Summer 2019
  • Points 4th of July Celebration
  • Yarrow Point Celebrates 60 Years of Incorporation!
  • September 29 Celebratory Event
  • Tree Code Discussions
  • U.S. Census Neighborhood Address Canvassing
  • Don't Forget to Trim Your Hedges!
  • Roundabouts 101

Points 4th of July Celebration
A Community Tradition Since 1976
Thank you to all of the volunteers who put on this year's fantastic week of 4th of July events!

This celebration of events could also not be held without resident donations - THANK YOU.

Fishing Derby
Pet Parade
July 4th Grand Parade
Yarrow Point Celebrates 60 years of Incorporation!
The Town of Yarrow Point was incorporated on June 15, 1959. Before incorporation, Yarrow Point citizens considered their options of remaining unincorporated, annexing to a nearby jurisdiction, or incorporating. They ultimately decided on incorporation as they felt they would have better control over zoning, protection of town character, and having a stronger voice in government.

What originally started as a small farming community later turned into a charming town on the east side that has retained its same character for 60 years. For more information on history of Yarrow Point, visit Town Hall for a copy of "A Point in Time" for $10. Proceeds go to Wetherill Nature Preserve.
September 29 Celebratory Event: 1:00-4:00 pm - Town Hall
Event Details
  • Sunday, Sept 29, 1-4 PM at Town Hall
  • Grand opening of the Children's playground!
  • Hot dogs & refreshments will be available
  • Come dressed in 1959 style!
  • A turntable will be playing tunes!
  • Volunteers are needed, please contact Town Hall if you can assist

Three Celebratory Events Combined in One!
Town Hall is celebrating 60 years of incorporation, 30 years of dedication for Wetherill Nature Preserve, and hosting the grand opening of the children's playground in this event. Come celebrate Yarrow Point's history with us and bring the kids to try out the new playground as there will be something for everyone at this event. We look forward to seeing you there!
Tree Code Discussions
The town does not regulate trees on private property and has taken a property owner rights approach. Due to clear cutting relating to development of recent years, the Town Council directed the Planning Commission to review tree codes of nearby jurisdictions and listen to resident input on this matter. If you would like to voice your opinion on whether or not Yarrow Point should create a tree code for private property, please visit an upcoming Planning Commission meeting or write to Town Hall.
U.S. Census Neighborhood Address Canvassing
On August 12, the United States Census Bureau announced that their employees would be walking through neighborhoods in cities across the country to confirm home addresses.

This activity, called “Neighborhood Address Canvassing,” officially takes place from August 4 to October 18, 2019. Census employees will knock on doors and ask a few short questions to verify the address and any additional living spaces on the property for inclusion in the 2020 Census.

Canvassers will at all times introduce themselves as a Census Bureau employee, show their official government ID badge, and explain the purpose of the visit. You may also ask the employee for a picture ID from another source (e.g., their driver’s license) to confirm their identity.

You do not need to open your door to these employees. You can ask for them to first show you their badge and Census-branded gear through a window. You can also ask for them to more fully explain the reason for their visit. You may also open the door, close it behind you, and talk to them outside. You should only open your door if you feel fully comfortable doing so.
Don't Forget to Trim Your Hedges!
One of the most common complaints or inquiries that Town Hall receives are in relation to hedge heights. Often times residents will ask what they can do about their neighbor's hedge that has grown above the six foot height limit. The Town recommends discussing the situation with your neighbor and coming up with a solution that will satisfy both parties.

The Town's Code states: "No fence, freestanding wall, retaining wall, rockery, or hedge in the setback area shall exceed six feet in height above the finished grade, except as noted below or in subsection (N)(3) of this section." TYPMC - 17.12.030 Accessory uses.

The Town's Municipal Code can be viewed here:
Roundabouts 101
The August Clyde Hill Police Sentinel offered a great article on navigating roundabouts. The CHPD allowed us to share it.

Go slowly ! The tight angle is designed to force drivers to slow down to 10-15 mph .
To enter the roundabout :
  • Yield to traffic in the roundabout and bicycles/pedestrians at/in crosswalks.

  • Always go counterclockwise (to the right); never turn left into a roundabout.

  • When there is an opening, enter the roundabout
To exit the roundabout :
  • Signal right to indicate you’re about to exit.

  • Yield to any bicycles/pedestrians at/in crosswalks.

  • Exit the roundabout.

  • If you miss your exit, don’t worry! Just keeping going around the roundabout for another turn.
What if there’s an emergency vehicle? How do I yield?
  • If you see an emergency vehicle as you are approaching a roundabout, pull to the right to allow it to pass, then continue into the roundabout.

  • If you are in the roundabout and an emergency vehicle approaches, do not stop. Continue to your exit then immediately pull to the right after exiting to allow the emergency vehicle to pass. 
Learn More
WSDOT 5-part roundabout video series

WSDOT Rules of the Roundabout brochure

A roundabout is an intersection control device where traffic circulates around an island. There are no traffic lights or stop signs, but some roundabouts have flashing lights for pedestrian crossings. Roundabouts have been shown to reduce accidents and make intersections safer (slow speeds on a one-way road at worst result in sideswipes and rear-end accidents, instead of high speed T-bone and head-on collisions at a regular intersection). You’re probably familiar with the one roundabout in Yarrow Point at Points Dr NE/Yarrow Point Rd/92 nd  Ave NE; there’s another one nearby at 84 th  Ave NE/NE 28 th  St/NE 30 th  St/SR 520. 
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