Summer News from Orphanage Emmanuel

"Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God." -Hebrews 12:1-2

'Semana Santa' - Holy Week
 One of the most favorite times of the year for the children of Emmanuel is 'Semana Santa,' or Holy Week. The children are free from classes for the entire week of Easter and spend all waking hours playing and doing activities with staff, volunteers, and team members. The children get the opportunity to swim, do Slip-N-Slides, go on hikes and picnics, etc. We also use this time to teach the children about the Good Friday, the Resurrection, and the reason we celebrate Easter through Bible studies and devotions.  We had a wonderfully joyful and Spirit-filled Easter week here at Emmanuel!
Emmanuel Welcomes New Arrivals!
We are currently in a season of receiving new children from the Honduran social authorities.  We received two newborn infants at the beginning of the year, who are now flourishing in our baby house. We have also recently been blessed to receive two new mothers and their babies as well as two soon-to-be mothers. We are so excited for the opportunity to raise these little ones up in the ways of our Lord and  to help guide these young ladies as they grow into motherhood.  We ask that you join us in holding these precious little ones up in prayer, that they flourish in every way possible.
Jesús, #1427
Jes ús, #1427. For many years, that was the only information available on him.  Jes ús came to Emmanuel with a group of 90 other children who were displaced when an electrical fire broke out inside the orphanage where they lived in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  Jes ús is special-needs and has a birth defect that keeps him from walking normally.  As only God can do, He brought Jes ús into the lives of the Spadino family from Wisconsin.  Joe and Kate and their three children have visited Emmanuel many times to serve as a family and to spend time with Jes ús. They worked tirelessly to get him a birth certificate and a medical visa for treatment and physical therapy, and Jes ús was approved for a visa in December of 2016.  He is currently in the US receiving top-notch medical care and physical therapy.  We are so thankful for a Heavenly Father who cares so intimately about the lives of His children.  

Describing her family's ongoing journey Kate says, " We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to know, love and care for Jesús. Every day he shines his great big smile and spreads the love of God to others. Since arriving in the U.S. Jesús has undergone serial casting on his right foot to correct the posture, and has attended physical therapy three times a week, to help regain strength and balance. The surgeon and therapists are very pleased with the results, calling his progress  “unbelievable!” He no longer uses a wheelchair, but with the help of a brace walks 100% of the time! Jesús continues to receive physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and lots of love and attention. He makes friends wherever he goes, spreading the love of God through his peace and joy. He loves music, swimming and playing outside. Although Jesús found the snow exciting, he was happy to see the grass again this spring! We are currently applying for a visa extension in order that Jesús may continue to have optimal medical care. Every day we speak together of God’s faithfulness. We recount God’s goodness and remember those who love him- David, Lydia, and the many volunteers through the years. We know that God has great plans for this joyful, caring young boy!"
A Season of Changes
This year we have seen some changes in staff. After 12 years of service at Orphanage Emmanuel, the Hernandez family (Max, Katja, Gabriel, Simon, and Esther) made the difficult decision to leave Honduras and return to Europe. Max served as the leader of the small-boys house and was in charge of maintenance and security, and Katja served as the leader of the big-girls yard and as the primary administrator in the office.  We said goodbye to the Hernandez family in March of 2017.  We are preparing to say our goodbyes to the Burrows Family (Robert, Karelia, Franklin, Robbie, Natalia, Natasha, Nissi, and Nyomi) at the end of the summer this year.  Robert serves as the leader of the big-boys yard and the school principal, and Karelia has been in charge of the medical clinic, the small-girls house, and the medium-girls house.  Robert has accepted a teaching job in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where they will live as a family.  The words 'thank you' simply do not cover the gratitude we feel for both of these families for their many years of humble and selfless service to the Lord and His children in Honduras.  They have left a tremendous footprint on the lives of hundreds of children, staff members, volunteers, and team members, and we will miss their presence on a daily basis; however, we know that the Lord is holding them all in His hand. Please join us in prayer for these wonderful families through their transition.  
Sponsorship Opportunities
The Sponsorship Program is our primary source of funds for caring for all of the children here at Emmanuel.  It also allows sponsors to establish a personal relationship with an individual child. Sponsors may select a child or we will assign a one. The children at Emmanuel come from difficult circumstances. Some are orphans, some abandoned, abused or come from extreme poverty. Once at Emmanuel, we joyfully assume responsibility for their care - including nutritional food, comfortable and clean clothing and living quarters, as well as educational, medical, and general developmental needs. Most importantly, we strive to give the children strong spiritual guidance.

