CultureLink Newsletter - August 2018
Summer has fully arrived. It's very hot in the Greater Toronto Area.Try and stay cool during these hot months and make sure that you are staying hydrated. CultureLink has many summer activities during the summer months and we can assist you.
if you are looking for a job or need help in enrolling your children in school.
Reach out to us and I'm sure we can assist you any way we can. Have a safe summer.
SWIS and SSP programs sizzle in Summer 2018:
Newcomer Orientation Week and SSP in full motion.

Throughout the heat of Summer 2018, our annual programs such as Summer Settlement Program (SSP) kicked off with a bang; providing information and orientation to hundreds of newcomer students and parents. through activities that enhance their self reliance and empowerment, our staff conducted dozens of information sessions, group workshops, summer camps and leadership and training sessions.

For example, many newcomer find it challenging to connect with available services when it comes to issues of safety and well being in the community; as part of our SSP program, an orientation session was held at Mimico Library, conducted in collaboration with Toronto Police Service, a comprehensive session was delivered on law and order, communications with law enforcement, youth and domestic violence issues, sexual harassment, YIPI program and much more.
Newcomers meet Canadian wilderness.
by Yan Gu

Rouge National Urban Park is the country’s first national urban park — a landscape encompassing historic farms, century-old trees, peaceful meadows and lush wetlands.
In order for newcomer youth to develop life skills, social competencies, and resiliency, on July 11th, 2018, CulureLink, ParkBus and Parks Canada worked together to invite newcomer youth to have the joys and benefits of exploring nature at Rouge park.

During the trip, youth participants led by Parks Canada staff learned the knowledge and skills needed in order to prepare and carry out their camping adventure on their own. After the Learn to Camp session, youth participants had a fun and joyful time to build their own tents. It was a very good opportunity for youth participants to build effective communication skills and teamwork skills during this session. Read More

Care for the environment !
This is a Tree for Me !

Members of CultureLink's Children and Youth Centre displayed their tree planting skills as they participated in crash-course on saving the environment_one Tree at a time. Watch Tree for me Workshops held every year in different parts or Toronto; this project not only increases the tree cover in our neighborhoods but but it also provides an opportunity for newcomer immigrants to meet one another in a group activity. Youth learn about self-esteem and leadership skills while at the same time growing more trees and bushes. Additionally, the workshops help Torontonians to learn more about the upkeep and care of trees.