Knowing Which Crystal is Right

July 25, 2017
I think we would all agree that this is a time of great concern for our planet, creating inner turmoil and many challenges for everyone to acknowledge and understand. Whenever there are major shifts in our experience, they are often preceded by a time of great chaos, a kind of resistance to change, a hold back of embracing anything new ... whether this be political, environmental, spiritual, emotional, or even personal. Whenever there is a need for shift of consciousness, there are wondrous crystals unearthed as if by magic! How fortunate we are to live in a time when we have such influence over our destiny and awareness of what the Earth can offer to assist us!
We have noted a Lemurian awakening and the appearance of many new Lemurian crystals. Of all the peoples that once populated the Earth, the Lemurians were the one of the ones with the greatest respect and Spiritual interaction with the Earth and the Earth beings ... and their relationship to the Star Peoples.
There are two almost extinct Lemurian crystals, first unearthed some 20+ years ago, that brought Lemurian messages into the world to awaken the Lemurian Spirits. Now, they are making their messages known more than ever ... they are the Russian Lemurians (aka Sacred Scribes) and the Mozambique Lemurians (aka Soul Shepherds). So they are the stars of this newsletter!


The Lemurian Stars
Background from a 2009 newsletter and the Lemurian Connection:
Some time ago, a friend purchased a Mozambique Lemurian and was interested in a Blue Tara about the same size. When I buy stock from my supplier, I will leave the crystals wrapped until I need them, so I tend to draw stock in layers. Because he wanted a specific size, I had to unwrap a couple of layers before I found the one for him. And in the process, there was one who immediately began chattering as I held her. She called herself "Emmoral" and messages came fast and furious. Following is the first channeling through her:
"It is early morning and the first rays of the sun are breaching the horizon with an eerie haze and rays pierced through it like fingers. I feel the cool breeze from the ocean upon my face and savor its salty musk. This is a day that has been foretold, auspicious in its unfolding and yet, before this day's sun sets, life as we know it will forever change. Many have left, but I have chosen to remain, here in my home, embracing the sea and bidding farewell to my beloved Lemuria ...
Our oracles have predicted this for millennia, so it is something our People has long known and prepared for. Every ship that sought out the peace and beauty of Lemuria left with a Lemurian elder and at least one family to ensure that some remnant of our culture would survive us. This was to ensure that all that we have known and attained would be shared with the world.
I am Emmoral, Elder and High Priestess. Otshoh and Shialohh, both Elders, have remained with me, three in service. In the final days, we were to combine our energies and infuse crystals throughout the world with our records. We have discovered that our energies can be focused and channeled such that the crystalline structure accepts the information. Since we knew not where our People would settle or who would call forth the Lemurian energies in the future, we seeded these records all over the Earth, each bearing unique knowledge. When the time is right for the Lemurian knowledge to re-emerge, these crystals shall awaken and make  themselves known to specific souls who share Lemurian roots. We know that these roots will be diluted through many millennia, but knowledge such as this is timeless. There will be a quickening and a definite call ... this is the Time of Awakening. People will feel the pull and may not know why or how to respond, but will receive instruction. Certain of them will lead the way and others will be aware of them, some in their lifetimes and others after their passing when they will work from the Ethereal Realm. It is imperative to the security of the world at the Time of the  Awakening, to embrace the Lemurian principles. It will bring a balance and stability to a planet spinning out of control from its own greed, avarice and false values. These will not be difficult things, but will be critical. The years will have brought great knowledge, but these records will instill great wisdom.
May your Hearts and minds be open and the Peace and Love of Lemuria be in your Spirit."
Now, I want to add one thing more. As I worked with Emmoral, she began to clear! She is a special Blue Tara, included with olenite, a clear and boron-rich tourmaline that glitters inside. To my utter amazement, large numbers of quartz manifestors appeared and the white film that originally covered her ... disappeared! Like the Moz, they are very personal crystals with very personal messages for their rightful Keepers. And as I continue to get new crystal supplies, more and more Lemurian crystals are appearing and the messages are truly astounding. Be open to these new Lemurians ... but keep the first and original ones as Primary Guides.

