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June 2019
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Dear Friends,

Welcome to our pre-summer break roundup! 

We've been having a productive Spring. Carolyn had a fabulous trip to NY to pitch her exciting new titles this month, including those of her new corporate client Legend Press. We recently announced our representation of Page Two Books. Since initiating the program with Page Two in Spring 2018, Stephanie Sinclair has reported over 65 rights deals in 22 territories! Former Transatlantic agents Trena White and Jesse Finkelstein are the Principles of Page Two, and we are honoured to continue our working relationship with them via representation of the successful Page Two nonfiction list.

In other exciting news, we are thrilled to announce that going forward we are working with the following coagents:

The Marianne Schönbach Literary Agency for the Adult and Children's lists in The Netherlands & Scandinavia

The Grayhawk Agency for the Adult list in China and Taiwan, and both the Adult and Children's lists in Southeast Asia 

Danny Hong Agency exclusively for the Adult list in Korea and non-exclusively for the Children's list in Korea

Van Lear Agency for the Adult and Children's list in Russia

Frankfurt booking has begun! So far we can confirm that Marilyn Biderman, Carolyn Forde and Sam Haywood will be attending.  P lease contact Samantha Haywood  for meeting requests. The Frankfurt catalogues will be ready towards the end of summer.

If you're interested in any of the exciting titles or new clients noted below, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Warmest wishes,

New Deal Announcements


World rights to SIX CYCLES by Allison Ashley (Women's Fiction/Romance) to Entangled Publishing. Falling in love with Lauren, an oncology pharmacist at the cancer center where law student Andrew is being treated, isn't convenient for either of them but love is never convenient and could prove to be worth all the risks. TV/Film rights available. Contact: Andrea Cascardi,


World rights to ONCE A BITCOIN MINER (non-fiction/memoir) by former Reuters journalist Ethan Lou sold to Jack David at ECW Press. A journey through scandal and turmoil in the cryptocurrency Wild West. TV/Film rights available. Contact: Rob Firing,

World rights to Nib editor and former Bitch Media editor Sarah Mirk's GUANTANAMO VOICES sold at auction to Charlotte Greenbaum of Abrams.  The political nonfiction graphic novel tells the true stories of 10 people who spent time at Guantanamo since the opening of Camp X-Ray in 2002, including service members, prisoners, lawyers, and journalists.  Each story will be illustrated by a different distinguished artist. It does not ask the simplistic, black-and-white question of whether Guantanamo is "good" or "bad." Instead, it documents a history that's happening right now, creating a deep, dynamic, and sincere understanding of how Guantanamo shapes our world. The author has just returned from visiting the camp. TV/Film rights available. Contact: Fiona Kenshole,

World English rights to multi-award nominated author Emily Urquhart's ORDINARY WONDER TALES: ESSAYS ON BELIEF, a collection of 13 essays that weave personal narratives into larger explorations of belief, ranging from religious convictions to fairy and ghost encounters to the perceptions we hold of women's creative ambition, sold to Dan Wells at Biblioasis for 2021/2022 publication. Contact: Samantha Haywood,

World rights to Michelle Parise's ALONE: A LOVE STORY sold to Kathryn Lane at Dundurn. Based on her podcast (an international sensation with over 7 million listeners and counting), the book tells her life story and is a love story that is not afraid to unpack breakup and infidelity and how utterly devastating and endless its recovery can be. With empowering honesty, Michelle takes the reader on her winding journey from lust to heartbreak, through loneliness and despair, to eventually finding the courage to face the question mark of life, alone. Film/TV rights previously sold to Sienna Films. Contact: Samantha Haywood,

English and French rights in North America to Alison Acheson's DANCE ME TO THE END: TEN MONTHS AND TEN DAYS WITH ALS, to Taryn Boyd at Brindle & Glass for publication in fall 2019. The book is an evocative memoir about the emotional impact of witnessing a loved one suffer from a neurological, degenerative, and terminal disease. The book grew out of the journals that the author kept while caring for her husband, Marty, who passed away from ALS (also known as MND or Lou Gehrig's disease) at the age of 57. Contact: Amy Tompkins,

