Summer Newsletter Summary
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Quarter 2 Market Update
After a strong Quarter 1, US markets became more volatile in Quarter 2 as the old missive of “sell in May and go away” proved to be prescient this year with the S&P 500 peaking on May 1st.

The selloff throughout May ended as soon as June began and June experienced a strong rally that ended with the market just under its May 1st highs.

It’s important to point out that the last 18 months have seen substantial volatility without much upward progress in prices. At the end of the quarter, the S&P 500 is less than 2% above where it was in January 2018 (18 months earlier).

Developed international market indexes (primarily comprised of Europe and Japan) are down over 11% over the same time frame and emerging markets indexes are off over 15%.

Read more on our Second Quarter Market Update here !

Current investment clients: Q2 Smts and invoices will be uploaded this week.

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Increase for 2019 IRA Contributions
For 2019, you can contribute up to $6,000 to your Traditional  or  Roth IRA (up from $5.5K in 2018).

If you are 50 or older you are allowed an additional $1K catch-up contribution.

Unsure if you can contribute and want to learn more about your IRA options now?

We will review your last filed return prior to the call, figure out what you qualify for, and discuss which is the best fit (if any).

Or we can answer this question the next time we do your taxes for no additional fee - just make sure to ask!
New Deduction for Rental Property Owners
Do you own or are thinking about buying rental property?


There is a new deduction under Trump tax reform that may apply to you. 

The rules are strict though so it's important to make sure you actually qualify.

Krozel Capital 2019 Retreat
Your Krozel Capital team had a great time at our 2019 Retreat at Lake Travis in Austin, Texas! It was a great opportunity to connect, recharge and get in some training so we can continue to serve you!
Capital One Data Breach
On July 19th a hacker gained access to personal data of over 100 million Capital One customers in the US and 6 million in Canada.

With so many big data breaches happening it is easy to become desensitized and not do anything. If you think you were affected by this breach, we recommend doing these three things this week to help protect yourself:

1) Capital One is offering free credit monitoring to those affected. Give them a call to sign up.

2) Change your online login password.

3) Consider freezing your credit. See our May blog post here for what this is and how to do it.
September 1st Extension Reminder!
This is a reminder that if you are on a tax extension, we need all of your tax documents  NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 1ST  so that we can make the Oct 15th deadline.

Please contact Laura with any questions.
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