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It may not feel like a normal summer, during COVID, but CFR volunteers have stepped up in new ways. Read on to learn about our expanded home deliveries, local farm harvests, and who's cooking in the kitchen. In this issue, we honor our volunteers!
Volunteer Food Runners Step Up!
Important information for all CFR Food Runners

CFR food runner picks up two orders for Food For Families home delivery
 Community Food Rescue (CFR) has stepped up during the coronavirus pandemic by providing home deliveries of Manna Food Center's Food For Families. Each delivery provides Manna's participants, who are at high risk, with fresh produce, meat and canned food. We've expanded home deliveries, and seek additional volunteers. 

Since mid-March, CFR food runners have delivered almost 23,000 lbs. of food in 460 deliveries. Whether you are a seasoned or new  volunteer, please read the steps involved  HERE.

New! To help Manna participants know when they will receive their perishable food, we ask all volunteer food runners to contact participants before and after delivery. 
Read these new steps HERE.

Social media posts capture CFR's year in review.
Even though it is July,  Manna Food Center's Community Food Rescue Program just completed its fiscal year. Looking back over our last year of activities-July 2019 to June 2020, what a year it has been!  Check out these photos from the CFR Facebook Page to see food rescue in action.

Thanks to our many CFR network food donor businesses, food assistance agencies, volunteer food runners, and other supporters that made last year so memorable. 

Harvesting strawberries at Butler's Orchard
People looking for fun outdoor activities during the coronavirus pandemic are heading to local Pick You Own farms. To make sure the experience is a safe one, farms like  Butler's Orchard  have pivoted their operations to conform to Maryland's guidelines for social distancing.

This year, Butler's invited Manna to harvest strawberries and blueberries during the prime harvest season as part of Manna's Farm to Food Bank program that supports local farmers as well as delivering nutritious produce to Manna's participants. Volunteers wore masks, were socially distanced in the fields, and picked fruit for about two hours at each harvest.

 This Chef Keeps Cooking!

Chef Rainer prepares meals  at home for MCCH residents during the coronavirus pandemic.
With many food businesses closed during the current coronavirus pandemic, some of those working in food service have found ways to keep busy and give back to the community. Chef Rainer Zinngrebe from  Marriott International  has been furloughed since March.

When everything shut down, Chef Rainer asked how he could help. He began working directly with the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless (MCCH) and cooking out of his home. He gathers staples, meat and produce from Manna's warehouse and fills in missing ingredients at his own expense. He prepares meals four times a week for 32 formerly homeless residents at MCCH's Cordell Place.

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 HarvestShare: Summer's Bounty for the Community
HarvestShare donating fresh produce from backyard and community gardens
As people look for creative outlets while homebound during the coronavirus pandemic, many have been planting vegetable gardens. Master Gardener, Catherine (Cat) Kahn, had an idea.

Why not pool together surplus produce from many backyard and community gardens to share with people who are food insecure. 

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Manna Food Center is Open; We are Staying Safe and Still Serving

Manna Food Center (Manna) understands that the COVID-19 crisis has hit individuals and the service industry particularly hard, displacing many workers, and creating more food insecurity in our community. See how Manna is responding to our community's needs. 

Learn how you can make a difference for neighbors struggling to access food during this difficult time.  
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