The Parsons Company, Inc.                 Summer Newsletter 2017
General (Ret.) Mark and Carol Graham

General (Ret.) Mark and Carol Graham, have been chosen by SAMHSA to receive a 2017 Voice Award. The Voice Awards program honors members who are community champions to improve the lives of people with mental illnesses and addictions. 
For 2017, the Voice Awards is spotlighting individuals and entertainment productions that provide hope and support to service members who have faced mental health challenges.
An Amazing Achievement....
Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren                   

Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren 
Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren and the Broward County Courthouse's Mental Illness Court in acknowledgement for their 20 years of court service for the mentally ill. Judge Ginger began this therapeutic court in 1997 and still sits on the bench today. She has become a National Spokeswoman for treatment of the Mentally Ill, on television and government hearings and has become a template for communities nationwide. With her compassion, empathy for the families and sympathy for the afflicted, she continues to be a saving grace for those who suffer with mental illness.
Richard Sherman...
Cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks... 

Congratulations Central Washington University for hosting the  2nd Annual Students of Color Summit. The Washington State Associate Students of Color Summit brought over 300 students of color from 13 college and university campuses from across Washington State to CWU.
Way To Go, On A Sold Out Show!!!
Congratulations to CWU for an already "Sold Out" show for their upcoming 
2017 Homecoming, with featured guest, Nick Offerman
, most commonly known as, deadpan government employee Ron Swanson from the hit show
"Parks and Recreation"
. Way to go CWU....
Speakers that Inspire...

A ctor, stand-up comedian
and impressionist  Darrell Hammond is well known for his 20-year career on Saturday Night Live where he entertained audiences
with impressions of political and public figures such as Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. 

While his clever humor and apt impersonations are well-known to audiences, Hammond kept his 30-year battle with mental illness hidden from view.... . until now With an unusual candor and honesty, Hammond delivers a story of perseverance and hope that touches the heart and mind. 
Kevin Berthia
Impacting Audiences Globally

Kevin is a Suicide Prevention Advocate, who continues to impact audiences through his presentations. His most recent presentations were in Alaska (thank you Mary Teachout), and he is excited to be taking his message globally this fall to Korea. His presentation, The Impact of Listening ,......The Kevin Berthia Story, is an important presentation to use for suicide awareness.
Amy Elmore
"Seen But Not Heard"

Congratulations Amy on her continuous dedication to educate and help those suffering with depression/Mental Illness by sharing  her years of struggle and how she reclaimed her life.

For over a decade, Amy Elmore lived a life of glamour, fame and financial freedom of an international celebrity. By the time she was twenty, she had appeared on the covers of Seventeen, Elle and Cosmopolitan.
 It seemed like she had it all, but in her darkest moment she experienced a psychotic break. This led to depression, a near-fatal suicide attempt and a diagnosis of bi-polar disorder.

She shares her years of struggle and how she reclaimed her life--discovered her voice and will not be silenced any more! 
Phyllis Parsons