"Walk With God... Talk With God."  

From The Principal's Desk

Mrs. J ul ia  Wackt

Since my first year of teaching wrapped up, the song that plays in my head is "School's out for Summer", but is school every really out? Every child at LLS has learning to do over the summer. Many students will go to summer school, participate in VBS, and partake in summer sports. In all these activities, the students are still learning. They are learning about rules, friendship, teamwork, and responsibility. I encourage you to keep your child engaged and learning this summer. Read with them. Review math facts with them. Talk about nature and most important, continue to instill God's love in your child's heart. Take time to have a devotion with your child daily. Sit down and pray with them before bedtime. Go to church. Show them how God's love works through you. So as we enter summer vacation, how can you help your child keep learning?
Have a blessed summer!
Thank You Letters from the Graduatesgradletters

LLS has been a wonderful experience. I have really enjoyed all the opportunities that I have had. I have loved being a part of dance, basketball, cross country, Girls on the run, and volleyball. I would like to thank my parents for guiding me in faith and a Christian education and always believing in me and encouraging me in all that I do. I would like to thank my grandparents who for the last 3 year have driven me to school. I have really enjoyed all the teachers that I had a LLS. They have challenged me and encouraged me. Thank you PTL for opportunities that you have provided me with field trips. I would also like to thank the PTL for funding the schools field trips every year like fifth and sixth grade camp, 7th and 8th grade trips, and Olympic day. I would also like to thank all the teachers that I've had for the past four years for teaching me all that i know. Thank you Pastor Phillips and Pastor Bergelin for leading me along the christian faith. Lastly, I'd like to thank my class for making this year so great.  ~ Caroline Plasil

These past 11 years at LLS have taught me so much about friendship, education, but most importantly Jesus.  This school has taught me that good friends will stay by your side, no matter what. That when you are bored, all you have to do is look over at a friend and they will make you smile. Receiving my education at LLS, has truly been a blessing. Due to the small class sizes the teacher can focus more on you, and challenge you to do your best. Lastly, Jesus has helped me get through the thick and thin, not only in my faith, but in every way possible. Thank you to the congregations of both St. Peter's and Immanuel for financially helping the school so I could have the best education possible. Thank you PTL and JSB for giving money for field trips and my education. Thank you my classmates for dealing with me each and everyday, and for always making me laugh each and everyday. For this wonderful education and learning experience I would like to thank my teachers for always putting up with me, even when I couldn't stop talking and just wanted to go home. I would also like to thank them for always believing in me and helping me accomplishing my academic goals. I'd like to thank my family, but most importantly my parents for giving me the chance to learn about Jesus everyday, for staying by my side through the ups and downs of life, and for supporting me in all my goals and dreams. I will never forget the years I've spent here. Thank you for making it possible for me to attended this school and for helping me get through each day with a smile on my face. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you. ~ Lucy Groeler

Man, writing speeches is hard. You know what I mean right, like, trying to think up ideas and scribble them down on a sheet of paper over and over again, until you have what seems to be your final copy, and then restarting the whole thing over because it isn't good enough? For proof of concept, what i'm reading right now took around seven tries to perfect. With each try, I learned and adapted, and each of my copies became better, and better. In certain ways, everyday life is like trying to write a speech. You try, fail, try and fail again, and each time you learn and improve more upon the mistakes you previously made, until you're satisfied with what you've become, or written. Along the way, you might also stop and ask for help, as I have many times before, in writing, and daily life. I would just like to say thank you to all my 'editors,' and or people who have helped me write my speech, through the ups and downs, rights, wrongs and sad and happy times. These individuals include all the brilliant, hard working teachers I've had, along with all the LLS staff that run the school, my classmates that may or may not tend to goof off in class, the generous church congregation and PTL that both support the school financially, both pastors who teach us about God's Word nearly every day, my loving family who gives emotional, and on occasion, monetary support to me, and especially those who i like to call mom  and dad, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. After all, it's not about reading the speech, it's all about how you write it.  ~ Brett Batterman

