JUNE 27 , 2019
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The Institute's early childhood training portfolio strengthens with addition of
Connected Beginnings Training Institute
We are proud to announce the addition of  Connected Beginnings Training Institute (CBTI) to the UMass Donahue Institute's already robust portfolio of training and technical assistance for early childhood programs, specifically in the area of social emotional health.

CBTI builds the capacity of infant and early childhood practitioners to engage in nurturing relationships with families and the very young children in their care. As research has revealed, positive, supportive, enriching and nurturing relationships with adults and other children are critical to young children's social and emotional well-being, mental health, evolving brain architecture and capacity to learn. 

CBTI's director, Mary Watson Avery adds, "We recognize the especially critical period of growth in babies and very young children, as well as the unique demands that presents on families and the practitioners that seek to support them." 

CBTI was launched in 2006 and joined the Institute in spring 2019.

"The addition of Connected Beginnings Training Institute further expands our ability to serve the early childhood education and care community, here in Massachusetts, across the New England region, and nationally," said Eric Heller, UMass Donahue Institute Interim Executive Director.

Read about CBTI's recent training activities here and here.
ODLS Brings Together Police and Autism Self Advocates

Fifteen peace officers from four local law enforcement agencies received specialized training about autism and related disabilities through the Experience AutismĀ® program, the only evidence-based autism police training in the United States. 

Participating officers experienced simulation activities to understand what it is like to have features of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and learned how to interact effectively with individuals with autism and related conditions. 

The event was organized and supported by the Organizational Development & Learning Solutions group at the UMass Donahue Institute and sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services.

"Changing Faces of Boston": The Growing Influence of Immigrant Population

A report by the Institute and UMass Boston for the Boston Foundation documents remarkable demographic shifts in the Greater Boston region over the last 30 years. 

Greater Boston is in the midst of a striking
transformation. Over the past few decades,
the economy has expanded, and the population has grown. While the Greater Boston region has long had a reputation for being overwhelmingly White, this perception lags far behind reality. 

Nearly all of the recent population growth has been driven by immigrants, particularly immigrants of color, who have decided to call this region their home. These demographic changes have
occurred across the Commonwealth, but in Greater
Boston these trends are especially pronounced.

Outside of Boston, the region's non-white population grew 245% since 1990 to 2017, compared to just 64% within Boston. Remarkably, not a single municipality in Greater Boston had an increase in its white population during that same period.

(From the report overview by Mark Melnik, Director of Economic and Public Policy Research, and Gail Waterhouse, Research Analyst)
Spotlight graphic

The Population Estimates Program developed an interactive map for Mass. Secretary of State. The map  highlights different demographics and factors, by town, that will potentially affect how people will respond to 
the 2020 census. 
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