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You can actually experience the supreme intimacy of being, and simultaneously retain a kind of human sovereignty at the same time. That’s the magic of it; you can be nothing, everything, and somebody all at the same moment.
~ Adyashanti, F rom Realization to Embodiment Download
Summer 2018 Publications 
Warm greetings from Open Gate Sangha! In this email you will find a listing of new and recommended CDs, Downloads, DVDs, and Books from Adyashanti and Mukti. Summer Specials and Free Downloads are listed throughout this email. Summer Specials are available online through September 30, 2018.
CD: $16
MP3 727: $12

Almost all human beings get attached to ways that they see themselves, others, and life. Such attachment leads to suffering, both individually and collectively. But what is at the root of . . .
CD: $10
MP3 728: $9

There is an extremely common tendency in spirituality to be pursuing or waiting for an awakening experience to come along. Yet this anticipation is the very barrier to awakening.   . . .
CD / AUDIO DOWNLOAD ~  Summer Special!
CD: Previously $35 ~ Now $26
MP3 700: Previously $25 ~ Now $18

Living in a world full of violence, poverty, discrimination, homelessness, hunger, degradation, and other forms of global suffering is incredibly painful for many people. Spiritual   . . .
  CD / AUDIO DOWNLOAD ~  Summer Special!
CD: Previously $19 ~  Now $14
MP3 685: Previously $15 ~ Now $11

What actually is consciousness? What is awareness? How are these the same, but different? In this profound illumination and expression of the fundamental nature of   . . .
MP3 718: $10

There are two questions that can shape and transform an entire human being's life. The first involves an inquiry into the essential nature of what we are; the second in an inquiry into . . .
MP3 719: $25

What is it like to have a direct and intimate experience of being? And what is it like to embody this realization? In this 3-download set of the San Diego Intensive, Adyashanti offers various . . .
MP3 733: $40

As Adyashanti has witnessed, people who have really integrated spiritual awakening into their everyday lives have a profound self-transcendent value that orients their expression in life. There   . . .

  AUDIO DOWNLOAD ~  Summer Special!
Tahoe Aug 2017 Talks
MP3 692: Previously $40 ~ Now $30

Engaging talks from the 2017 Tahoe silent retreat. Topics include: Values You Will Sacrifice For, What Drives a Meaningful Life, The Power in Being More Conscious, Enlightened Living  . . .
AUDIO DOWNLOAD Summer Special!
MP3 716: Previously $20 ~ Now $15

Vital pointers for new and long-time meditators. Topics include: Going to the Root Cause of Suffering, Freedom from the Mind, Seeing through the False Self, How Meditation Is a Great Mirror, . . .
MP3 709: $0

This talk has been selected as a highlight from the April 2017 Garrison silent retreat. Topics include: Core Qualities of the Enlightenment Impulse, Entering the Stream of Life's Intelligence, . . .
MP3 267: $10

What values do you want your life to be an expression of, and how do you want to radiate those values to all beings? Adyashanti dives into the notion that every moment of your life is  . . .
MP3 272: $10

Truth and love are two of the most powerful embodiment tools for living an enlightened life. Adyashanti explores how committing to these two orienting values strengthens unity and . . .
MP3 273: $10

What would enable you to express your true nature in the world and respond to life with wholeness? Adyashanti speaks to the challenges of embodied living, and how taking . . .
MP3 275: $10

"Form is emptiness and emptiness is form." This line from the most famous Buddhist sutra, "The Heart Sutra," is often referenced in spiritual circles, yet there are many widely held misperceptions   . . .
DVD: $20
MP3 695: $10

What is your actual experience of what you call “you”? Adyashanti conveys a fundamental, existential paradox: You know that you exist, and yet when you look for yourself, you can’t find   . . .  
DVD: $20
MP3 705: $10

What would it be like to look at everything that happens in life not from seemingly compelling interpretations, labels, or judgments, but rather from the eyes of timeless innocence?   . . .
DVD: $20
MP3 715: $10

