June 2018
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Greetings from South Cove! 
Dear South Cove Staff, Patients, Supporters and Friends:    
Eugene Welch
I am extremely proud of all the planning and work that went into the opening of SCCHC in Malden. It certainly is a work of love. We are also pleased that Frances Ma will head up this new site not only as the Site Manager but also the Head of the Social Services, where over the last dozen years Frances has become an expert following up on all the changes in applying for insurance coverage.  
Thank you Frances, and thank you to all the staff that take care of our 33,000 patients every day in one of SCCHC's 5 sites!  
A job well done! 

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Eugene Welch
CEO/Executive Director
In This Issue
Malden Clinic Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting

On Tuesday, June 19, 2018, South Cove Community Health Center officially celebrated the opening of its 5th clinic in Malden with a ribbon cutting ceremony and lion dance! It was a long awaited moment, to see fruition from years of planning and work is satisfying, but in no way does this mean the work is done, on the contrary, it has only just started.  We hope the opening of a clinic in Malden will help us achieve the ultimate goal of serving the Malden and its surrounding communities. This is a new beginning for South Cove Malden and it is looking very bright!  
Eugene Welch, Executive Director of South Cove, joined by Malden Mayor Gary Christenson and City Councillors along with members of the South Cove Board of Directors took part in the ceremonious ribbon cutting to officially mark the opening of the clinic.  
Nelson Liu, Mayor Gary Christenson, Eugene Welch, South Cove Board of Directors and Malden City Councillors in ribbon cutting ceremony 
Ribbon Cutting was followed by lion dance by the Wah Lum Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy based in Malden. The dance started outside and continued to the inside of the building covering every corner to ward off evil spirits and summon good fortune and luck. The dance concluded outside with all six lions each taking turn to "eat the lettuce," as a symbolic way to again bring good fortune and prosperity to the clinic.
Eugene Welch, Executive Director, in his welcoming remarks, first of all, expressed his thanks for the support from the Mayor, the City and the residents of Malden, all of who played a vital role in bringing South Cove to Malden and made this day a reality. He looks forward to serving the community with quality, affordable and accessible healthcare.  
L-R: Frances Ma, Malden Site Manager, Eric Tiberi, COO, Nelson Liu, Board President, Eugene Welch, ED, April Tang, Board Member and Mayor Gary Christenson  
The group pose with the lions and the Dai To Fut (Big Buddha Head)  
Nelson Liu, Board President of South Cove, thanked everyone for coming and echoed Eugene's sentiments that this project would not have been possible without the support of many. He acknowledged Mayor Christenson and the City Councillors for their support, Beacon architect for designing the beautiful clinic, and BOND for turning the design into a reality. He also expressed his gratitude to Eugene Welch, ED, and Eric Tiberi, COO, as well as his fellow Board of Directors.  
In their remarks, both Eugene and Nelson gave special recognition to Board member and longtime Malden resident, Mai Du, for her unwavering and tireless support and determination to bring a community health center to her neighborhood. On behalf of the health center, Nelson stated that it is an honor to "begin a new and establish roots in this wonderful City" and that he looks forward to "being a strong community partner and neighbor to all."   
Nelson invited everyone to take a walk through the building to see the beautiful Health Center's spaces and welcomed everyone to join South Cove if not already a patient.  Furthermore, he encouraged everyone to spread the word about South Cove and the message that "we are open to serve all."
Close to 200 guests attended the event, we thank everyone that joined us to mark this monumental accomplishment, and for all the supported and advocacy on our behalf, we are deeply grateful.    
The one-story building is over 14,000 square feet featuring a glass-enclosed entrance. On-site parking is available. Adult Medicine, Ob/Gyn, Pediatrics and Social Services are open, Optometry department will open in early July. Please call 781-912-2500 to schedule an appointment.
We invite everyone to view the SCCHC 2018 Malden Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting Album
SCCHC Annual Corporation Meeting

