A Summer Update from us concerning COVID-19
To the CYT Community ~

We are certainly learning so much about perseverance and God's provision throughout these ever-changing times of Covid-19. CYT Kansas City thanks you for your prayers and patience as we navigate procedures through our spring classes and summer camps. Our MAIN concern is to keep everyone healthy, no matter what.

At this time, let us give you an update (as much as we can). CYT Kansas City plans to reschedule all June camps to July, but that will depend on the possibility of the camp churches to accommodate us.

For July, our HOPE is to hold day camps and the three full-show camps. We hope to be able to have those camps live, but we may need to adjust depending on federal and state regulations.

We will keep everyone updated of any changes (or NO changes) later this month.

The CYT Kansas City Community is strong, and everyone misses each other! The CYT staff longs to hear the students singing and laughing and praying together - we miss everyone, too!

God bless you all for everything you are working through together! 

Happy Mothers Day!

The CYT Kansas City Board and Staff
(913) 681-3318