The ability for human beings to be self-conscious gives rise to many gifts such as reflection, transformation, and love. However, it also leads to most forms of suffering. In this inquisitive talk   . . .
DVD: $20
MP3 723: $10

There is an intuitive capacity to perceive unity that only comes from the heart. It is a very deep, quiet, and intimate aspect of consciousness. Adyashanti illustrates the kind of perceptual shift from the   . . .
Book: $10

Adyashanti’s stripped-down, practical guide to spiritual awakening outlines essential Foundations, Orienting Ideas, and Core Practices. Complimentary PDF available! . . .
  BOOK with CD ~  Summer Special!
Book with CD: Previously $19.95 ~ Now $10

What would happen if you were to allow everything to be exactly as it is? What if you gave up the need for control, and instead embraced the whole of your experience in each moment that  . . .
BOOK ~  Summer Special!
Book: Previously $17.95 ~ Now $10

Adyashanti asks us to let go of our struggles with life and open to the full promise of spiritual awakening: the end of delusion and the discovery of our essential being. In his fifteen years as a . . . 
  BOOK ~  Summer Special!
Book: Previously $18.95 ~ Now $10

Who are you when you are not thinking yourself into existence? What is ultimately behind the set of eyes reading these words? In Emptiness Dancing, Adyashanti invites you to wake up to the . . .

CD: $10
MP3 720: $8 

Navigating the path to self-knowledge requires engaging differing tracks of experience. Mukti speaks to the personal and existential, or relative and absolute, tracks of this journey and to the  . . .
  CD / AUDIO DOWNLOAD ~  Summer Special!
CD: Previously $10 ~ Now $7
MP3 703: Previously $8 ~  Now $6

There is an unspoken koan that often perplexes seekers on the spiritual journey: "Do I trust the way life is seemingly unfolding or do I trust my internal compass and make my own path? . . .
CD / AUDIO DOWNLOAD ~  Summer Special!
CD: Previously $10 ~ Now $7
MP3 625: Previously $8 ~ Now $6

In Zen, a sutra that speaks to our absolute and relative natures depicts seeming opposites as the foot in front and the foot behind in walking. While opposites are often distinguished in spiritual . . .

  CD   Summer Special!
CD: Previously $19 ~ Now $14
MP3 481: Previously $15 ~ Now $11

Awareness of being has two extraordinary capacities. It has the capacity to express as attention that is "zoomed in," narrowed by focus or identification, and the capacity to . . .
MP3 721: $8

Deep spiritual inquiry contains powerful, guiding, and liberating potential. In order for this authentic discovery to arise, subtle and conscious attunement is required. In this retreat talk . . .
AUDIO DOWNLOAD ~ Summer Special!
MP3 696: Previously $10 ~ Now $7

What is the direct knowing of the word "blessing"? Is it a kind of receptivity, an offering, a transmission of consciousness, or another attunement? Mukti encourages us to  . . .
MP3 732: $10

There's a simplicity of our true being that can't be described. It's outside of any reference points and doesn't fit within the confines of any archetypal descriptions of our humanness. Through . . .
MP3 737: $8

The term "awakening" is referenced in spiritual circles with a myriad of interpretations or inferences. What one person deems to be an awakening can differ from another. In this . . .
MP3 274: $10

What is it that is living this life that's not defined by a notion of "me" or a separate self? What is that is aware of our experience, and how is this different from a knowingness at the level of being?   . . .
MP3 271: $10

In this elucidating broadcast from the Peace Room, Mukti explores elements of "the peace body," which is made up of peace of mind, peace of heart, and peace of being. Recognizing . . .
MP3 668: $0

What would it be like to not only want peace for ourselves and for the world, but to actually see that we are the peace we long for? Mukti completely reorients the common pursuit . . .
AUDIO DOWNLOAD ~ Summer Special!
MP3 651: Previously $10 ~ Now $7

What is your concept of God, and how is this concept orienting you? Through a guided meditation, personal story, talk, and dialogues, Mukti draws us into a knowingness of Being   . . .
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