South Cove's 46th Annual Corporation Meeting took place on Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at the newly opened Malden clinic on 277 Commercial Street.  
Board President Nelson Liu opened the meeting and welcomed all to its 46th edition. FY2018 has been an extraordinary year seeing the health center celebrating 45 years of service with the Sapphire Gala in September 2017 and the opening of our 5th clinic in Malden in June 2018.  The Board is extremely pleased with what the health center has accomplished in the last 12 months, setting milestones and reaching QA/QI goals as detailed in the Annual Report. Nelson credits the amazing feat to the management's leadership and vision as well as the hard work of the entire SCCHC staff, "the health center's success is a testament to Eugene, Eric and the entire staff," praised Nelson.
SCCHC now has five clinical sites in Boston, Quincy and Malden, serving over 32,000 patients with a staff of over 275 people.
South Cove ended FY2018 stronger! We are looking forward to FY 2019 and to expanding our reach to communities north of Boston with our newest clinic in Malden!   
L-R: Stephen Tang, I-Min Lee, Thuy Leung, April Tang, Peter Ng, Harry Lee, Mai Du, Nelson Liu, Eric Tiberi, Eugene Welch and Meei Li. 
South Cove Board of Directors FY 2018-19
The Board and corporation members fulfilled their fiscal responsibility by voting in 5 board members for a 3-year term from 2018-2021.
Newly elected Board Members : Cindy Chen, Meei Li, Nelson Liu, Chi Ma and Stephen Tang.
Continuing Board Members : Thomas Birch, Susan Chinsen, Mai Du, Herman Harry Lee, I-Min Lee, Thuy Leung, Peter Ng, April Tang, Alvin Wing and David Yee.
Officers (currently serving a two-year term from 2017-2019):
President: Nelson Liu
Secretary: Cindy Chen
Treasurer: April Tang
Stat Dragons had a Strong Showing at the Dragon Boat Festival!

South Cove Stat Dragons had a strong showing in the annual Boston Dragon Boat Festival! The team won a gold medal in Division F and a silver in the healthcare division! The Festival took place on Sunday, June 10, 2018 along both sides of the Charles River in Cambridge. Apart from participating in the race, South Cove also proudly served as a festival sponsor to help promote the mission and the work of the Boston Dragon Boat Festival - the longest running dragon boat festival in North America and the largest Asian-American cultural event in New England!  
Stat Dragons made their 15th consecutive appearance this year with a team that is comprised of 2/3 returning paddlers and 1/3 new recruits. With more teams than ever participating in the festival, the safety of every participant is paramount and since last year, the festival committee has required all steerers to pass two written exams and an on-water test.  This year, they tightened up the requirement having the written exam apply not only to the steers but also at least one member on the team. Besides complying with the new rules and regulations, there was also a bit of a scare happening to the team in the last week of practice leading up to the race. Stat Dragons unprecedentedly had 3 paddlers dropping out in the final week of practice due to medical or personal reasons, leaving the team in a panic to either find replacement or race shorthanded. Fortunately with the permission of the race director and a helping hand by another team, Stat Dragons were able to race full strength on race day and came away with two medals!  
Stat Dragons 2018 Team Photo

Division F Final
Springfield Dragon Rays            3:01.438     BRONZE
South Cove Stat Dragons          2:46.792     GOLD
Wah Lum Warriors                     2:55.100     SILVER
Healthcare Group
Cambridge AHA Dragons                                    3:04.041      BRONZE
Harvard Pilgrim Health Center Dragonauts         2:40.080      GOLD
South Cove Stat Dragons                                    2:48.809      SILVER
Stat Dragons pose with their hard earned medals on stage. 
This also marks the 7th year in a row that the Stat Dragons have won at least one medal, the result was all the sweeter given the last minute scramble to make sure we had enough paddlers to race. For a recreational team that was only put together about 6 weeks prior to the tournament and practiced only 6 times on the Charles, the times clocked in by the team are quite respectable!