15 - PTL Meeting, 6:30 pm

6 - Registration/Picture Day - Immanuel Gym    
     7:00 - 10:00 am
     4:00 - 7:00 pm
1 - Girls on the Run 5K - Middleton
3 - Chapel at Immanuel @ 10:00, Awards Day; 
     End of 4th Quarter;  1/2 day; 
17 - PTL Meeting, 6:30 pm at Immanuel
19 - JSB Meeting, 6:00 pm at St. Peter's
21 - Staff return to work
23 - Open House, 4:45-5:30pm and 5:45-6:30pm
26 - Back to School Picnic
27 - 1st Day of School, chapel at Immanuel

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7th & 8th Grade News seventh
Mrs. Jenny Meyers

The 7th and 8th graders enjoyed an amazing class trip to Door County. Thank you to Jesse Groeler for co-chaperoning the students. Thank you to both congregations for supporting our school fundraisers which help finance these outstanding trips!
Mrs. Meyers

5th & 6th Grade New s fifth
Ms. Pam Bartee

The class has been writing poetry and exploring different kinds of poems. They've become quite good at releasing their inner poet with some creative writing.

We took a field trip to the Waste Management's Deer Track Park landfill in Johnson Creek. It was fascinating to learn about the process needed to get rid of the trash in Jefferson County. Because we've become such a throw-away society, the 113 acre (with a capacity of 12,848,000 cubic yards) landfill will be filled within the next 15 years. The anatomy of a landfill is 14 layers deep. Plastic grocery bags are the worst, as they fly around and don't decompose. Please, PLEASE use reusable bags for your groceries and Wal-Mart items!

We then made our way to Marquardt Health Care to visit Immanuel's oldest and wisest member, Esther Kuehl. Ester turned 101 on May 1st. She loves visitors and has many stories to tell. We enjoyed talking with her, asking questions, and singing old hymns.

The physics unit (forces) in science has been fun. Using only materials found at home, each of the kids made a "marble run" with the challenge being designing it so it takes the longest for a marble to go through. Some of the designs were ingenious.

We had a visit from Heather who is the teen director at the Watertown Public Library. She explained all the fun and interesting programs going on there all summer. Please look at the information your child brought home or go on their website.
Have a sun-filled, fun-filled summer. Don't forget to READ!
Ms. Bartee

3rd & 4th Grade News third
Mrs. Niki Skaer

What a year here at LLS! I have felt so included and part of this amazing family. This past month I lost a close family member, my family and I appreciate so much the prayers and thoughts from the school and congregations. In the 3rd and 4th grade classroom, the students have been proving that they are truly ready for their next school year. Though I will miss my dear 4th graders, they are in great hands in the upcoming year, and I am excited for my new 3rd graders as well. The school did an amazing job in the Spring Musical and the play has inspired my class to put on plays of their own, so we have been practicing Reader's Theater. The students did a great job with our Math Scavenger Hunt-using the math skills we learned all year and applying them to real world situations. The girls from Girls on the Run have their 5K coming up. They have put a lot of effort into training for the race and training for life with the skills we've been going over. This month we worked on our community impact project where we planted a 'Kindness Garden' outside the school. The girls chose this to help remind the school that kindness is a beautiful thing and easy to spread. I am blessed with an awesome class and look forward to my future here at Lebanon Lutheran!

Measuring out the equipment

Testing the distance we can throw paper airplanes
Blessings on your summer,
Mrs. Skaer
1st & 2nd Grade News
Mrs. Kathy Fortlage

  Wow! Where did the year go? It's hard to believe we are at the end of another school year. The first and second graders have grown so much this year -- academically, socially, spiritually and physically! One reason I love teaching at LLS is that I get to teach students for two years and see the huge growth from the beginning of first grade to the end of second grade! It is truly amazing!

We have finished off the year working on the skills we've learned this past year. Both classes have mastered their addition facts, while second grade also mastered subtraction facts and even began multiplication facts! First grade is enjoying reading easy chapter books while second graders are moving on to longer chapter books. We worked on chapters on matter and motion in science. In religion we began with Ascension, Pentecost, and the early church and finished up with the Old Testament prophets.

