SID Newsletter,"Skin in the Game"
Summer 2020 Issue
Message from SID President, Janet Fairley, MD

Dear SID Community, The year 2020 has already posed significant health, societal and other challenges to our research community, but we remain connected and strong.

As the summer winds down, I would like to reinforce the commitment that our organization has to nurture the pathway for all young investigators. We have dedicated resources to our Diversity & Inclusion efforts and will continue to strive to be more inclusive to all those interested in skin biology and cutaneous investigation.

My presidential platform also includes the establishment of a new 'Mentorship & Networking Circles' program. The loss of the opportunity to interact with our colleagues in a virtual meeting disproportionately affects our younger members: new faculty members, residents, fellows and post-docs. There is absolutely no doubt that the camaraderie, support and networking at the live meeting can be critical to their on-going involvement with research and the SID.  These circles would allow our members to simultaneously network with a small number of peers with similar interests and more senior mentor(s). Use this link to find out more and to sign up.

Thank you all for your ongoing support. Please share suggestions you have in how to better serve the needs of our research community. I hope to see you all in person at a future SID meeting. Until then, stay safe and healthy!
SID Statement on Racial Equality
SID Releases a Statement on Racial Equality
Members of the SID Diversity & Inclusion Committee authored a Statement on Racial Equality. This has been sent to the SID Member database, published on the SID website, and will soon be published in the JID.