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Summer 2016 Newsletter
Summer Updates from Panama City Beach!
Items Included In This Newsletter:

  • NEW CONDO! Prime Weeks are OPEN!!!

  • Check Out Our NEW BLOG

  • Take Our Check-In / Check-Out Time Survey


  • MORE Private Reserved Parking Available

  • Guest Photos Wanted

NEW CONDO! Prime Weeks are OPEN!!!
Calypso 8th Floor Center East Tower is our newest addition to Premium Beach Condos!

This is a one bedroom (1.5 bath) with a double balcony and and oceanfront master bedroom!  For those of you that prefer our 6th floor condo layout...this is the same floor plan!  Click on the photo to take the Virtual Tour.

Check Out Our NEW BLOG
For the past several years, we've posted intermittently on social media sites with business updates, local stories of interest, guest photos, and last minute promotions.  Now we plan to post at least 2-3 times per month and have them all in one place on our website BLOG! 

The site is still under development, because we're still in the learning curve, so you'll watch us grow and improve in this area, while still keeping up on Panama City Beach events and ideas for your next trip!

Click one of the photos here to go directly to a recent post.  Or click the button below to see a complete list of posts, and read them all.                
We'll be adding a whole gallery of GUEST PHOTOS soon so be sure to send your photos in for that new portfolio!  And yes, we will be moving our Dining With A View posts to our Blog section as well.  

Don't forget to  SUBSCRIBE to the  BLOG so that you can continue to read the posts.  This newsletter subscription will NOT automatically include our blog posts, although we may highlight them from time to time.

(Hint:  There is still a FREE GIFT hidden in one of the blog posts that hasn't been claimed!  It's not too late for YOU to claim it!)                              
Check-In Check-Out Time Survey
Many guests have asked for an earlier check-in, but our cleaning company still requires that we provide a 6 hour window for them to clean and conduct maintenance in all of our condos on a given day.  With that in mind, we thought we'd ask YOU, our GUESTS, which you would prefer.  Just click on your preference below to register your vote on our website!

                     Check-in:   4 pm CST
                   Check-out: 10 am CST
                     Check-in:  3 pm CST
                   Check-out:   9 am CST
Add Extra Beach Chairs and SAVE $$$
This year we have at least ONE EXTRA set of Beach Chairs with Service available for additional purchase.  If you purchase extra chairs at the beach, those chairs can cost $40/day or $280/week.  One set of chairs is included with your rental, but if you would like to add additional chairs to your rental prior to your arrival, we can offer this set at a deeply discounted price of $100/week plus tax.  Let me know if you are interested and I will add it your stay.  This is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. (Note - if your stay is more or less than 7 days, the price may vary.  Contact me directly for an exact quote for your stay.)

MORE Private Reserved Parking Available

   Just in case you haven't heard the news....

   We now have two  Private Reserved Parking Spaces in the basement of the East Tower right near the east elevator.  Our primary space is an extra wide space so lots of room for loading and unloading as well as easy parking.  The second space we share with another owner, and it's a regular sized space, but still near the elevator. Because there are only about 30 spaces in the basement, and many of those are owned and used by residents, this means you can avoid most of the crowds with carts and cars, especially at arrival and departure.   

   This space is available for our Premium Beach Condos guests to rent for an additional fee.  Because we have limited spaces, we offer it on a first-come first-served basis.  

   If you'd like to add this, just give me a call or let me know when you make your reservation.  
Guest Photos Wanted!
Be sure to send Premium Beach Condos your favorite photos from your trip to Panama City Beach!  We love to post them on our Social Media pages and soon they will all appear in our Guest Photo Gallery!  Names can be omitted if you wish, but share the fun with others!   
Photo Credit:  The Smith Family
Photo Credit:  Chrissy Schuiling
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