On Wednesday, May 1, 4K-Gr. 2 attended a wonderful performance of "Lyle the Crocodile" at the Hartford Schauer Center. The performance had the kids laughing at Lyle's antics. On Wednesday, June 15, we finally (postponed 2 times due to nasty weather!!) were able to see the owls from Marsh Haven (Horicon Marsh). All of the children in 3K-Gr. 2 were amazed at the two owls Renee and Steve showed us. We learned that owls can't turn their heads all the way around. Renee also told us that if we had eyes as big as owls, our eyeballs would be as big as softballs! We celebrated the end of school with our annual trip to the Lebanon Firemen's Park with 4K and Kindergarten. It's a great day to play together, have some pizza lunch (thanks parents!) and end the day with a kick ball game on the big diamond! Olympic day is always a fun day to show off our athletic skills with our classmates.

I'd like to wish the students a safe and healthy summer! Keep reading!

Mrs. Kathy Fortlage

First and second grade had "big kid" jobs at chapel on 5/15!

The students shared a visit on Facetime with Pastor Bergelin and the students in Kenya!

Kindergarten News kindergarten
Mrs. Kiki Damrow

Kindergarten Happenings in May . . .

May is always a busy month for the kindergarten!

At the beginning of the month, we had the opportunity to go to the Hartford Schauer Center to see the classic book Lyle Lyle Crocodile come to life. It was a great performance and it taught us the lesson to accept people's (or crocodiles) differences.

We are working toward the end of the year with our countdown from the letter Z to the letter A! Every day was a new letter and a new adventure learning about different things starting with that letter. We had a Q and U marriage, wore silly sunglasses, learned about ninjas for N day, wore a hat on H day, and read our books by flashlights for F day. The students look forward to each new day as we get closer to the end of this school year. We will be walking to the Fireman's park on Thursday, May 30th for our annual Park day with pizza provided by the parents. May 31st is our annual Olympic Day organized by Mr. Messmann and many parent volunteers!

We are learning addition and subtraction facts up to 10 in preparation for first grade. We take "timed" addition tests and have been working with understanding story problems by visualizing and drawing what the problem is asking us. We have been adding pennies and dimes quickly to make different amounts of change. We have grown so much in math this year!

Our graduation was held on May 23rd at St. Peter's at the Thursday night service. We celebrated with our families as we head on to our next step into first grade!

This is always a bittersweet time of year for me after taking these young "babies" from not reading to becoming growing learners in so many ways! All of the kindergarteners have read over 150 books this school year! We are ready for first grade!

Each child in my classroom will always be in a part of my heart and they will always be my "kids"! I have had the privilege to watch so many young children grow and mature throughout the years. Many of my past students are now parents helping their children grow in the love of Jesus!  

God's Blessings and Happy Summer!!  

Mrs. Damrow

Kindergarten made Elmer the patchwork elephant for E day!
Q and U reunited as letters that are always together!!

The kindergarten learned about flashlights and read with flashlights on F Day.

S is for silly sunglasses!
Maddy on our surprise tractor ride from Mr. Grosenick!
We had 2 owls visit from Marsh Haven.

The 5 graduates- Maddy, Ella, Kieran, Inez and Keira.

PreK-4 News 
Ms. Tori Long

What a year of blessings we have had in 4K.  We have grown so much.  Not only have we gained some height but we have gained so much knowledge and Christian love as well.  I know in my heart that these students are ready to take on the challenges of Kindergarten and beyond, with our Lord and Savior's help!  Keep up the awesome work!

May has brought us so many joys and experiences.  We started out May with a field trip to see "Lyle, Lyle the Crocodile" at the Schauer Center which helped us prepare for  the school musical "A Not So Terrible Parable".  The entire school did a fantastic job and the songs and story of this wonderful musical will not soon be forgotten.

We followed that up with a field trip to Crimson Ridge Farm.  We took a wagon ride to the farm and we got to see the cows being milked, feed a calf, see the kitties and chickens and have a dairy full snack.  We toured the feed area and toured the grounds of this great family run farm.  Thank you to Jim and Shelly Grosenick for allowing us to visit.

On May 16th we had our 4K Celebration.  A night of our favorites, that included our favorite nursery rhyme, silly song, stories, class book, and bible stories, "Oh What a Year" we've had!  This year we have done 31 nursery rhymes, 36 letter show-n-tells, 33 gym classes, 30 bible lessons, 52 handwriting lessons, 18 special religion classes with Pastor Phillips and Pastor Bergelin, 6 field trips and 168 days of school.  That is an impressive achievement! 

