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Summer 2018
Medical Support Services Success Story - Meet Joey 

"I like therapy at MSS because it makes me feel stronger."-Joey 
"Joey is a 12 year old boy full of love and determination for life and others around him! He was born early at 27 weeks and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy/ Right Side Hemiplegia as well as having seizures since birth. Joey attended birth to three programs in home, then moved to Medical Support Services for PT, Speech and OT. He made so many gains working so hard to strengthen his core, his arms, right hand, speech and so much more! Joe would attend PT, OT, and Speech three times a week since birth. That would be 12 years of therapy! 

At age four Joey received a very special surgery that gave him his life and future! Joey was blessed to have wonderfully skilled doctors that were able to help Joey undergo a brain surgery at age four called a hemispherectomy. This surgery corrected his seizures and now he has been seizure free since 2010. Medical Support Services has been a big part of Joey's recovery as well as learning skills such as how to walk, run, talk, eat, and so much more! His therapists have been his angels from the beginning. Medical Support Services is Joey's extended family that not only gives him services but encouragement and support! 

Joe is a friendly, well-liked boy and looks forward to going to therapy for OT and PT twice a week. He works hard and has long days but understands how much of an impact therapy has made on his daily life! He is aware of what his challenges are and is able to figure out ways to accommodate himself when accomplishing a task or skill!

Joey enjoys the following: swimming, track, baseball, bowling, horseback riding, shooting basketball hoops, driving his Papa's tractor, PS4 racing games, water parks, roller coasters, baking, eating good food, helping Mom pull the weeds, church, watering the flowers and most of all spending time with friends and family! He is a big love that embraces life daily! If you haven't met Joey yet, I hope you get a chance to say hi to him in Medical Support Service's waiting room. He brings a smile every time."-Joey's Mom
"Just three years ago, Joey's poor hand strength and ability to control the movement of his right hand-side made it difficult for him to put on a shirts and coats, pick up finger foods with his affected hand, and use both hands to pull himself up a pool ladder or push up from the floor. Joe required the use of a hand brace with a hard plastic support around his thumb to hold the joint in the right place for him to use his thumb to grasp objects. Through hard work at home and in session, Joe is now able to put on button down shirts and his winter coat. More impressively, he can start a zipper and fasten shirt buttons!! He can feed himself finger foods with either hand. He has also learned how to cut food with the assistance of a rocker knife, and put on his own socks with a sock aid. Joe's hand and upper body strength have improved to a point that he can use both arms to help him get up/down. His hand strength has improved enough that he has progressed to a soft splint. Joe is a VERY hard worker and his family supports his efforts at home and in therapy.

Joe has increased his independence and development in many new gross motor skills with the help of physical therapy. Most recently he has gained the skills to climb up and down a ladder gaining the ability to climb into and out of the pool. Joe has also gained strength to stand up from the ground. Joe and his family often go to the YMCA to exercise on their own and he is now able to walk on the treadmill independently. Joe is always friendly and has a positive attitude during therapy. He loves to meet new people in therapy and is always quick to ask everyone how their day is going."  -Stephanie, OT and Amy, PT
Employee of the Quarter: Tracy S. 
The Employee of the Quarter Award has been given to Tracy S., OTR. Tracy received this award due to her incredibly helpful efforts as Medical Suppo rt  Services moved clinics. Additionally, Tracy has been one of the key organizers for the Family Appreciation Picnic event, which drew in over 300 pe ople. However, on top of these large responsibilities, Tracy is consistently
 an excellent resource for other staff members due to her extensive knowledge as DME Manager as well as her long-term experience working at Tender Touch Therapy, Medical Support Services' sister company. We are so appreciative of you, Tracy!

Thank you for all that you do! 
Check out our Summer Classes Offerings here:
Chatty Kathy's Speech Class 
This Summer Group Speech Class focuses on building language skills through experiences. The group promotes communication, language and social development through circle time, art, music, and snack. The group activities are based on themes and are designed to be fun and motivating while building vocabulary, developing concepts, and providing opportunities for social communication with other children. This group will meet June 18 th -August 27 th . There would be no class the week of July 2 nd . The cost of this class is $200 for 10 weeks. If you are interested, please contact Kathy at 

Wonderful Writers Handwriting Club   
This summer handwriting class is designed to provide fun and educationally sound instructional methods to encourage handwriting development, visual perceptual skills, and hand-eye coordination. Run by a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant with 24 years' experience teaching handwriting skills, this program aims toward instilling good writing habits in children of all ages and will meet your child's individual writing needs. This class will take place from July 12th- August 16th. The cost of this class is $185 for 6 weeks. If you are interested in enrolling a child in this class, please contact Alicia at 
PT Playtime at Pritchard Park 
This Summer Park Group is designed to help children ages 4-10 who have difficulty with gross motor skills or coordination. During these sessions, participants will work to improve balance, strength, motor planning, body awareness, and coordination to develop age appropriate gross motor skills. Additionally, children will practice playground skills in a recreational environment. Being in a group setting in a fun park environment will allow participants to interact with peers as they face physically challenging situations together. The Summer Park Group will be held at Pritchard Park in Racine and run by Physical Therapists. This class will meet from June 21st through August 30th. The cost of this class is $100 for 11 weeks. If you are interested in this class, please contact Jenny at

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Medical Support Services has Moved!
As of Tuesday, May 29th, Medical Support Services is officially up and running in its newly renovated facility in the Green Bay Road Professional Plaza. If you had to cancel any appointments due to the closures on May 24th, May 25th, or May 28th please contact the front desk at (262) 886-3431 in order to reschedule.  
Clinic Closing
The clinic will be CLOSED on the following dates: 

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

Monday, September 3rd, 2018 
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Perfect Attendance Winner
Is YOUR child going to be the next "#1 Rock Star" at Medical Support Services?   
If you have attended ALL of your scheduled appointments in a given month, your child's name will be placed in a drawing to win a Medical Support Services  #1 Rock Star T-shirt.

Tri My Best 2018
                            We are very excited for the 4th Annual 
                             Tri My Best Triathlon Kenosha, scheduled for
                             Sunday, August 5th 2018.

To register an athlete, please  click here to download the Athlete Registration Packet.  You can turn this in to the front desk at Tender Touch Therapy,or mail to 5219 88th Avenue, Kenosha WI 53144.

To register as a volunteer, please click here

Tri My Best Training Camps

We are offering four pre-Tri My Best training days for athletes to prepare themselves for the big day. You are welcome to join us on any of the following days and times: 

Thursday, June 21st-9am to 10:30am
Friday, June 29th-9am to 10:30am
Thurdsay, July 12th-5:30pm to 7pm
Friday, July 27th-4:30pm to 6:30pm 

The cost is $10 
per training camp. All forms must be turned in to Tender Touch Therapy two weeks prior to training day! 
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