North American English rights to I OVERCAME MY AUTISM AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY ANXIETY DISORDER by Sarah Kurchak sold  to Douglas & McIntyre for Spring 2020. A n examination of all of the steps the author took to become an autistic "success story", how it almost ruined her life, and how she is now trying to recover, the book tackles everything from autism parenting culture, to love, sex, alcohol, obsessions, and professional pillow fighting. Kurchak challenges current perceptions about autism and asks what can really make the lives of autistic people healthier, happier, and more fulfilling.  Contact: Stephanie Sinclair,

North American English rights to writer and musician Christa Couture's debut nonfiction book, HOW TO LOSE EVERYTHING, sold to 
Douglas & McIntyre  with publication tentatively planned for Fall 2020.  Through her son's heart transplant, his death, his brother's single day of life, the amputation of her leg as a cure for bone cancer, abortion, divorce, and a move across the country to start over after it all, Christa Couture has come to know every corner of grief - its shifting blurry edges, its traps, its pulse of love at the centre, and its bittersweet truth that resilience is borne of suffering.  HOW TO LOSE EVERYTHING is a memoir that connects sorrow, despair, reprieve, and hard-won hope, a frank revealing of the emotional and psychological experiences of motherhood, partnership, and change. Contact: Stephanie Sinclair,
Translation Rights
Contact: Stephanie Sinclair,

Italian rights to Susan Swan's newest novel, THE DEAD CELEBRITIES CLUB, a timely and satirical novel featuring the hedge fund whale, Dale Paul, a witty, self-absorbed rogue and raconteur for fans of The Wolf of Wall Street and The Sellout by Paul Beatty, and THE WIVES OF BATH, a story that penetrates the world of a girls' boarding school and tells a story - at once shocking and wickedly funny - that encompasses rebellion and murder, and stunningly evokes the pain, confusion, and humour of female adolescence and sexual coming-of-age, sold to SEM by Erica Berla of Berla & Griffini Agency on behalf of Samantha Haywood. It was published with Cormorant Books in spring 2019, world ex: Canada and Italian rights now available. Contact: Samantha Haywood,

Indian subcontinent rights to Samra Zafar's A GOOD WIFE 
sold to Manasi Subramaniam, Penguin Random House India by Samantha Haywood in association with Stephanie Sinclair. O ne of the Washington Post 's top books of 2019 and a continuous national bestseller in Canada, A Good Wife tells the story of how at fifteen, Samra Zafar had big dreams of going to university and forging her own path, but had her dreams snatched away from her with almost no warning, and was suddenly married to a stranger at seventeen and left Pakistan for Canada. Her new husband and his family promised that the marriage and the move would be a fulfillment of her dreams, not a betrayal of them, but as the walls of their home slowly became a prison, Samra realized the promises were empty ones. Somehow, she found the strength not only to build a new future but also to walk away from her past, ignoring the pleas of her family and risking cultural isolation by divorcing her husband, and is now speaking up to break the silence on abuse to empower women globally. World rights available ex Canada, HarperCollins; Slovak, Ikar; Czech, Euromedia; and India, Penguin Random House India. Contact: Samantha Haywood,

French rights to EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY by Phil M. Hones to Editions 1min30 by Ajafr and Greek rights to Klidarithmos by JLM Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Page Two. World rights Available Ex: World English, Page Two; Pan Rolling, Japan; China Youth Book, Simplified Chinese; The Wings of Thinking Publishing Co, Korea; Sola Yayinlari, Turkey; California Fitness, Romania; Domain Publishing, Chinese Complex; Arabic, Saudi Arabia; MT Biznes, Poland; Klidarithmos, Greek. Previous rights sold in Vietnam.

Chinese rights to THE GOOD FIGHT by Liane Davey to Xiron by The Grayhawk Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Page Two. (World rights available ex: Simplified Chinese, Xiron)

Portuguese rights to EQ APPLIED by Justin Bariso to Porto by The Foreign Office in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Page Two Strategies. World Rights Available Ex: World English, Page Two; Spain, Sirio; Poland, Rebis; Turkey, Sola Yayinlari; Complex Chinese, China Times; Simplified Chinese, United Creadion; Russia, Bombora Books; Czech, Metafora; Vietnam, 1980 Books Ltd; German, Verlag Franz Vahlen GmbH; Italian, UNICOMUNICAZIONE; Portuguese, Porto Editora; Green Light, Korea; Bulgarian, Hermes Publishing House.

