June 2019

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Greetings from South Cove! 
Dear South Cove Staff, Patients, Supporters and Friends:     
Eugene Welch
I would just like to take a moment and thank the staff, our Board and friends for another year of hard work and support to SCCHC, without which, we would not be able to care for over 34,000 patients and be true to our mission, for that is what it is all about!
Thank you for a job well done!

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Eugene Welch
CEO/Executive Director
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SCCHC Annual Corporate Meeting & New Board President Elected

South Cove's 47th Annual Corporate Meeting took place on Tuesday, June 18, 2019 at the Quincy clinic on 88 Holmes Street.  The meeting was attended by staff, corporate members, board members as well as many SCCHC partners and friends. We were thrilled to see familiar faces, including longtime friends and former staff, joining us on what turned out to be a joyous evening with many lighthearted moments.
Board President Nelson Liu opened the meeting and welcomed all to its 47th edition.
Eugene Welch, CEO/Executive Director, presented his FY 2018-19 report and highlighted the year's accomplishment as well as some ongoing projects, which include:
Dental Department: it is in the process of upgrading its computer equipment. With the department slated to go paperless by the end of the year, this completes the final piece of the puzzle after starting the journey of transforming the health center's medical records from paper to electronic more than 10 years ago!

885 Washington Street: the remodeling of 885 Washington Street has begun. The purpose of the project is to reconfigure the layout to give the clinic its own entrance, which would lead to better control of patient flow as well as improved security of the school building and safety of the students. We expect the process to be long and drawn out as it has to be carried out step by step, one area at a time while we continue to operate; we are estimating five to six months for the completion of the project.

Accountable Care Organization: the ACO that South Cove formed with Tufts Public Health Plan and BIDCO (Beth Israel Deaconess Care Organization) was launched March 1, 2018. Entering its second year, we are constantly trying to take care of our 13,000 - 14,000 ACO patients and stay in compliance with a process that seems ever changing. That said, at the end of the day, we firmly believe that this group of patients is getting the best possible care through this partnership.

The Malden Clinic: as a completely new clinic in a new neighborhood, it takes time to establish itself and grow, we are glad to report that slowly but surely we are moving in that direction. For the convenience of our patients, we have been in contact with the City of Malden as well as the MBTA to explore the possibility of a bus stop in front of the clinic, we hope to see it come to fruition in the near future.
With many projects happening simultaneously, FY2020 looks to be a busy one, but hopefully also rewarding. As we close FY2019, Eugene is pleased to report that the health center continues to operate in the black with healthy financials. But more importantly, we are staying true to our mission. Despite our success, we take nothing for granted as we continue to reach out to more underserved patients, and find ways to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable.  
SCCHC now has five clinical sites in Boston, Quincy and Malden, serving 34,000 patients with a staff of approximately 275 people.
SCCHC board members, corporate members, staff and friends enjoying the evening: 
L-R: Kelly McCarthy, Nancy Kasen, Eric Tiberi, Eugene Welch and Sherry Dong 
Front L-R: Jacquie Kay, Amy Guen, Fay Lee; Back L-R: Harry Lee, Alvin Wing, Anita Wing, David Yee, Nelson Liu, Julie Chou and I-Min Lee  
L-R: I-Min Lee, Linda Chu, Anita Wing and Meei Li

L-R: Tom Birch, Stephen Tang, April Tang, Mary Jo Majors and Harry Lee 

South Cove Board of Directors FY 2019-20
The Board and corporate members fulfilled their fiscal responsibility by voting in 5 board members for a 3-year term from 2019-2022.
Newly elected Board Members : Susan Chinsen, Mai Du, I-Min Lee, Peter Ng and Alvin Wing.  
Continuing Board Members : Thomas Birch, Cindy Chen, Herman Harry Lee, Thuy Leung, Meei Li, Nelson Liu, Chi Ma, April Tang, Stephen Tang and David Yee.  
Officers (to serve a two-year term from 2019-2021):
President: Herman Harry Lee
Secretary: April Tang
Treasurer: Nelson Liu
This year, after two consecutive terms of two years each, Nelson Liu stepped down as Board President per the SCCHC bylaws. New officers were elected and longtime Board member, Herman (Harry) Lee, was elected the Board President.
Outgoing Board President, Nelson Liu's remarks:
We have had another great year not just for our patients but for our communities.  I am proud to share the update that Eugene just provided: that after one year, the Malden site has added close to 1,000 new patients. The continued success that we have the honor to witness is because of the daily efforts and hard work of those who serve our patients and from the leadership of Eugene, Eric, the site managers, doctors, nurses and all those who work the front lines caring for our communities.
Our board has had the privilege to work closely with Eugene over the past year and have only success to report to the Corporation.  We are grateful for his leadership and continued efforts to improve South Cove.
It has been an honor to serve as Board President for the last four years and I look forward to Harry Lee's guidance of the Board as the incoming President.
Those who know the health center would most likely know Dr. Harry Lee as well. Harry has been involved with South Cove for over 35 years and in many different capacities: volunteer, board member, provider, acting medical director, and for the last 16 years, South Cove Stat Dragon's steerer extraordinaire and spiritual leader!
On behalf of South Cove and the entire staff, we thank Nelson for his service; the health center had tremendous success and growth during his tenure, it is testament to his leadership and vision. We would also like to welcome Dr. Lee as the new Board President, and look forward to achieving more milestones under his guidance and leadership.
Congresswoman Katherine Clark Visits the Malden Clinic

Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus Congresswoman Katherine Clark visited the South Cove Community Health Center on Monday, June 17 to tour the new facility, meet with providers and staff, and discuss the U.S. House of Representative's recent actions to defend health care coverage.

Clark's visit was part of a national "Health Care Weekend of Action" that more than 140 members of Congress participated in from June 14 to June 17.
"The House is advancing critical, lifesaving legislation to lower the cost of health care and the price of prescription drugs and protect people with pre-existing conditions," said Clark. "Community Health Centers like South Cove witness the importance of affordable and accessible care every day. The House is using every tool we have to invest in health care services, like Medicare, Medicaid, and Title X. Massachusetts declared long ago that health care is a right, not a privilege, and now we're proactively defending that right."

Congresswoman Clark enjoys a conversation with Eugene Welch

This past weekend, Democrats elevated the issue across America with the Health Care Weekend of Action, highlighting the ten bills already passed by the House that are awaiting a vote by the U.S. Senate. On the first day in the House majority, Democrats voted to throw the full legal weight of the House of Representatives against a lawsuit to strike down protections for people with pre-existing conditions along with every last benefit and protection of the Affordable Care Act. In the months since, Democrats have continued to pass vital legislation to strengthen protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

"I really would like to thank Congresswoman Clark for coming to Malden, seeing our health center, and also for fighting for all residents of Massachusetts for health care coverage," said Eugene Welch, CEO, South Cove Community Health Center.

South Cove Community Center runs five clinics in the Greater Boston area with more than 275 employees, serving approximately 34,000 patients annually. They are now the largest Asian community health center in Massachusetts, with new and expanded clinics in Boston (Chinatown and South Street), Quincy and Malden. The Malden Clinic was opened in June of 2018 and provides Adult Medicine, Ob/Gyn, Pediatrics, Optometry and Social Services.

"Federal funds allow us to keep 20 fulltime certified application counselors so that 24,000 patients a year are able to access health care at South Cove Community Health Center," said Frances Ma, Site Manager of South Cove Malden.

L-R: Chanel Lee, RN, Linda Cheng, NP, Congresswoman Clark, Dong Xiao Yang, MD and Frances Ma, Malden Site Manager

This article originally appeared on Wicked Local Malden on June18, 2019.  This article is republished here with permission.

Medal Winning Streak Continues for the Stat Dragons at the 40th Boston Dragon Boat Festival

The Boston Dragon Boat Festival celebrated its 40th anniversary on June 9, 2019, it is the longest running dragon boat festival in North America, and with an estimated attendance of 30,000, it again reaffirmed its place as the largest Asian-American cultural event in New England!    
It was a celebration that the South Cove Stat Dragons would not miss for the world! The team made an impressive 16th consecutive appearance at the race. Apart from participating in the race, South Cove also proudly served as a festival sponsor to help promote the mission and work of the Boston Dragon Boat Festival.
Board President Nelson Liu, represented the health center at the "Eye Dotting Ceremony" a ritual performed every year where participants dot the eye of the dragon with a brush to "wake up" the dragon and formerly commence the festival & race! Nelson also gave brief remarks at the opening ceremony to welcome everyone on behalf of SCCHC.
Nelson Liu (right) and Nick Chau participate in the "Eye Dotting"

