Reservations OPEN for
Summer 2020
at Upham Woods
Greetings 4-H colleagues,
It’s that time of year to begin scheduling for Summer Camp 2020 at Upham Woods. Thank you for your patience as we took some time to evaluate our summer programming model and discuss how to best prepare for the future.

Upham Woods is excited to continue its partnership with Wisconsin 4-H. Changes to our scheduling and fee structure at Upham Woods reflect the changes to Extension, awareness of the needs of our facility, and a desire to offer the best version of summer camp possible at Upham Woods.
What's new for Summer 2020
Set Calendar blocks
  • Summer 2020 camp windows are pre-set in available BLOCKS. View the calendar here. When you request dates, please enter the start and end dates of your requested blocks.
  • A set calendar allows us to better prepare program support and offers a clearer custodial and maintenance schedule for a clean and comfortable stay.
  • All session blocks are set up with a departure or arrival day on a weekend, easing some transportation burdens for working families

5 Open Enrollment session offerings.
  • You may choose to market any of these Open Enrollment sessions as your county’s camp dates, and partner with us to provide adult leaders and counselors.

Fee Structure changes.
  • Campers will still be charged the nightly lodging fee, and food service billing is charged at a per meal rate.
  • Additionally, campers will be charged a program fee based on the length of your camp.
  • 3-day Camp: $30/camper
  • 4-day Camp: $40/camper
  • 5-day Camp: $50/camper
  • Lodging and food service fees will be waived for adults that attend to satisfy the required ratio of 10:1 for youth safety. For example, for a camp with 100 campers, lodging and food service fees will be waived for up to 10 adult leaders.

Deposit Requirement
  • Summer Camps will be required to submit a $2,000 non-refundable deposit with their signed contract.
Why are we adding a Program Fee and increasing the deposit requirement?
  • We have created this new fee structure in response to improvements and updates needed for our facility and program equipment. We believe that an investment made now will go a long way in providing a better camp experience for youth and leaders, as well as allowing our staff and partners to focus on youth development programming.
  • Summer dates are the most highly-requested but represent the shortest season on our calendar. This new minimum deposit provides us the best protection against cancellations during our prime season. Ultimately, this helps us keep our rates among the lowest in the state.
How do I reserve my dates?
  • Review the Summer 2020 Calendar here. Each session block has been labeled; enter the start date and end date of your preferred sessions in the reservation request form.

  • On July 2, you will receive an email with your contract, approved session block, and a request for a deposit.

  • Return the signed contract with deposit by August 1, 2019.
What if none of these sessions work for my county schedule?
Upham Woods greatly values the partnerships with all of the 4-H counties that program with us. We truly believe that the changes we are making to our summer calendar scheduling will benefit not only our county partners, but greatly improve the summer camp experience at Upham Woods. However, we recognize that the changes we are implementing may not work seamlessly for everyone. If you are unable to find any camp sessions that work for your county camp, please contact Ellen King. We can discuss options for accommodations to your county calendar that also work within our new session block structure.
New Full-Time Staff & Positions
When you arrive this summer you will see some new faces serving as full time staff at Upham. Some started earlier this year, and you have may have met them already. Some are filling newly created positions that we truly feel will help to provide the best possible experience for your camp and any adventure you may have at Upham Woods.
  • John Celley, Facility & Operations Director
  • Greg Reynolds, Building & Grounds Supervisor
  • Caroline Zimmerman, Conservation Program Coordinator
  • Ellen King, Program Director
  • Ariel Christian, Program Coordinator
  • Corinne Schuh, Program Coordinator
  • Isabelle Herde, Research Naturalist Program Coordinator
  • Tempestt Morgan, Program Coordinator for Expanding Access
For questions please contact: 
Ellen King, Program Director at Upham Woods , 608-254-6461

(608) 254-6461
N194 County Road N
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965