German rights to THE ALGORITHMIC LEADER by Mike Walsh to Vahlen Verlag by Liepman Agency in association with Stephanie Sinclair on behalf of Page Two Strategies. World Rights Available Ex: World English, Page Two; China, China Machine Press.

Film/TV Deals

Toronto based production company Pier 21 Films has optioned the exclusive Film/TV rights to Samra Zafar's A GOOD WIFE - one of the Washington Post's top books of 2019 and a continuous national bestseller in Canada for 12 consecutive weeks since publication - the story of Samra Zafar, who at fifteen had big dreams of going to university and forging her own path, but had her dreams snatched away from her with almost no warning, and was suddenly married to a stranger at seventeen and left Pakistan for Canada; her new husband and his family promised that the marriage and the move would be a fulfillment of her dreams, not a betrayal of them, but as the walls of their home slowly became a prison, Samra realized the promises were empty ones. Somehow, she found the strength not only to build a new future but to walk away from her past, ignoring the pleas of her family and risking cultural isolation by divorcing her husband; and now speaking up to break the silence on abuse to empower women globally. Samra is now a scholar, an award-winning speaker and human rights advocate. - The deal was brokered by Melissa Williamson, President, and Nicole Butler, COO for Pier 21 and Samantha Haywood of the Transatlantic Agency. World rights available ex Canada, HarperCollins; Slovak, Ikar; Czech, Euromedia; and India, Penguin Random House India. Contact: Samantha Haywood,
Drawn and Quarterly Deals
Goliath Italian rights to GOLIATH by Tom Gauld to Mondadori by Stephanie Sinclair and Samantha Haywood on behalf of Drawn and Quarterly.

Awards and Citations 

FOE by Iain Reid has been longlisted for the 2019 Sunburst Awards for Canadian fantasy writing! 

FOE by Iain Reid was named by Indigo as a Top Ten thriller.

Kathleen Ernst has won the 2019 Major Achievement Award from the Council for Wisconsin Writers. The award honors the work of a Wisconsin writer who deserves special recognition for his/her literary merit. Past winners include Jerry Apps, Norbert Blei, Jane Hamilton, Kevin Henkes, and John Nichols. In previous years the Council has individually honored two of Ernst's Wisconsin-based Chloe Ellefson adult mystery novels, THE HEIRLOOM MURDERS and MINING FOR JUSTICE (Midnight Ink), and five of her children's books.

The Council's award comes on the heels of Ernst receiving the Sterling North Legacy Award for Excellence in Children's Literature and being named a Notable Author by the Wisconsin Library Association. Kathleen Ernst writes mysteries, historical fiction, and non-fiction books for adults and young readers. To date, readers and libraries have purchased over 1.75 million audio, ebook, and printed copies of her thirty-seven published books. The tenth Chloe Ellefson mystery, FIDDLING WITH FATE, comes out in September. Contact: Fiona Kenshole,

Kate Inglis' NOTES FOR THE EVERLOST: A Field Guide to Grief has been named the winner of the Evelyn Richardson Non-Fiction   Award at the Atlantic Book Awards.

THE LAST RESORT by Marissa Stapley was named by as one of 8 thrillers to put in your beach bag this summer. It was also Us Weekly's very first pick for their summer Hot Reads list. Parade has named it one of "12 Big Fiction Reads Every Book Club Will Love in 2019. New York Post has named it one of 25 Best Beach Reads of 2019. Oprah Mag has named it one of the best beach reads of the year so far. Hollywood Reporter included it in their "Rights Available" column a few weeks ago. Katherine Heigl raved about it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook recently. It was named a Target Recommends book pick for June. 9to5 Toys just included The Last Resort on their June Reading list. PopSugar's "25 New Thrillers and Mysteries to Sink Your Teeth Into This Summer" includes THE LAST RESORT.

Elisabeth de Mariaffi's HYSTERIA and Sharon Bala's THE BOAT PEOPLE were shortlisted for the $25K prize Thomas Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award.