Russian Lemurians:

The Sacred Scribes are from the Ushniy Quarry, Ushniy, Chelyabinsk Oblast in Russia in the Ural Mountains, bordering Europe and Asia. These mines have often been called the "Blue Angels" due to the fact that the movements of the Earth caused the piezoelectric properties of the quartz to emit blue lights. This perfectly natural phenomenon was seen as devil play by the workers and they refused to work. Management sought to explain the technical to superstitious workers and until management said ultimately said the lights were angelic and renamed the mine.  It succeeded and the workers returned. Due to the Russian permafrost, it is not possible to mine during most years and new stock of Russian Lemurians has not been available.
The Polar Urals are very sacred and have been since ancient times. Megaliths (structures made of such large stones without the use of mortar or concrete), dolmens (stone plates are structures consisting of a mound of stones and soil, with a stone chamber attached to it) and menhirs (crude or roughly finished stones standing on the surface) have been found throughout the Polar Urals and it is clear that ancient peoples felt the energies of the quartz under their feet. Perhaps they too saw the blue angel lights!

This is an excerpt from JanAnn Dow, the noted crystal worker:
"A few years ago I was gifted with two beautiful, rather unusual golden, smoky quartz crystals said to be from Russia. Just being around them stimulated some information from deep within myself. The smaller one spoke immediately and announced it held sacred information, speaking from the seeding of consciousness on our planet and holding onto information to be released when it was time. There was no arguing with these crystals following their demands to be placed in a grid, or pattern, there to remain until very recently, when, suddenly, they came vibrant again. Two more of these crystals made their way to my crystal studio and together, the four, one being totally clear and filled with a mysterious blue light, created a pattern of their own, emanating a light as if to announce they were ready now to release their information! And they were to be called SACRED SCRIBES.

Looking carefully at these quartz specimens, they have a very distinct pattern of glyphs on each side and facet. The remarkable thing about them is that the glyphs are in no way connected to the pattern on the next side. When you hold them, and focus your attention on just one side, the energy is far different as you rotate them around. They look and feel like some kind of code, each one offering some vital piece of data that somehow completes in the entirety of the crystals. I found working with these stones in small groups was far more informative than trying to decipher on my own.

It was clear at the outset that these crystals were quite mystical and were most definitely seeded here either when the earth was first formed or shortly thereafter. Their message was simply this: Everything Is Written - the plan for our planet was set out from the onset of civilization and is encoded in these magnificent quartz crystals. 

A word here about what came through from a small gathering of myself, and friends Stephanie and Yolanda. We had heard that this quartz was being called Lemurian Quartz. Strange, we thought with Russia so far away from Lemuria, which sits off the coast of South America and reaches to Hawaii! We felt a strong link to the sphinx in Egypt also and could not understand. Soon the quartz revealed a startling revelation: there are three Halls of Amente put in place on this planet at its earliest population. These Halls hold vast amounts of information about living, dying and the journey of the soul. Each one was created differently, to offer their information at specific times. Each one has vital clues to the passing of the ages and what the evolving civilizations need to navigate the great changes ahead. In Egyptian history, the Halls of Amente were thought to be where the soul went at physical death, traveling through the passageways on its way to eternity. However, it is my experience psychically that they were and are a great deal more than that. Each Hall is surrounded with mysterious clues that indicate what is inside. In Lemuria, there are stones, rock formation that once held drawings and glyphs of symbols. In Egypt, the Halls are guarded by the Sphinx, which, by the way, is deteriorating rapidly at this time, soon to reveal its secrets. The Hall in Russia, in the Ural Mountains, is surrounded by these impressive quartz pieces, each one encoded with information. So, here was the connection with Lemuria! Each of these Halls of Amente are, in fact, connected energetically.

So, why are they being unearthed now? What are we supposed to do with them and this information? How are they to be used by each of us fortunate enough to work with them? 

First, there is a great deal of comfort in knowing that what we are experiencing and living is already written. Working with the ancient crystal skulls teaches you that much for they, too, hold information about our history and our future. Knowing that it is written, but also knowing that we have an opportunity to tune into the Divine Earth Plan should ease our tension a bit and teach us to trust in its unfoldment. Trust is a huge issue right now for the lack of it is creating great fear and stifling our spirit and our hope for a better world. Well, you may ask, if it is already written, then why bother? I think what is written is the outline for the evolution of our consciousness. It is not what we do it is how we do it kind of thing. We are all given parameters within which to live our lives, but we are not always prepared for the chaos at hand.

