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Stop the Violence in Our Nation
The loss of life brought about by hatred and discrimination against the LGBTQ community,communities of color and police officers is heartbreaking and unacceptable. We must as an entire community, come together to find solutions to stop the violence.   We must stand together for a world that fosters peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.   As always, thank you for your continued commitment to standing up for social justice and pushing our bold mission forward

YWkids is a great, multi faceted child care program.  We offer a variety of activities that are creative and educational.  Over the summer, children explore other cultures, cook, conduct Do It Yourself projects, participate in a variety of art forms, play games, and spend time being active outdoors and using their imaginations.  During the school year, we provide after school care and homework help, as well as activities and physical play time.  The new Program Manager, Tracey, "enjoys the opportunity to support children from diverse backgrounds, generating excitement for learning and supporting positive social skills and communication.  "   It's fun because we do activities with Miss Jenna," said Logan, an 8-year old in Green Room.   The staff works hard to bring projects and activities into their groups to provide hands on experiences.  The relocation of the program to Lincoln Elementary School offers and even wider variety of options for the program, including the use of a brand new gymnasium, which is Azyah's, aged 7, from Yellow Room, favorite part of the day.  The summer session also offers a variety of field trips around the area.  Carousel, in Fairhaven, is a favorite of Faith, a 13-year-old in Red Room.  YWkids services children with a variety of educational and emotional needs.   "It's a lot of work, but it's worth it when they hug you or when they complete a project and show it off," Tracey says.  "I'm very lucky to have such a passionate, experienced staff."

Girls Exclusive is a Summer program for middle school aged girls. It is designed to encourage self esteem, leadership development, sisterhood, equality and physical activity.  "Can you really ask for a better job? I have the opportunity to mentor young women and empower them to be much more than they can imagine." said Girls Exclusive Instructor Shelby Friedland.   "I love when you step into the YWCA you get to express yourself in so many ways." said a Girls Exclusive Participant.   It is a program where girls in the community can feel safe and active in the summer. Over the last 7 weeks the girls have embarked on various field trips such as Community Boating, KO Gym, Whaling Museum, Art Museum, National Park, Lazer Gate, Water Wizz and much more. They also participated in weekly Yoga and Squash lessons.  Girls Exclusive  had the opportunity to visit Dartmouth Community Television as guest stars on the show, "Voice of Women" hosted by Gail Fortes, YWCA Executive Director and met with staff from Congressman Keating's office to discuss issues important to them and their families.

The Passing of Equal Pay Bill!
Finally after many years of determination and hard work of feminists, organizations, legislators and businesses, The Equal Pay Bill (H.4509) was passed on July 31st 2016. Massachusetts is the first state in the country to pass a law that requires pay equality for men and women.

The bill allows employees to discuss salary among each other without consequence. It also prohibits potential employers from asking applicants to reveal their current or former salary.

Women will now receive equal pay for comparable work in the work force. The vote was passed with a ratio of 158-0. The community pulled together to make this bill successful.

CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Alexandra Moniz!

Alexandra completed her PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at UMass Dartmouth.  Her research was titled:  The YWCA as a Historic Organization; A Critical Feminist Case Study of Contributions to Women's Education Through Social Activism and Public Pedagogy.  

Alexandra gave an amazing dissertation and will be sharing it with the YWCA.  Alexandra worked here previously as our Development Associate.  Congratulations again Alex, we are so proud of you and your accomplishments!

Getting Involved


Sign up today by contacting your local government/town agency.

Be apart of the change you would like to see. If you do not vote you are allowing others to decide for you. 

Leading Ladies

Are you interested in Making a difference in your community and empowering women and families? Join leading ladies today! 

Leading Ladies  is a leadership development initiative for young women. The primary aim of Leading Ladies is to empower young women through civic engagement, collaborative social justice efforts, networking, and the opportunity to participate in community dialogues and educational seminars. As a result, young women develop a diverse array of skills to enhance both their personal and professional lives.

We welcome you on board and look forward to hearing your ideas!

For more information, Please Contact Leading Ladies Coordinator Stormi Monteiro: email: smonteiro@ywcasema.org or Phone: 508-999-3255

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