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Summer 2016

Commodore Jimmy Gubelmann
Message from the Commodore
James Gubelmann
Happy summer to all members and friends of the 12-Metre Yacht Club--  I hope all of you are enjoying a wonderful sailing season!

We have already completed 3 events in our calendar which include: The Leukemia Cup, NYYC's 162nd Annual Regatta and Race Week at Newport, both presented by Rolex. The latter included the 12-Metre Newport Trophy. (See event result links below)

We recently had a surprise visit with the King of Spain, Juan Carlos! He was in Newport for only 2 days and requested a sail on one of the 12's in our fleet. Ralph Isham offered Courageous for this prestigious event. It was a beautiful day, with a fresh breeze in the range of 15-23 knots. Robby Doyle, Richie Sayer and Andy McGowan (all veteran America's Cup sailors) ran the after guard, a wonderful time was had by all.

Manhattan Yacht Club representative, Paul Cheek and his lovely wife Lisa were also duly impressed with the caliber of racing in our fleet when they joined Bee Hovey and me to view NYYC Race Week presented by Rolex. They sail US 46 (America II) this season while US 42 (also named America II) is being fully restored at New England Boat Works. Their goal is to have both boats racing in Newport by late 2017.

I have one critical update to our plans for the 2019 World Championship season. Though it may occur on another year, the Dominican Republic / Casa de Campo week of racing will not be held in 2019. We have decided to keep the focus on a tight month-long schedule of events held in Newport, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket leading up to and culminating with NYYC's 175th  Anniversary celebrations.

And last but not least, I'm happy to announce some new contributors including Peter Gerard, new Vice President of the North American Fleet; Stephen Lirakis, photo historian; Chris Meigher,  media expert; and David Pedrick, technical expert.

We hope that you will read, enjoy and share!
James Gubelmann 
Jimmy Gubelmann
Commodore, 12MYC Newport

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12 Metre Annual Dinner
12 Metre Yacht Club Annual Dinner 
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Thursday, September 22, 2016

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Message from the Fleet Captain, Peter Gerard
Peter Gerard 
To All 12MYC Members and Class Supporters:
Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Peter Gerard, and I am the newly elected International Twelve Metre Class Association (ITMA) Vice President - Americas Fleet. I live in Dallas, Texas and Newport, Rhode Island.

I have been sailing and racing sailboats most of my life. I was first introduced to the 12 Metre Class in the early 60's, and have raced on a number of the current Americas Fleet yachts. In recent years, I have served as the Principal Race Officer for the 12 Metre North American Championship and numerous other 12 Metre events.

But enough about me. What I would like to tell you about is our plans for the 12 Metre Americas Fleet. As has been previously announced, the New York Yacht Club has issued an invitation to ITMA to hold the 2019 World Championship Regatta in Newport, RI as part of the New York Yacht Club's 175th Anniversary Regatta in July, 2019, and ITMA is submitting a request to World Sailing to approve the proposal.

In anticipation of receiving a favorable response from World Sailing, we are announcing an exciting racing and social program culminating with the World Championship in 2019. The "Road to the Worlds" is a three year plan of great racing and onshore events for 12 Metre owners, crews, families and friends... read more
1977 Slow Boat In Newport  by Stephen Lirakis 
Bannister_s Wharf 1977
Bannister's Wharf 1977
I was poking around boatyards as I had done most of my life; it was the fall of 1976 when I ran into Jeff Neuberth, the project manager for the Courageous-Independence Syndicate. Jeff had been told that I was sailing on Enterprise with Lowell North and was surprised to learn that was not the case. I was invited to join the Independence crew shortly after that.

Ted Hood designed and built Independence and had leased Courageous to Ted Turner. It was the
Swapping Spinnakers
first real two-boat program. Ideal for sail development and boat refinement.

