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Summer 2020
4-H Dairy Youth Continue to Shine in Competitive Events
Cristina deRevere, Georgia 4-H Public Relations Coordinator
Heather Shultz, Georgia 4-H Livestock Program Coordinator
State 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl
Twenty seven youth participated at the 2020 Georgia 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl supported by The Georgia Dairy Youth Foundation and Milk Check-Off on June 5, 2020. Due to the pandemic, the competition was offered virtually this year.

Youth participating in the quiz bowl receive a better knowledge of dairy-related topics and learn to demonstrate that knowledge in a competitive and thought-stimulating environment as well as receive important life skills, such as confidence and independence. They also have the opportunity to strengthen their decision-making and leadership skills in an environment, which allows contribution to a group effort, encouraging teamwork and collaboration with a diverse group of peers.

"I am incredibly proud of all of the young people that participated in the 2020 Georgia 4-H State Dairy Quiz Bowl competition. Not only have they proven their dedication to this event, but also their ability to remain steadfast to the competition even during these challenging times," said Dr. Jillian Bohlen, UGA Dairy Science Specialist. "This year I commend each of them for not only participating but ultimately epitomizing each of the four H's, by remaining loyal to this event and using their knowledge to lift up the dairy industry in the most health conscious way possible."

Competitors were given one attempt to complete a 100-question multiple choice and fill in the blank test in a limited time frame to test their knowledge on dairy nutrition, calf management, parlor management and reproduction as well as current events and statistics within the dairy industry.

The winners of the 2020 Georgia 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl are:
First Place Team: Amare Woods, Jordan Daniels, Lydia Connell, Dana Wells and Seth Jones-Tift County.
Second Place Team: Kalani Washington, Alicia Carnes, Leah Szczepanski, Lexi Pritchard, Alyssa Haag and Lilly Ann Smith-Oconee County.
Third Place Team: Bella Fisk, Michael Whitlock, Alexa Hillebrand, Leopold Joh, Colton Swartz and Anthea Shelton-Coweta County.
State 4-H Dairy Judging Contest
Twenty-one youth participated in the 2020 Georgia 4-H State Dairy Judging Contest on July 14. Sponsored by the Ina Hopkins-John W. Cook Memorial Fund, the Carole Williams-Georgia Dairy Youth Foundation and the Pam Krueger-Milk Check Off, the competition was held virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Though not an ideal way to view cattle, this tremendous group of young people took it all in stride," said Jillian Bohlen, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension dairy specialist and professor of animal and dairy science at UGA.

"Sorting through five classes of animals, each competitor worked diligently to find those that best fit the ideal for dairy cattle. Our senior competitors excelled in their justification of placings in reasons that were among the best, collectively, I have heard. I applaud each youth member that competed on their dedication to this program and their work in the contest. I would also like to thank Dr. Bill Graves, professor emeritus, for his assistance in officiating the contest."

The annual evaluation competition is a major event for the Georgia 4-H Livestock Program. Youth participating in the Dairy Judging Program acquire a better knowledge of dairy-related topics and learn to demonstrate their knowledge in a competitive environment. The contest also encourages youth to enhance their skills in decision-making, critical thinking, problem solving and social skills as a team member.

In the virtual format, senior participants, from ninth through 12th grade, reviewed videos to place five classes of cows and heifers into specific classes and submitted two videos providing reasoning for their placings. Junior participants, grades four through eight, will reviewed five videos for placement.

  • First place team: Emma Newberry, Lexi Pritchard and Neely McCommons - Oconee County
  • Second place team: Michael Whitlock, Colton Swartz and Bella Fisk - Coweta County
  • Senior High Individual: Noel Pickel - Morgan County


  • First place team: Andrew Gardner, Maggie Harper and Landon Gardner - Morgan County
  • Junior High Individual: Sarah Morgan Sapp - Burke County
University of Georgia Students Attend (Virtually) the American Dairy Science Association Meetings
Jillian Bohlen, Associate Professor and State Dairy Extension Specialist, University of Georgia
This year has certainly been one of unprecedented challenges. The way we meet and interact with others has taken on a new dimension with focus in the virtual realm. This was no different for this year's American Dairy Science Association meetings, which convened virtually June 22 - 24, to host events from the Student Affiliate Division (SAD) to networking opportunities to late breaking research in the area of Dairy Science. The delegation that was set to attend from the University of Georgia remained committed to the event and participated in virtual competitive events, roundtables, scientific sessions and informal times to network with their peers. Though unlike any other, this year's ADSA-SAD meeting was still one filled with learning, new friends, and tremendous opportunities to build professional skills. Below are some of the top achievements from this year's UGA attendees:
  • 3rd place Annual Report, a document that details every event Dairy Science students at UGA have complete over the last year
  • 3rd place Dairy Production presentation, presented by Alyssa Rauton and titled "Manipulating circadian rhythms through controlled light-dark phases in the prepartum period on cow lactation performance".
  • 2nd place Dairy Foods
     presentation, presented by Audri Crews and titled "Evaluating the impact of novel products to the dairy market on fluid milk utilization".

Our highest honors were the 1st place undergraduate research presentation, presented by Kenne Hillis and titled "Evaluating the use of pulse oximetry, lactate levels and lung ultrasounds in predicting respiratory illness in dairy calves".

If you would like to view this presentation made by Kenne, please visit . This will give you a sneak peak into research opportunities for students in the area of dairy science as well as what one of these national presentations entails.

