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Greetings and Welcome to Summer!

Carpetbag Brigade is starting the summer on a mellow note and gearing up towards a lot of activity in August, September and October.  

We are warming up for a tour of Colombia with an intensive rehearsal week in Fayette County, Pennsylvania where we will perform at the Savor the Street event in Connellsville, PA on August 8 and teach a stiltasana at the Carnegie Library from the 10th through the 14th. 

Details for our upcoming tour in Colombia will be released soon. It will take us through some of our favorite spots in Colombia from Mid-August through late September.  

Following our tour of Colombia we will be at Arcosanti in Arizona for the Global Stilt Congress. (There is still time to register!) 

After Global Stilt Congress look out for Stiltasana Workshops with Helen Goodrum in the Southwest, along with Christopher and Jay doing The Voice in Action / The Body in Revolt and even some new solo work from Jay Ruby.

Take time as well to check out some of the recent online articles written by Jay Ruby for Contact Quarterly, Howl Round and Theater Communications Guild Salon




The  Fusion of CI and Acrobatic Stilts: Performance Practice and Training with the Carpetbag Brigade 

 written by Jay Ruby

 Published in Contact Quarterly (2015)


 The Ephemeral Anatomy of a Trojan Horse: Cultivating the Third Edge of a Precarity Practice 
 written by 
Jay Ruby (2015)

there is still time to register

TECHNIQUE WEEK .... 6 training classes

October 4 - 6
October 7 - 9
with Dan Bear Davis & Kristen Greco

The Axis Syllabus is a system for cross-correlating movement principles, bringing pertinent information about training the body and movement practice into an accessible format, a user's manual for dancers, athletes and physiotherapists. This consolidation process has helped to clear up misunderstandings and question traditions that are outdated, sponsoring the protection and enhancing the skills of today's dancers and athletes, and the re-education of movement teachers, choreographers and project leaders the world over.

Kristen Greco was one of the original members of The Carpetbag Brigade involved in developing their acrobatic stiltwalking vocabulary. Danbear Davis is a certified Axis Syllabus teacher. Together they will share their unique research mixing Axis Syllabus and Stilts at Global Stilt Congress 2015.

In thisworkshop we look at stilts as extensions of our lines in aerial work.Spinning, swinging, and flying, we explore the multitude of ways that stilts leave the ground. We partner both on and off stilts, using aerial apparatus to take choreography into the air. 

For aerialists this is a chance to see how stilts can add to your lines and extensions, and how the length and weight of your stilts can create more challenges and opportunities for your aerial work. 
For stilt walkers, this is a chance to take your stilt work into a new dimension. 
Alessandra Ogren is  Co-Founder, Co-Artistic Director of Wise Fool and  has been passionately teaching, performing and creating opportunities for others to enjoy the arts of circus, puppetry and theatre for ove r 17 years.
with Ali Sylvester & Najja Codrington of BROOKLYN JUMBIES

Ali and Najja are the founding members of the Brooklyn Jumbies. They have transformed their cultural roots of african and caribbean dance traditions onto stilts.  "People without a culture is like a tree without roots." Our culture has been systematically taken away from us. The

Brooklyn Jumbies has made it one of their goals to help revive knowledge, respect and pride in our traditions. They firmly believe that planting these seeds in the minds, hearts and spirit of the youth and the public is one of the keys to empowerment and self-determination for our people.

At Global Stilt Congress the Jumbies will be teaching their traditional approach to stilts for participants to explore.

Christopher Mankowski's creative research explores liminal spaces between cultures, bodies and psyches and how art as ritual can create open dialogue between both our internal and external borders.
Butoh  is a form of Japanese dance theatre that encompasses a diverse range of activities, techniques and motivations for  dance , performance, or movement. 
Christopher has studied butoh and ritual throughout Japan, Mexico and the US, performs with The Carpetbag Brigade and is the International Coordinator for Diego Piñón.

Carpetbag Brigade is distinct for its Acrobatic stilt vocabulary. At Global Stilt Congress Helen & Alicia will be teaching this exquisite technique and exploring new acrobatic forms through partner lifts, hand balancing and ground descents.
Helen Goodrum is at the forefront of the development of acrobatic stilt walking having contributed to its growth and continues to bring innovative development through her teachings, training, collaboration and performance. 
Alicia Gerstein has stilted with Bread and Puppet and Nemcatacoa Teatro before joining Carpetbag Brigade in their production of 'Callings'.
with Jay Ruby of

Jay Ruby will be teaching contact stilts, which exists as a laboratory in the context of Global Stilt Congress to expand the form and vocabulary of the work. Jay has been directing Carpetbag Brigade for 17 years and evolving the craft of acrobatic stilts since 2001.
Contact Improvisation is a dance form, originated by American choreographer Steve Paxton in 1972, based on the communication between two or more moving bodies that are in physical contact and their combined relationship to the physical laws that govern their motion-gravity, momentum, inertia.
This year's contact stilts will be exploring lifts with quartets and quintets. 


COMPOSITION WEEK - October 12 - 17

In Composition week guest directors and the Technique week facilitators apply the material created during Technique week and elaborate a site responsive pathway using the architecture of Arcosanti to inspire us. Composition week concludes in a public presentation of 'The Legislation' passed by the Global Stilt Congress.  



If you can't make the Global Stilt Congress but are curious about the work and the artists that create Spectacle Based Drama come to Arcosanti for a wonderful day of right brain / left brain performance culture. 

For all Global Stilt Congress Participants, this event is free

The Symposium of Spectacle Based Drama integrates Artists, Academics and Students to explore the creative process and impact of spectacle based drama in contemporary society. 

The day kicks off with a complimentary stilt classes at beginner and intermediate levels taught by Global Stilt Congress artists. 

An interactive workshop exploring the process of Architectural Composition in improvisation and performance facilitated by Global Stilt Congress artists.

Rachel Bowditch,  Head of MFA in Performance in the School of Film, Dance and Theatre in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at ASU hosts a panel discussion on the Dimensions of Spectacle Based Drama.

Work demonstrations featuring Global Stilt Congress artists will occur where they show the training and techniques in their work.

The keynote address of the day to open the Arco*Tsunami Festival, delivered by Laura Anderson Barbata addresses Transcommunality and Collaborations beyond Borders. 

With performances from 

Carpetbag Brigade - 'Callings'
Callings by The Carpetbag Brigade
Callings by The Carpetbag Brigade

Wise Fool - 'SeeSaw'
SeeSaw by Wise Fool
SeeSaw by Wise Fool

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