I just want to thank all my parents, my family, the staff here at LLS and the administration of the ECC and LLS for all their help and encouragement this year! 

With God's Blessings, 
Ms. Tori Long

PreK-3 News prek3
Ms.  Connie Kurth 

My oh my how quickly it seems this school year went by. May is here and we are ending the year. I think it is safe to say Spring has finally arrived. It sure has been a great year and I have been blessed with an amazing group of 3 year olds that are now 4 year olds. It was a wonderful change for me and I truly enjoyed each one of my students. I love teaching!

In May we were busy learning about Farms, Bugs/Insects, Ocean and Summer. They did a great job learning new words and learning new things. We have been reviewing the letters of the alphabet and reviewing our numbers 1-20, they all seem to have it mastered. My students that will be in 4k next year are well prepared!

The students had fun celebrating Mother's Day with their Moms. We had Muffins for Moms with juice and muffins in the fellowship hall, such a fun event. We also took a field trip to the Grosenicks' Farm with a wagon ride, what a fun event it was! The kids got to feed a calf, pet the cows, sit in a tractor, and learn about all the different things that happen on a Farm. It sure is a lot of work and patience to run a farm! God bless all our farmers.

Our class got to participate in the Spring Program, they did a fabulous job singing the Good Samaritan song. Great job to the whole school and thank you Mrs. Fortlage and Ms. Bartee for all your hard work, it was a great show!

I hope everyone had a wonderful May and I hope you all enjoy your summer with friends and family! God bless everyone and see you in September!

Daycare News daycare
Ms. Shola Fohr

Dear parents,

The end of the school year is upon us, and our summer break is here. Oh how we look forward to family vacations, grilling out, going to the pool, parks, beach, water park, camping and spending time with your child/children. We, at the ECC, will still be open for the summer. If your child came during the school year and attended the ECC for before or after school care and you run into a situation this summer when you need care, please do not hesitate to call and do a drop in care. Drop in care will only apply to children already enrolled in the ECC. On behalf of the ECC teachers, we wish everyone a safe and happy summer break, and we will see you again in August.

Music Notes  
Mrs. Kathy Fortlage

What another wonderful year in the music room! The students learned many new songs this year to sing in church, for our Christmas concert and also for our spring musical, "A Not So Terrible Parable." We explored many new concepts and some instruments as well this year. 5th and 6th grade tried out the hand chimes from Immanuel and the Grade 3-8 choir learned to sing in two parts. I'm looking forward to many new songs and activities next year!
Spanish / 3rd - 8th Grade Art spanish
Miss Anna Witan

Hola! This last month was an amazing cap on an awesome, busy, fun school year! Our Spanish highlights included 3/4 finishing their Spanish video series (it was full of cliff hangers!), 5/6 finishing their chapter book, and 7/8 finishing their chapter book. I'm so proud of how far these students have come in translating, reading, and speaking Spanish. In 1/2, we completed a unit on Spanish classroom commands (good preparation for bumping up in the Fall) before watching Ferdinand. Their class is so fun and lovable! We've learned so much and become so close this year. The Kindergarten learners impress me with their retention. The class this year surpassed where I thought we'd be, and they are eager to continue learning. We colored the Mexican flag, learned about foods, and played a lot of games to finish up the year. 
I've so enjoyed teaching art! Our final projects this month included: 
 * pinatas for Cinco de Mayo, sheet music cone flower decor for the music room, black and white shattered 3D drawings, and lino cut tiles for the 7/8 graders 
 * clothes pins coasters, lion line mixed medium practice, and scripture art journaling for 5/6 graders
 * beading, pineapple line practice, color gradients, and black and white perspective drawing for 3/4 graders.
I will greatly miss all of you and your students as this was my last year of teaching at Lebanon. The opportunity that God and you all have gifted me with by allowing me to teach here was priceless. I am so grateful and I want to say thank you so much! I love you all, and I am passionate about your students' continued success. 
So far, my future plans consist of moving to North Carolina for the summer to help my little sis as she gets out of the Marines, and taking the full-time high school Spanish teaching contract offered to me by Mayville High School. I will definitely be back to Lebanon Lutheran to visit, and I hope to continue to see you all around town in the Fall and stay in touch through social media. 
God bless you! 
Anna Witan

Graduation 2019  Graduation

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