If you are interested in becoming part of a child's life at Orphanage Emmanuel, please feel free to contact our sponsorship coordinator, Sarah Schuenemeyer, at for more information!
Volunteer Opportunities
Over the years, Emmanuel has had the blessing of receiving literally hundreds of volunteers from all over the world. We provide a safe, purpose-filled environment in which many young people have discovered unknown talents, tested their skills, and matured in their walk with Christ. Many of our staff members began as volunteers, and most volunteers find themselves coming back again and again to visit or volunteer. We feel blessed to be a part of so many people's journey of faith.

Our volunteers help in all of those everyday tasks that when caring for 450+ children pile up quickly - we always have dishes to be washed, laundry to be hung up, medicine to be given, babies to be cared for and cuddled, cows to be fed and milked, broken pipes to be fixed, soccer games to be played, hair to be braided, and many other tasks and activities to keep a volunteer occupied.  All of that mixed in with a generous amount of hugs makes for a great volunteer experience!

If you feel God calling you to be a part of the lives of His precious children here at Orphanage Emmanuel, please feel free to contact our volunteer coordinator, Morgan Worch, at for more information on how to apply.

Prayer Requests
Please know that we feel your prayers every day and appreciate every single one of you! In addition to the general well-being, safety, happiness, and spiritual strength of all of our children, staff, volunteers, and visitors, we have a few additional prayer requests:

  • The health of all who live at Emmanuel. We have recently had a virus spread through the orphanage, and more than 150 of our children have been treated. Please pray for resilience for our children, our nurses, and our volunteers and that we are able to replace significantly depleted resources.
  • Storm damage. We have recently been hit with a series of strong thunderstorms and seen damages to some of our buildings. We are currently having to replace part of the roof on the church.  Please pray primarily that all remain safe during any future storms but also that we are able to restore everything campus-wide that has been damaged by the thunderstorms.
Emmanuel's Wish List
Every single day, hundreds of children go to school, receive medical treatment, and have their needs met at Emmanuel. The following items are those currently needed most for daily operations:

Medical clinic: Ibuprofen (liquid and tablets), acetaminophen (liquid for children and tablets), cough medicine for children, antibiotics (suspension and tablets), pedialyte, fungus cream, hydrogen peroxide, gauze, craft bags (clear, small bags), address labels, Q-Tips, cotton balls, latex gloves (sizes small and medium), adult sinus cold medicine. 

School: one subject spiral notebooks, pencils, pens, glue bottles, markers, colored pencils, wide-ruled paper, construction paper, copy paper, pencil erasers, small pencil sharpeners, coloring books, rulers.

Office: Toner (Brother TN450), drum unit (Brother DR420), standard white copy paper, letter-sized manila file folders, plastic key tags, HP 60 ink (tri-color and black), hanging file folders, Return address labels, address labels

General operations: shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, tennis shoes, jeans, diapers and wipes, skirts, sheets, blankets, socks, underwear (girls and boys), 

Physical donations of above items can be sent to Dr. Don Reynolds at 4611 Hixson Pike, Hixson, TN 37343. If you would like to contribute financially to any of these needs, you may send a designated check to Orphanage Emmanuel at 715 Moores Mill Drive, Auburn, AL 36830.  If you sponsor or contribute through direct deposit, you may email Rick Tabor to request a one-time donation increase for the purchase of a designated item.  
"Though my father and mother forsake me,  the Lord will receive me" -Psalm 27:10
  Donations of goods, gifts, or letters can be sent to:     Dr. Don Reynolds
                                                                                                   4611 Hixson Pike                                                                                                                                      Hixson, TN 37343

  All financial donations can be sent to:                            Orphanage Emmanuel
                                                                                                   715 Moores Mill Drive
                                                                                                   Auburn, AL 36830