THE DOMESTIC GEEK'S MEALS MADE EASY has been included in the Globe and Mail's '11 new cookbooks you'll want on your shelf this spring' preview piece. THE DOMESTIC GEEK'S MEALS MADE EASY by Sara Lynn Cauchon, out now from Penguin Canada, hit the The Toronto Star's Bestselling Cookbook's list at number 10!

FIND YOU IN THE DARK by Naben Ruthnum writing as Nathan Ripley was shortlisted for Best First Novel at Crime Writers of Canada's Arthur Ellis Awards.

Rachel Giese has been named the winner of this year's Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing for her crucial book, BOYS: What it Means to Become a Man (HarperCollins Canada)!

Congrats to Bruce and Vicki Heyman's THE ART OF DIPLOMACY debuting at #9 and #8 on The Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star overall Non-Fiction bestseller lists, respectively!

The Globe and Mail's list of 37 Books to Dive into as the Weather Warms included THE DEAD CELEBRITIES CLUB by Susan Swan (Cormorant Books) and WHATEVER GETS YOU THROUGH edited by Stacey May Fowles and Jen Sookfong Lee (Greystone Books).

New Clients

Lang Johnson

Lang Johnson worked in IT for ten years, where she spent her lunch breaks reading fantasy and crafting stories on scraps of paper and stuffing them in her cubicle drawer. When her drawer became dangerously close to overflowing, Lang took a leap of faith and left her job to pursue a career in writing. She started as a contributing writer for HappyGirl Yoga while running her own health and wellness blog, Big Bodhi Girl. Looking to expand her skills, Lang took worldbuilding courses which inspired her to create a story based on her Filipino indigenous culture. She recently completed OF BEASTS AND GODS, her debut fantasy romance about warring nations and warring gods, and is currently working on two more fantasy novels. When Lang isn't typing away at her desk, she enjoys hiking and globetrotting with her husband, cuddling her three fur-babies, and riding her motorcycle.

Lang is jointly represented by Léonicka Valcius and Samantha Haywood, and

Chelene Knight

Chelene Knight is the author of the poetry collection Braided Skin and the memoir Dear Current Occupant, winner of the 2018 Vancouver Book Award, and long-listed for the George Ryga Award for Social Awareness in Literature. Her essays have appeared in multiple Canadian and American literary journals, plus The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star. Her work is anthologized in Making Room, Love Me True, Sustenance, The Summer Book, and Black Writers Matter. The Toronto Star called Knight, "one of the storytellers we need most right now." In addition to her work as a writer, Knight is managing editor at Room, programming director for the Growing Room Festival, and CEO of #LearnWritingEssentials. She often gives talks about home, belonging and belief, inclusivity, and community building through authentic storytelling. Knight is currently working on Junie, a novel set in Vancouver's Hogan's Alley, forthcoming with Book*hug. She was selected as a 2019 Writers' Trust Rising Star by David Chariandy.

Chelene is represented by Samantha Haywood,
Rave Reviews

Advance Praise for THE WAKE: THE DEADLY LEGACY OF A NEWFOUNDLAND TSUNAMI by Linden MacIntyre (World Rights: HarperCollins Canada, September 2019). Contact Shaun Bradley,

"Great, soulful storytelling. All of Linden MacIntyre's singular capacities- as novelist, reporter, social critic, and intimate chronicler of Atlantic Canada--are in full force-of-nature in The Wake." -Charles Foran, author of Mordecai: The Life and Times and Planet Lolita

" The Wake  is a story of ecological calamity, economic depravity, political indifference and the banality of evil. For generations, the hardy citizens of Newfoundland's southern shore, where Linden MacIntyre was born, have met unfathomable loss and hardship with enduring bravery. MacIntyre's deep and abiding compassion for these people shines through in this masterful work."  -Mark Sakamoto, author of Forgiveness: A Gift from My Grandparents, winner of CBC Canada Reads
"Fast-paced and near-unstoppable, The Wake is the kind of book you can't put down. . . Linden MacIntyre's relentless voice just won't let you stop reading, deftly showing how man and nature stacked the dice against the people of small-town Newfoundland, who suffered their own form of near-Biblical plagues. The Wake 
will leave you shaken and angry at the ease at which real, live people can become the pawns of careless powers." -Russell Wangersky, Winner, BC Canadian Book Award for Burning Down the House