The University of Georgia is also incredibly proud to also announce that Alyssa Rauton was elected to serve as the President for the ADSA-SAD organization in the 2020-2021 year.
Though the meeting was certainly unconventional, the experience was still incredibly rewarding. As their advisor, I am incredibly proud of each of them for not only the accolades they received but for still participating in events that support and add value to the U.S. Dairy Industry.
Can't wait to see this t-shirt around the barn!
Don't you love the new T-Shirt design?
 A BIG thanks to Jennifer and Pam Brinton for their design. 
Calves for Kids
We would like to thank these sponsors for their gift to our Calves for Kids program. These sponsors have donated the value of a bull calf to support GDYF dairy showing programs.

Showing animals can help youth gain valuable life lessons and confidence, especially in the maturing process. It also develops responsibility and sportsmanship. Later in life, the experience of showing helps youth learn to function as adults in society and to accept responsibilities, gain an ability to communicate, ask questions, solve problems, make decisions and to work with other people. 
  • Alex and Shirley Millican
  • Charlie Lane
  • Providence Dairy-Paul and Matt Johnson family
  • A & J Dairy- Jack Bentley family
  • Gail Wiley
  • Hale Dairy- Albert Hale family
  • W Dairy-Everette and Carol William family
  • Danny and Ginny Bell
  • Thomas Carter
  • Dr. Larry and Rachel Guthrie
  • Adam and Jane Graft, Leatherbrook Holsteins, LLC
  • Mark and Marcia Rodgers
Promoting GDYF  September 16-23

GDYF jump started our Promotional Week with a photo contest. Congratulations to
Mary Ann Bentley,
 our winner of the contest. Doesn't her picture just make you SMILE?

Tuesday was highlight a youth day! We were proud to recognize Kiley Padgett from Hall County. Kiley attends North Hall High School. She has developed many friendships showing and being around others in the dairy industry. We loved Kiley's words of wisdom, "No matter what, no matter who wins, no matter who looses...Always be kind. You never know what people are going through." 

Our week ended with a game of Dairy Trivia. Congratulations to Mary Helen Coble from Burke County for winner the $10.00 Chick-fil-a gift card.  

GDYF does more than financially support dairy clubs and events...It creates opportunities for youth across Georgia to be involved in the dairy industry. 

Our organizations takes pride in promoting countless life lessons: responsibility, leadership, dedication, and sportsmanship. It brings like minded youth together where they develop friendships that last a lifetime. Thanks for being a part of our promotional week!
GA FFA State Dairy Proficiency Finalists
Eliza Jane Glover, White County
Congratulations to Eliza Jane Glover of White County and Octavia Bushey of Gilmer County, for being selected as National FFA Dairy Production Proficiency Finalists. Octavia and Eliza Jane are among the top 4 in Georgia

Octavia Bushey, Glimer County

FFA Agricultural Proficiency Awards honor FFA members who, through their Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAEs), have developed specialized skills that they can apply toward their future careers. This awards program recognizes students for exceptional accomplishments in progressing toward specific objectives in their chosen field of interest. This program is based on a student's SAE, which is developed outside the classroom under the supervision of the agriculture education teacher and FFA 

advisor.  Congratulations to both and we wish them the best as they compete at the national level in November.

GA National Fair will host Dress-A-Cow Contest on Saturday, October 10 at 4 p.m.
The Georgia National Fair will host the Jr. Commercial Dairy Dress-A-Cow Contest will be held at 4 pm. in the Foster Rhodes Livestock Arena on October 10 at 4 p.m.
Let your creativity shine
and start designing your costumes 
for this exciting and fun event

Cash prizes will be awarded to winners!

Leah Higginbotham competes in 
Miss Elbert County Middle School Pageant
Leah Higginbotham, a sixth grader from Elbert County,  entered the pageant arena for the first time this summer in the Miss Elbert County Middle School Pageant.  

Leah competed in virtual segments for casual and formal wear, and in a live interview before a panel of independent judges where she was able to enthusiastically explain her love of dairy showing and the thrill of dairy competition. 

While the title of Miss ECMS is only available to 8th graders, Leah won 6th Grade Representative out of thirteen amazing 6th grade young ladies.  She is pictured with her crown and sash, and pre-pageant with her sister Lila Higginbotham, 2017 Miss ECMS and also a former dairy showman. Lila is also the current Elbert High School FFA President. Congratulations!
Upcoming Events
October 2 & 3: Morgan County Show

Oct.10: 4pm - Jr Comm. Dairy Dress-A-Cow Contest
Foster Rhodes Arena at Georgia National Fair, Perry 

December 4 & 5: FFA Dairy Judging
GDYF Junior Membership is Free!
Youth interested in dairy activities in Georgia now have the opportunity to become Junior Members of Georgia Dairy Youth Foundation free of charge! This membership provides youth ages 18 and under the chance to see what GDYF is doing to help them succeed in various activities throughout the year. Junior Members receive the quarterly newsletter with updates about competitions, shows and ways they can get involved. To fill out the membership form, click here.
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GA Dairy Youth ALSO Excel Outside of the Show Ring!! CHECK OUT THESE ACCOMPLISHMENTS:
Emma Newberry, and her Oconee County 4-H team mates, recently placed first in the state 
4-H competition for Dairy Judging. Emma was also the 2nd highest individual. Congratulations to them on their achievement and good luck with the national competition this fall.

State 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl winners:
1st place: Tift County-Amare Woods, Jordan Daniels, Lydia Connell, Dana Wells and Seth Jones

2nd place: Oconee County-Kalani Washington, Alicia Carnes, Leah Szczepanski, Lexi Pritchard, Alyssa Haag and Lilly Ann Smith

3rd place: Coweta County-Bella Fisk, Michael Whitlock, Alexa Hillebrand, Leopold Joh, Colton Swartz and Anthea Shelton