Together We Can Feed More and Waste Less

Summer's harvest bounty invites gleaning; try this at home--saving food;  join KindWorks volunteers in the kitchen to cook with recovered food. Save the Date for our second CFR Week Oct 20-26th. Read on for more. 
Save the date: CFR Week returns Oct. 20-26th

Community Food Rescue Week returns this fall. Manna Food Center organizes Community Food Rescue Week to inspire action and spotlight ways the community can come together to tackle food waste and hunger. Manna also encourages more food businesses and nonprofit food recipient organizations to join its Community Food Rescue Week.
Chefs tackle cooking with recovered food to win the No Waste, Big Taste competition during CFR Week 2018.

You are invited to join members of the community for fun, hands on activities. Test your knowledge and learn new ways to save food at home, compost food scraps, cook with recovered food, and watch professional chefs tackle the No Waste, Big Taste: A Rescued Food Cooking Competition. 

See highlights from CFR Week 2018 and watch this space for details coming this fall.

Preventing Food Waste: Try this at Home

Food saving activities for kids and tips for adults
Food Matters Activities for Kids
We are becoming more and more aware of how much food is being wasted-on the farm, at grocery stores and restaurants, and even at home. In fact, a report by ReFED (a multi-stakeholder non-profit organization committed to reducing food waste,  found that most- 83% of the 63 million tons of annually-wasted food in the U.S. -happens after production-40% at retail businesses and 43% at home. 

We can all learn how not to waste food, and there are two great online resources to get started. With kids on school vacation, why not try some of these fun activities over the summer?

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Not only kind but hard at work
KindWorks volunteers join CFR to cook with recovered food
When Community Food Rescue launched CFR Cooks! to cook recovered food into delicious and nutritious meals for CFR network shelters, we turned to KindWorks to help. 

Executive Director Deb Lang and Board President Denise Schleckser were immediately and enthusiastically on board. "It's a fantastic idea to take food that is almost at the end of it's useful life and turn it into these amazing meals for people who need it the most.  We are thrilled to be part of something that fits so well with our mission to build community through service," said Deb. 

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 Let the gleaning begin!


Master Gardeners and students glean kale
Community Food Rescue (CFR) has launched the second year of its gleaning initiative. Gleaning is the harvesting of food that would otherwise go unpicked. The crop is left unharvested when there is so little left behind that it is not economical for the farmer to harvest. Or, in the case of "pick your own farms," the pickings are too slim for customers.

Our first glean of the season was at Butler Montessori School in Darnestown. With school coming to a close, there was limited staff or student time for pulling the kale so that summer crops could be planted. Two Montgomery County Master Gardener  volunteers (one of whom is also a CFR food runner) and a Manna/CFR volunteer, heeded the call from Susan Wexler, CFR's Outreach Coordinator, to help with harvesting the kale. 

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