Praise for YOUR LIFE IS MINE by Naben Ruthnum writing as Nathan Ripley (World Rights Available Ex: Canada, Simon & Schuster; US, Atria, June 2019). Contact Samantha Haywood,

"Fans of dark thrillers will be satisfied." -Publisher's Weekly

" Your Life Is Mine is a meticulous thriller, a powerful immersion in paranoia and peril. No one can be trusted, and every errant word or gesture can portend either a twist or a confirmation (depending on the reader's own level of suspicion and distrust). The narrative moves with incremental acceleration, high stakes, and genuine peril. But at its heart, the novel is a character study - a taut, suspenseful exploration not only of Chuck's madness but also of the darkness in Blanche's past and in society at large."  -Quill & Quire

Praise for DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME by Daria Salamon and Robert Krause (World Rights Sold: Turnstone Press). Contact Samantha Haywood,

"Like an ill-advised, family-friendly cross between National Lampoon's Vacation and The Hangover, this book is an outrageous romp around the world that will have you marvelling at both the bravery and sanity of all involved. At its heart, Don't Try This At Home
is a adventure story: one that throws all sense of domestic normalcy (and Canadian safety standards) out the window in exchange for mystery street meat, glow worm caves, and endlessly treacherous flights, bus rides, and boat trips. Written in a unique and hilarious his/her duelling style, Krause and Salamon prove that not only is such a trip possible... it may just inspire your family to do the very same thing. Highly recommended for anyone who has ever dreamed of dropping everything to experience the world beyond our borders with kids in tow." -Grant Lawrence, CBC broadcaster and author of Adventures in Solitude, Dirty Windshields, and The Lonely End of the Rink 

Praise for Brenda Brooks' HONEY (World Rights Available Ex: North America, ECW Press, Fall 2019). Contact Samantha Haywood,

" Honey shows that the classic noir fatalism you see in writers like David Goodis makes a lot of sense in a contemporary setting as well. With well-drawn characters and Brooks's ability to tease out an obsessiveness that leads to some truly bad decision-making, this is an impactful, spare read." -Nathan Ripley, author of Find You in the Dark and  Your Life Is Mine
"A darkly prismatic relationship between two complex and fascinating antiheroines. Honey
showcases Brooks's intellect and wit and proves her incontestable talent for sultry, neo-noir storytelling." -Pearl Luke, author of Burning Ground and Madame Zee

Praise for THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU by Lauren Carter (World Rights Available Ex: Canada, Freehand Books, Fall 2019). Contact Samantha Haywood,

"... tender and devastating. A deep dive into the trauma created by family secrets -- and secret-keeping." -Sarah Selecky, author of Radiant Shimmering Light

Praise for Susan Swan's THE DEAD CELEBRITIES CLUB (World Rights Available Ex: English Canada, Cormorant Books, May 4, 2019). Contact Samantha Haywood,

"Susan Swan's latest character Dean Paul is arresting... The Dead Celebrities Club 
is a timely tale that fits in with how current culture is portrayed in the media." -Newz4u  

Praise for Samra Habib's WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HERE (World Rights Available Ex: World Rights, Penguin Random House Canada, June 4, 2019). Contact Samantha Haywood,

"A coming-of-age and coming-out story, We Have Always Been Here is a brave book, one that undoubtedly required great reserves of tenacity, vulnerability, and heart to write. It is to be hoped that readers will receive it in the same spirit." 
-Quill & Quire

"A poignantly told memoir about a life fiercely lived." -Kirkus Reviews

"A remarkable and unfolding meditation on self-discovery. Habib's voice is warm, honest, and spiritual. I could not put down this drama of crossing borders, both external and interior, that teaches us to look into ourselves more deeply and to see others with more empathy. This book is a gift in a historical moment of many struggles, and we are lucky to share Habib's generous and courageous story. I will be giving everyone I know this book!" 
-Kim Echlin, author of The Disappeared

Praise for THE STUDENT (World Rights Available Ex: Canada, Freehand Books, Spring 2019). Contact Samantha Haywood,

