The Duke of Ed Ontario team wishes Award Leaders a safe and happy summer!
From July 8-12 Duke of Ed Canada welcomed 94 participants, 38 of them from Ontario, to Acadia University for Passion to Purpose.

This group of young people wore their heart on their sleeves, met new friends and expanded their views. Through keynote speakers, workshops and leadership building,
the participants transformed their passion into a purpose where they will be able to access grants of $250, $750, or $1,500.

´╗┐Award Leaders:

Need a refresher before school starts?

Trying to keep your group engaged during the summer?
Our participant resource page can help!
On June 9th, 2019, we had the honour of presenting Gold Awards of Achievement to 154 participants during the Vice Regal Conference in Toronto, Ontario. 

For the first time, six Lieutenant Governors, three Territorial Commissioners and participants from across the country 
joined together for this historic morning. 

Thank you to everyone who was involved
in making this event so spectacular.

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