HBCAC Summer 2018 Update
In between the New Year and the 4th of July, HBCAC has been busy!
Middle School Presentations
22 classes later - and we were exhausted! The HBCAC staff, Ambassadors, and Health Professionals on our team spent 4 dedicated days in both health and science classes at both Stimson and Finley Middle Schools educating students on prevention practices when it comes to personal care products.
Madonna Heights
This long relationship has bore many fruits over the years, and it keeps getting better! The Madonna Heights School caters to at-risk girls, and our dynamic team has spent the last few months establishing relationships with the girls and tackling what they believe are the most important issues in their lives.
Student Presentations
At the conclusion of our Communication Science Office Curriculum, each of the students had to engage in peer-to-peer education. It was so exciting to see their creative approaches to share their messages on environmental health!
Doc Spencer Health Fair
HBCAC was proud to be a part of SC Legislator Spencer's annual health fair at the Harborfields Public Library! Did you miss it? Be sure to join us next year.
Pollution, & Health
The Squeeze on Sunscreen
The Truth About Turf
Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep
Cracking the Code on Phthalates
Climate Change Challenge
Mercury Mythbusters
Red Meat Revelation
Dry-cleaning coming soon!
Flutterflies Award!

HBCAC's Karen Miller received a Lifetime Achievement Award at a luncheon to Benefit Brentwood Bay Shore Breast Cancer!
Karen was honored to be a part of this.

It was a beautiful and fun luncheon at the Brentwood Country Club, hosted by Alexandra Velez of Flutterflies.
Breast Cancer and the Environment Forum
Held at Adelphi University

This forum highlighted the latest research identifying environmental risk factors for breast cancer. Experts spoke about how to identify toxic environmental exposures which have been linked with breast cancer and how to avoid them by using safer alternatives in your home, work and school environment.

Speakers: Dr. Laura Vandenburg, Karen Miller, Laura Weinberg
Have you heard?
Many of these wonderful programs have been a part of one of our newest network partnerships, the NYS Children's Environmental Health Centers, which launched in November. Be on the lookout for new information and resources! The new website is launching soon.
Remembering Marge
A FRIEND, a wonderful woman who advised us on how to be the best we can be, a courageous woman who pushed us forward when we were planting the seeds of prevention, a woman of sacrifice who gave HER ALL and encouraged family and friends to join the breast cancer movement. Together, with Marge Bonasera we all became one family.
We miss you Marge.
Lend A Helping Hand Volunteers

Our dynamic triptych has been running the show for years. These beautiful ladies (Roz, Kathy, and Pat) navigate our women to get the best services for each individual situation. They are the boots on the ground, the hearts that bump the blood of HBCAC!
Summer Students

This summer, we are proud to send off Sara Frawley and Sam Roberts, who successfully completed the Communication Science curriculum, to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai for the summer to work with doctors Jia Chen and Sarah Evans! On the home front, Subhana Zafar will be implementing programming for teens at the Huntington Tri-CYA.
The Experts in the Field of Public Health
Dr. Jia Chen's field of expertise is molecular and environmental epidemiology. She uses the latest molecular technologies to interrogate complex interactions between environment and epi/genome in relation to human health. Her group develops and validates novel epi/genomic biomarkers linking environmental exposure and disease development. At the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, she is a co-Leader of the Integrated Health Sciences Facility Core at the Mount Sinai P30 Transdisciplinary Center on Health Effects of Early Environment, a Director of the Molecular Epidemiology Lab, and a faculty member of “Cancer Biology” and “Genetics and Genomics Sciences” in the Graduate School of Biological Sciences. She has mentored more than 40 graduate/medical students, fellows, postdocs and junior faculties, all in the area of molecular epidemiology. 
Dr. Sarah Evans is an environmental health scientist who has conducted both laboratory and epidemiological research on the effects of prenatal exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals such as Bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalates, both of which may impact breast cancer risk. She completed a three-year fellowship in pediatric environmental health at Mount Sinai where she received training in environmental health messaging and advocacy. Dr. Evans conducts outreach, education, and research translation for both the Children’s Environmental Health Center and the Pediatric Environmental Health Specialties Unit. 
HBCAC is proud to announce a $20,000 award from NYS! Thank you Senator Carl Marcellino!
The Language of Prevention:  
Introducing a Bilingual Program

For years, the Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition (HBCAC) and Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition (GNBCC) have made strides on Long Island and beyond to educate on breast cancer prevention. The two groups always seek out diverse audiences, and just a few years ago ran a train the trainer workshop in Harlem alongside the Witness Project. Now, in partnership with Green Inside and Out, the trifecta will present to Long Island's Hispanic communities with a new bilingual program. This capability would not be possible without the expertise and connection with Angelica Medina of the Adelphi Program! Women congregated at a recent Adelphi Breast Cancer Support Program forum where GNBCC, HBCAC and Laura Vandenberg, PhD of UMASS/Amherst presented and inspired the introduction of a bilingual program. Look out for new developments this fall!
Lend A 
Helping Hand

...continues to help those fighting Breast Cancer
HBCAC continues to offer a program of services for Huntington town residents diagnosed with breast cancer. Services we offer through this program include:
  • Food and medical transportation assistance
  • Support group resources & professional resource guides
  • Emergency BC medication & surgical dressings
  • Lymphedema compression garments
  • Housecleaning services, stress-reduction (massage, yoga, etc)
 So if you - or any Huntington resident you know - could use a "helping hand", be sure to contact us today. 
Call us at: 631-547-1518 or email:  friends@hbcac.org .

We have helped a numerous amount of Long Island women and their families to cope with the challenges that breast cancer brings. One of the first problems people face is an uncertain test from a doctor. Our office has done a wonderful job helping people to handle the situation and become proactive. 
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