Career Services Newsletter
Summer Edition | 2020
The mission of Career Services is to support and empower students and alumni in developing, evaluating, and effectively implementing their career plans. In collaboration with faculty, staff, employers, and community partners, Career Services provides a variety of resources to prepare students and alumni to become career-ready professionals.
Virtual Career Services Programs
Virtual Career “Drop In” Support Groups
Are you recently unemployed, furloughed or underemployed? Join Goodwin Career Services to chat about overcoming current job market challenges. These “drop in” sessions are for students who would like to discuss their employment situation and career goals with Career Services’ professionals and could benefit from a supportive space in which to do so.

4 to 5 pm
Every Wednesday, May 20 through July 29
(June 24 and July 22 reserved for graduate students)

CLICK HERE  to attend virtual “Support Group Sessions” sessions through Blackboard Collaborate!

Lunch-In with Career Services
View previously hosted sessions by Goodwin University Career Services (Office of Student Affairs) and select guest speakers regarding conversations surrounding career readiness and industry trends.

Past Sessions
Ask Career Services Anything! You choose the topic!
How do I determine my major? How do I market my skills? How do I transfer from one career to another?
How to Job Search Remotely
This session covered industry trends, résumé discussion, how to market your transferable skills, and identify your value proposition within the current job market.
Industry Outlook in Healthcare
 Explore current industry trends within the healthcare industry and engage in discussion with Career Services and a guest speaker on how to navigate a career search in the healthcare field.

How to Master the Online Interview (*For Graduate Students)
Learn how to successfully navigate and master the online interview process.
Session Recording: 

Ask Career Services Anything! You choose the topic! (*For Graduate Students)
Personal Branding: How to successfully build your brand. What is my value proposition? What are the current labor market trends?
Session Recording:

Industry Outlook in Manufacturing
Explore current industry trends within the manufacturing industry and engage in discussion with Career Services and a guest speaker on how to navigate a career search within manufacturing.
Session Recording:

Northeast Career Events
The following calendar is the result of a partnership between the Career Center Directors of the Northeast. It represents virtual offerings from many institutions that are accessible to all students. Please click HERE to view upcoming virtual workshops and events.
Navigating The Unemployment Process
Navigating Your Career Search -
College Central Network
If you are a Goodwin University student or graduate and would like the Career Services team to review your résumé, we encourage you to register and upload your resume with  College Central Network  (CCN). College Central Network is our online job search resource tool. Visit the site at to activate your account using your student ID # and begin reaping the benefits of building your online career portfolio.
Job Alert
Check out jobs posted EXCLUSIVELY to your school, plus more than 500,000 jobs across the nation! Log in to your account now at College Central Network!
Expand your knowledge and career readiness by subscribing to career podcasts on CCN!

Interviews: More Smart Questions to Ask
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College Central Podcast: #1 Job Advice Podcast on iTunes

In the podcast “Do You Have Any Questions for Us?” College Central Network outlines the importance of preparing smart, thoughtful questions for your interviewer. Here are more examples you can ask to show you’re a standout job candidate and perfect for the role. Listen HERE

Killing Your Job Search with Inept Networking
It doesn’t matter if you are entry-level or professional-grade talent: poor networking is worse than no networking. Read more HERE

Working From Home Efficiently
If the current pandemic has forced you to work from home, consider these WFH tips so that you can work successfully outside of the office space. Read more HERE

See which employers nationwide are hiring qualified candidates like you to fill their job positions. Stay safe and rest assured, the Career Services Team is here to assist you during this time. Reach out to us and we'll walk you through the available tools and options.

*Tips for Avoiding Fraudulent Employers
Listing of job postings on College Central Network (CCN) should not be deemed as a representation by Goodwin University of an employer's fitness or credentials. Here are a few tips for your privacy and protection when applying to a job online:
  • Never give your social security number to a prospective employer, provide credit card or bank account information, or perform any sort of monetary transaction.
  • Enter the address provided in Google Maps to make sure it is a legitimate business. Fraudulent employers will use the address of a vacant lot, storage facility, airport, or rental property as their own.
  • Review the email address carefully, as well-known companies will not use a Gmail or Yahoo email address. The employer’s email address should match their domain name.
  • Check the company website to make sure it is legitimate site. Fraudulent employers may create dummy sites which have misspelling in the URL link.
  • Please check with a member of the Career Services team if you ever have any questions or concerns about a potentially fraudulent employer.
Helpful Career Development Resources
Online Career Assessments: Focus2
Having difficulty with choosing a meaningful career with the degree you obtained from Goodwin University? The Focus2 Career Assessment guides the student through a reliable career and education decision-making model that can help students choose majors, explore occupations, and make informed career decisions. All Goodwin students and graduates are able to, and encouraged to, take the Focus2 Career assessment. Speak to your Academic or Career Advisor today about taking and debriefing your Focus2 Career Assessment.

Below is the link to the Focus2Career Assessment. The assessment will take approximately 25 minutes to take and will provide to you your Holland Code. There are seven individual assessments within the Focus2 – of which two have been taken when you came through Admissions. 
Access Code: Goodwin
Username: email address
Password: create your own password – must be at least 8 characters long, containing both upper and lower case letter and at least one number.
Think about your ACCOMPLISHMENTS or ACHIEVEMENTS in an employment setting. List three to five achievements/accomplishments and jot down or think about how you would express these to a potential employer or to a manager for a possible promotion. In addition, think about your organization/company, “Me Inc.” How would your organization define success? Remember to ask yourself-- Do I have a “Growth Mindset or a Fixed Mindset?” Are you inspired by the success of others and continue to grow….grow….grow?
Best to you and see you next month!

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