Sacred Scribes are not a healing crystal per-say - although all quartz has a unique vibration that can enhance our circumstances. They want to be used as communication tools, for 'sensitives' to tune in and extract the wide variety of information they hold. They want to be used in ceremonies, in crystal grids with or without other stones or crystals. 

They are doorways to truths not yet revealed to our consciousness, hallways of information hidden within each glyph or pattern and offer us the laws of understanding about what we need for the next step, the new construct, the new dream of this planet. The desire to be honored for the journey they are taking, to reach out to the world with important information for our time.

There is information from the location of the Russian mines that there is a mysterious blue light that appears in these Ural Mountains called a Blue Angel. When I tune into the one piece gifted to me, I do see an aura of blue emanating from it and sense the presence of a kind guardian. It is as if this mine area is being protected by this presence who wants to make sure those who end up with these quartz will honor them the way they have been since they were seeded there so long ago. The clear ones hold a light of protection for us who are working diligently to help heal this planet and bring peace at long last. If you were to work with these alone, I would concentrate on protection through the changes and shifts to help hold our light patterns, keep our intentions honorable and focused and ease the transitions to come. 

Let us learn to trust in ourselves, trust in the Creator and trust in the Divine Plan. Let us replace any thoughts of fear and uncertainty with our love for one another and for this world now evolving yet again."
This is one of the most incisive readings of these spectacular crystals ever. They are healers, yes, but their true role is responding to the needs of their Keeper. Strongly imbued with sacred energy, the Russian Lemurians are a profound source of wisdom and understanding. They will teach the Keeper who is open to the information they will offer and who will respond to it with Love and Light to enhance the world and help bring things into balance, one person at a time.  

Mozambique Lemurians (Soul Shepherd):

The island of Mozambique is off the southeastern coast of Africa and mining is one of the island's major industries. There are oil and gas reserves as well as major deposits of aluminum, beryllium, and tantalum. Gold and many gemstones are also significant ... the quartz had been merely a "junk" find and cast aside, thus explaining why so many Mozambique Lemurians are scarred up. Though treated in this manner, many have totally healed in a relatively short time (for a crystal) and in spite of remaining damage, are energetic and ready to serve!
Interestingly, years ago, I was looking at the ley lines on Earth and noted that an extraordinary number of them cross and surround Mozambique! It is no wonder the energies are so high in the quartz as well as the other minerals arising from there. Also note that Mozambique is the only source of Mozambique Lemurians - they do not come from anywhere else!
Mozambique Lemurians (Moz) are one of the most personal crystals I know and really bond to their Keeper. Because of their early treatment, they would not win beauty contests with their "Old Soul" dinged and scarred look, but their energies are so huge that it doesn't matter. They carry some of the highest vibrations of the quartz family and even more than phenacite and petalite. Bottom line, to work with a Mozambique Lemurian is to surrender your life to Spiritual evolution and your Higher Self. They are capable of catalyzing great change (including healing on a many layered level), hence the nickname "Soul Shepherd". Generally, the energy from a Moz is huge and sometimes difficult to grasp until you get accustomed to it. They are protective and cognizant of the need to sometimes slow down so the Keeper only has to ask. They wrap around their Keeper as if in a huge crystalline hug so that all the energy pervades your Spirit. Each helps to bring her Keeper into an understanding of the past so that critical changes can be made in the future. And each reminds us that the best is yet to come when we allow change as a vital and essential part of our life. Just knowing that is a comfort beyond belief!
In this time of dramatic change, the Moz is a true Guru and Guide. The Moz's ability to heal herself rapidly is an asset as this healing power extends to her Keeper and her Keeper's desire to heal all around her/him. The Moz is a true bearer of the famed Lemurian teaching and healing knowledge, some derived from the Star Peoples. Her Lemurian Spirit is an outstanding asset in the challenge to help heal the Earth!

Bottom line ... 

There are no better companions and partners in this age of change than Russian and Mozambique Lemurians ... they are here to assist and renew!
The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not fighting the old, but on building the new.
- Socrates

Don't forget the coming solar eclipse on August 21st that will be visible through a diagonal swath of the US!