Ted Turner had said leading in to this program that he wanted a time tested boat; still smarting from the Mariner disaster in 1974. Independence being the "new boat" was always expected to be the ultimate selection. Courageous was referred to as the trial horse. It was difficult to know which boat was faster... read more . 
12 Metre Show & Tell
Would you like to share your 12 Metre photos and experiences with your fellow 12MYC members on our website and here in our e-newsletter as Stephen has done above?

Please contact us if you'd like to be a Content Contributor. We hope to hear from you soon!
A Message from Chris Meigher
Chris Meigher
At the request of the Commodore, we have begun exploratory talks with a select number of firms and individuals who are experienced in sports marketing and event management. Our objective is to identify an appropriate person or group who can help us to:
  1. Manage transportation logistics for 12 Metre boats and tenders coming from the Baltic and Mediterranean fleets in June, 2019;
  2. Plan and manage onshore activities during our 2019 regattas, including registrations, dockage and liaison with the NYYC Anniversary committee and additional hosting yacht clubs;
  3. Secure and manage sponsorship commitments and funding, to support and sustain the 12 Metre racing agenda during June/July 2019.

We are encouraged by the quality of the candidates we have met with to date, and with their enthusiasm for our historic mission and plans for the 2019 12 Metre Worlds. We hope to present a final recommendation to our trustees prior to the 12 Metre North American Championship Regatta this September.

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"Metre Fest" Update by Jamie Hilton
Jamie Hilton

Some may be wondering about the precise plans and schedule for our proposed 2017 Metre Fest, an invitational regatta for all International Rule* Metre yachts. Candidly, I've been doing a lot of wondering about this myself lately! Getting to a consensus among Classes, stakeholders and race organizers to determine the best event format and dates on the calendar for all concerned has proven to be extremely challenging. While we still do not have the schedule fixed,  I can report that a meeting of decision-makers will take place next week where we will collectively define the optimum logistics for maximum participation by all Metre boats. As soon as we have a solid plan to announce, be assured you will be among the first to know. Until then, stay tuned to this channel and sail fast!  
 *more on this below 
12 Metres: Three Rules, Five Divisions
Docks at AC Jubilee by Jim Champ
12s dock at AC Jubilee, Cowes 2001
photo by: Jim Champ
The rich history of the 12 Metre Class represents more than 100 years of yacht design and development-- all built to
The International Rule, the formula used to define all Metre Class boats. First created in 1906, The Rule was modified in 1919 and again in 1933-- bringing us to
The Third Rule, by which all 12s have since been measured. The Third Rule encompasses a very disparate collection of 12s designed and built more than 50 years apart. In 2001, with the goal of maximum participation at the America's Cup Jubilee, a group of 12 metre authorities convened to determine how the 12s could all race together. The result of their effort is Appendix E of  the 12 Metre Class Rules, which further sub-divides the 12s into the 5 Divisions we know today: A- Gran Prix, B- Modern, C- Traditional, D- Vintage and E- Antique. Learn about the history of The International Rule by David Pedrick below, and find the 12 Metre Class Rules and Appendix E (pg 39) here .
12 Metre Class Rules - Appendix E
The Third Rule-- Before and Since, by David Pedrick

David Pedrick
The Twelve Metre Class has operated under the so-called Third Rule since 1933. Using an unchanged rating formula for more than 80 years, although with some changes in secondary technical details, Twelve Metre designs have evolved significantly within the Rule's envelope.
The basic structure of the (First) Rule was created in 1906, with a similar formula as the Third Rule, but having additional terms that were subsequently discarded and changes made in the weighting of other terms.
Rating = (L + B + 0.5x G + 3d + 0.33x √S - F) /2 = 12.000 m
The basis of L, d, S and F are close to the way that they are used in the current Rule, although S was based on gaff rigs. L included girth corrections for the overhangs at the ends of L, similar to now. G was a midships girth measurement taken under the keel, which forced keels to reduce their draft forward of the rudder post - a poor design influence.
12, by the way, was meant to be the approximate waterline length, but LWL has grown toward
14 m in evolutionary design development.
Shortcomings of the Rule were apparent early on, and a lot of effort went into improvements after WW I...  read more
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