Harry Lee weighed in on the team's time of 2:46.792 and put it into perspective: Our final time placed us overall at 35th place for the best Sunday times -- we were in the 65th place of the 74 teams at the end of Saturday's time trials. We moved ahead of 1 club team (out of 15 total); we passed 4 of the 11 Chinese University Alumni; 3 of the 11 College; 7 of the 8 Community; 9 of the 12 Finance and 5 of the 8 Corporate teams!

2:46.792 was also the team's best time of the day! This time would have placed the team in silver medal position in the D Division Final and ahead of the times in the E Division Major and Minor Finals and the C Division Minor finals!

Again, not so shabby a tournament for the team!
As much as we enjoy bringing home the hardware, the adage "it is not the winning but the taking part that matters" rings true for Stat Dragons; it is the team spirit and the camaraderie that will be the lasting memory.
Special thanks to Captain Tom, Drummer Jacquie, and of course, Stat Dragons' steerer-extraordinaire, Harry Lee; the trio have been in their respective position for 7 years and forged great chemistry. Lastly, thank you to all the team members who committed the time and put in the work to make possible another year of successful showing!
Stat Dragons 2018 team members: Dave Carolan, Donald Chan, Amy Cheung, Ryan Costello, Christina Ho, Alison Hui, Jacquie Kay, Gina Kwong, Winnie Kwong, Andrew Lee, Chris Lee, Harry Lee, Andrea Leung, Henry Leung, Peggy Leung-Strle, Thuy Leung, Tom Leung, Joseph Preissig, Jennifer Tran, Thomas Yee, and Joy Zheng.
Sponsor: Eugene Welch and South Cove Community Health Center.
SCCHC & Asian Healthcare Foundation Essay Contest

In celebration of the health center's 40th Anniversary in 2012 and the lives of many that the health center has touched, an essay contest was announced and scholarships were awarded to 5 contestant winners. The Asian Healthcare Foundation of Massachusetts, established to support the mission of South Cove, has funded the scholarships ever since its inception in 2012, the Foundation Board of Directors also voted that same year to have the essay contest be a yearly fixture for the next 10 years through 2021.
Serving the community since 1972, South Cove has cared for many multi-generational families and played a big part in the wellbeing of these families. With the essay contest, we wanted to achieve two goals: 1 to hear from their perspective the impact of South Cove and 2. to give back to the community and the future generation.
The contest had a total of 11 entries this year. Once again, the judges felt that every essay had its merit and deserved recognition.    
Congratulations to Kelly Chen, Ying Lin Han, Stacy Huynh, Christy Leung, Xi Xi Lin, Ryan Nie, Bryan Tan, Crystal Wong, Guilin Zhang, Guiqi Zhang and Wen Xuan Zhang.  
Scholarship winners pose with Eugene Welch, Nelson Liu, April Tang and Madelin Wan 
The Essay Contest has awarded a total of 66 scholarships including this year, we hope that through this contest, the health center is making a difference, however small it may be, in the recipients' higher education endeavor.
Now we invite you to read the published essays online. They provide a glimpse into the struggles and hardship faced by new immigrant families due to cultural and language barrier. A few of the essays were from children of South Cove staff, it is heart-warming to know that South Cove makes a difference not only in the lives of the patients but also those of the staff. We are proud and honored to be in their lives in different capacities, be it a provider of medical care, a place of refuge & safe haven or an employer providing stability and a sense of purpose for its staff.
How your donation will help us serve our patients:


$50 -  Fill one uninsured patient's tooth

$100 - Give one uninsured family nutrition class 

$250 - Give one uninsured woman mammogram screening

$500 - Give one uninsured patient proper medication for one year under our 340B Pharmacy program 

$1,000 - Take care of one uninsured patient for medical visits at the health center for one year
Yes! Please take me to the SCCHC Donate page!   
About South Cove Community Health Center:
Founded in 1972, South Cove is dedicated to improving the health and well being of all medically underserved in Massachusetts with a special focus on Asian Americans. This mission is accomplished by providing high quality, community-based health care and health promotion programs which are accessible, linguistically and culturally competent for these populations.

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