"In The Student
, Cary Fagan has not only crafted a vivid portrait of a woman in her youth and old age, but also an intriguing meditation on what changes and what remains the same over time." -Elyse Friedman
"Cary Fagan's brilliant and loveable female heroine Miriam Moscovitch is so real she seems to live and breathe the same air as her readers." -Susan Swan

"A marvel of compression, The Student 
is a spirited gem of a novel. Cary Fagan captures with wisdom and intimacy the passions that sustain and shape individuals into their best selves. Exploring Toronto's fledgling diversity of the 1950s and its blossoming in the aughts, he reveals how, even as communities change, our need for the models preserved in literature does not. I loved this book!" -Carol Bruneau  

Praise for Bruce and Vicki Heyman's THE ART OF DIPLOMACY: Strengthening the Canada-US Relationship in Times of Uncertainty (World Rights Sold, Simon & Schuster Canada). Contact Samantha Haywood,

"The Heymans blew into Ottawa in 2014 in a gust of spring Obama wind and left in the winter of 2017, as the chills of a new era were settling in. Their takes on diplomacy and the ties and tensions between Canada and the U.S. are as entertaining as they are informative."
-Former Chief Justice of Canada, Beverley McLachlin

"Bruce and Vicki Heyman are consummate diplomats. This book is an excellent read and a testament to the people in both countries who work to build the most successful bilateral relationship in the world." -Gerald Butts, Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Trudeau

"A great read. Diplomacy between our two countries is needed now more than ever. The Heymans are an important reminder of how the art of diplomacy and friendship are practiced. A blueprint on protecting shared values and the most important relationship we have." -Rick Mercer, bestselling author of Final Report

"In addition to giving us an inside look into a world most of would never see, this remarkable book lets us look at ourselves in a new way. To paraphrase Robbie Burns, it's a great blessing to see ourselves as others see us, and the Heymans show us just how extraordinary this nation is. In difficult times, this is a refreshing reminder of the great promise of Canada."        -Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary

"A fascinating glimpse into how personal relations in diplomacy can leverage national and common interests. . . . The Heymans arrived in Canada as unknown guests but left as great friends of our city, country and most importantly, our citizens." 
-Jim Watson, Mayor of Ottawa

"Bruce and Vicki Heyman have given us more than a vivid memoir-they've also reminded us what good diplomacy and politics can be all about." -Bob Rae, former Premier of Ontario and bestselling author of What's Happened to Politics?

"The Heymans' testimony is eloquent. Close ties between the United States and Canada are forged from a shared willingness to exchange, to co-exist for a purpose, based on mutual respect, honesty, and reciprocity. The Heymans made major contributions to a strengthened friendship. To this day, they remain great advocates for the relationship between our two countries." -Michaëlle Jean, former Governor General of Canada

Praise for Stacey May Fowles' WHATEVER GETS YOU THROUGH (World Rights Sold: Greystone Books). Contact Samantha Haywood,

"[The collection] challenges even readers familiar with sexual violence narratives in their assumptions about what survivors need...these thoughtful writers elevate resilience and endurance above a sanitized, oversimplified recovery narrative." 
-Publishers Weekly

"These writers' prose and generosity are nothing short of profound."
-Booklist (starred review)

"The editors...have chosen a dozen voices for this survivors' chorus. Each of these voices is unique, and none seem tempted by the saccharine truisms of pop psychology or TV versions of 'redemptive recovery.' They all tell their own difficult truths in memorable language."
-Vancouver Sun

"One of the stunning elements of Whatever Gets You Through is the theme that survivorhood is multi-faceted, contradictory, and individual...the book doesn't offer a cure, because it acknowledges that one doesn't exist."  -Loose Lips Magazine

"It's not possible to cure survivorhood, not as an individual and not as a culture. Nor, this collection argues, should we, because it can be a powerful source of creativity and power."
-Quill & Quire

" Whatever Gets You Through is a salve, a soothing whisper, and a necessary roundhouse kick to the worst of rape culture. These texts are a varied, imaginative, and essential addition to survivor literature." -Zoe Whittall, author of  The Best Kind of People
"These essays remind us that survival, like the Me Too movement itself, is an arduous yet inspiring process-because it's thrilling when so many resonant voices, unheard for so long, are emboldened to speak their truth at once." -Lynn Coady, author of  Hellgoing
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