the future by taking stock of where we have been and what we have done.  This important task will be our primary objective as we hibernate for the winter. Our mass email updates will still notify you of our upcoming activities as well as take on a philosophical and documentary tone as writings and videos reflecting our work arise to the surface through our reflections.

We look forward to you continuing your journey with us as we look at what we have done.

Let the leaves fall 

Jay Ruby
The Carpetbag Brigade

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'The Robes of St Anne' - Beaumont, New Brunswick (Photo Credit Star Walker)
APAP lecture - New York
Workshop: New York City
'Callings' 2015
Global Stilt Congress
'The Robes of St Anne' Review

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 New York City
January 2015

Every Year we come to New York City in January to put a red garter belt on our leg and host a booth at APAP conference. In addition to our booth presence at APAP we will also host a presentation about Spectacle Based Drama as an Emerging Platform for Community Engagement and we will conduct a Stiltasana in NYC

APAP - Rheinlander Hall
January 10th - 12th
Booth #100

Spectacle Based Drama: An Emerging Platform for Community Engagement

Saturday January 10th 

3:30 - 5:00 pm 

Hilton Hotel Room Concord D

more information


The platform of special-based drama exists along the spectrum between open air performance and contemporary circus arts, where bodies in motion intentionally occupy public space by aesthetically personifying risk and creating empathy that engages audiences. Explore how this genre is contributing to the vital health of communities through cross cultural exchange based upon contemporary ritual. 

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Come and advance yourself in stilt acrobatics with Carpetbag Brigade members Jay Ruby, Alicia Gerstein and Helen Goodrum the first weekend of January. Details to be announced soon.

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If the Ocean were ill...
Would she weep?
If Clouds were riddles...
Would we listen?
If a Sailor survived a Siren's song...
Would words adorn the saline tongue?

"Callings" is a poetic homage to the sirens of the sea. Inspired by the challenge of climate change it speaks in transformational metaphors using the craft of 
acrobatic stiltwalking. 

Expanded and elaborated in 2014 it returns as our touring repertory performance. For more information please see our new Electronic Press Kit

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Global Stilt Congress 2014 Summary
Global Stilt Congress 2014 Summary

Global Stilt Congress synthesizes diverse styles and approaches to stilting and operates as a nexus for an emerging transnational community of performing artists. In 2014 the 2nd annual Global Stilt Congress passed "The Legislation" at Arcosanti.  

The exchange of techniques facilitated by acro, afro-carribean, aerial, butoh and contact stilts culminated in a site specific ambulant performance in the stimulating architecture of the world's premiere urban desert laboratory. The buoyant energy and deep energetic engagement of the Global Stilt Congress enriched our network.

And mark your calendars for the next Global Stilt Congress @ Arcosanti in the Autumn of 2015. 


"My experience of GSC 2014 was explosive and magically enlightening... a mentally, spiritually and physically healing environment". 
Najja Codrington- Brooklyn Jumbies 


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An Endeavor in the Acadian Maritimes

Hosted by Julie Co Danse and Circus Stella
in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island 

Crafting the Robes of St. Anne
An Essay about our summer work process in New Brunswick

Who is St. Anne? 

We started with this question at the Beaumont Chapel along the Petticodiac River in New Brunswick asking Acadian and M'Kmaq elders their take on her importance in the life of the region.


The journey of performance creation in collaboration is labyrinthine. Input arrives from all directions and is sifted by an intuitive logic. One searches for a thread of meaning to understand the chamber of associations. 


The Robes of St. Anne started with a trip between myself and Julie Duguay to a small chapel on the banks of the frozen Petticodiac River in winter. 


The brown ice floated like chocolate in a Willie Wonka factory. The Petticodiac River is a tidal bore at the edge of Fundy Bay. It moves both ways...towards land and towards sea amidst the birch, maple and hemlock of New Brunswick. 


To read Crafting the Robes of St. Anne part 1 click here 




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Jay Ruby and

The Carpetbag Brigade 





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