Shuzhen Wu and Pamela Lee at the South Cove Outreach Table

Before sunrise, a team of dedicated Stat Dragons comprised of Harry, Andrew, Jacquie and Tom already arrived at the site to set up tents and unload all the supplies! A shout-out to Harry, who has been doing this for 16 years without fail, always the first one to arrive and the last to leave!
The Stat Dragons had a total of three races on Sunday with the first race at 8:58am.
 South Cove Stat Dragons Sunday Race Results:
Our time on Saturday qualified us for the Healthcare Specialty Race final, where the team came in second and won a silver medal!
Though we did not win a medal in the divisional race this year, what is worth noting is that we were placed in a much higher division ("C" division, last year the team was in "F" division) given our time from the time trials and therefore, were up against some very seasoned competitors.  
We left with our heads held up high knowing that we shaved off 25 seconds from last year's best time of 2:46.792. In competing against ourselves, as one's true competitor is always oneself, we made commendable progress!
This also marks the 8th year in a row that the Stat Dragons have won at least one medal. For a recreational team that was only put together 6 weeks prior to the tournament and practiced only 6 times on the Charles, the results are quite respectable!  We are happy with the improvement in placement from F to C division, next year we will have our sights set on "Gold" in the C Division! 
As much as we use "bringing home medals" as motivation for one another, the adage "it is not the winning but the taking part that matters" rings true for Stat Dragons.  Ask any Stat Dragon, s/he would agree that it is the experience and the camaraderie that will be the lasting memory.  
Thank you to all the team members who committed the time and put in the work to make possible another year of successful showing!  
A very special thank you to Captain Tom, Drummer Jacquie, and of course, Stat Dragons' steerer-extraordinaire, Harry; the trio is truly the face and the spirit of the team!  
Stat Dragons 2019 Team Photo

Stat Dragons 2019 team members: Haneui Bae, Jake Cavanaugh, Donald Chan, Lawrence Cheng, Amy Cheung, Francis Griffin, Christina Ho, Alison Hui, Carolyn Johnson, Jacquie Kay, Lynn Kong, Andrew Lee, Harry Lee, Jonathan Lei, Maggie Leung, Tom Leung, Peter Ng, Yoshie Ng, Kevin O'Beirne, Brian Sedgwick, Ted Shea, Alan Tam, Jennifer Tran and Thomas Yee.
Sponsor: Eugene Welch and South Cove Community Health Center.
SCCHC & Asian Healthcare Foundation Essay Contest

In celebration of the health center's 40th Anniversary in 2012 and the lives of many that the health center has touched, an essay contest was announced and five scholarships were awarded. The Asian Healthcare Foundation of Massachusetts, established to support the mission of South Cove, has funded the scholarships ever since its inception in 2012, the Foundation Board of Directors also voted that same year to have the essay contest be a yearly fixture for the next 10 years through 2021.
Serving the community since 1972, South Cove has cared for many multi-generational families and played a big part in the wellbeing of these families. With the essay contest, we wanted to achieve two goals: 1 to hear from their perspective the impact of South Cove and 2. to give back to the community and the future generation.
The contest had a total of 7 entries this year. Once again, the judges felt that every essay had its merit and deserved recognition.    
Congratulations to Kelly Chen, Xi Chen, Anny Gan, Jessie Lo, Jonathan Tan, Rachel Wong and Jessica Wu.  
April Tang, Eugene Welch, Nelson Liu and Madeline Wan pose with Essay Contest winners Xi Chen, Anny Gan, Jessie Lo, Rachel Wong and Jessica Wu.

The Essay Contest has now awarded a total of 73 scholarships including this year. We hope that through this contest, the health center is making a difference, however small it may be, in the recipients' higher education endeavor.
Now we invite you to read the published essays online. They provide a glimpse into the struggles and hardship faced by new immigrant families due to cultural and language barrier. A few of the essays were from children of South Cove staff, it is heart-warming to know that South Cove makes a difference not only in the lives of the patients but also those of the staff. We are proud and honored to be a part of their lives in different capacities, be it a provider of healthcare, a place of refuge & safe haven or an employer providing stability and a sense of purpose for its staff.
How your donation will help us serve our patients:


$50 -  Fill one uninsured patient's tooth

$100 - Give one uninsured family nutrition class 

$250 - Give one uninsured woman mammogram screening

$500 - Give one uninsured patient proper medication for one year under our 340B Pharmacy program 

$1,000 - Take care of one uninsured patient for medical visits at the health center for one year
Yes! Please take me to the SCCHC Donate page!   
About South Cove Community Health Center:
Founded in 1972, South Cove is dedicated to improving the health and well being of all medically underserved in Massachusetts with a special focus on Asian Americans. This mission is accomplished by providing high quality, community-based health care and health promotion programs which are accessible, linguistically and culturally competent for these populations.

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