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You Are Amazing

Things are far from normal, but so are we. You've amazed us with your ingenuity, your creativity, and your resilience in the face of all that's happened. Pools might be closed or on a restricted schedule, summer camp might be cancelled or exist in a new form with smaller groups, but recreation does not end. You've invented new, safer ways to have fun and break out of the routine with even fewer resources than you usually have. For that, we say kudos to you.

And when you need us, we're here to help.
Some of What We've Added to Help with New Restrictions
  • Age discounts on advanced activities - everyone can register together under one seat cap and be charged different fees by age
  • View of remaining seats for advanced activities by time slot - were you aware we had time slot registration?
  • Age discounts on memberships - everyone can register into the same membership type under the same seat cap and be charged different fees by age
  • Did you know... we have a way to restrict standard activities so customers can only register for one activity in a program per day, per week, etc. and that we're working on a similar restriction for advanced activities?

Some of What We've Added to Help with Changes in Plans
  • A way to mark your facilities as open, closed, or partial with notes to explain more
  • Invoice numbers on activity and membership registration tabs for easier addition of adjustments
  • The ability to refund directly to the credit card via when making an adjustment
  • A way to see all active registrations at once from an account to cancel multiple items at the same time
  • Bulk updates to extend the expiration dates of existing memberships
  • A display if activities are cancelled in an account's registrations tab
  • The ability to remove pre-existing due dates before they happen (and apply new ones)
  • A way for standard activities to automatically reduce fees for those registering late (pro-rate)
Please note : In accordance with privacy laws, we will be adding a popup to the public side to agree to the system's terms and privacy policy in addition to a checkbox for agreement on the public and management side login screens . Once agreed to terms via either the checkbox for popup, another agreement will not be requested unless cookies are cleared from the browser. We have attempted to make this process as unobtrusive as possible. Thank you for your assistance with it.
A Few More Updates...
  • Email blasts can have the recipient for replies set on each one
  • Blasts can also be sent to go out on future dates
  • The message that gets emailed when someone is moved from a waitlist can be customized
  • Registrants for autopay items will be emailed if their card is going to expire before the next payment
  • Email blasts can be sent to those who owe balances for reservations

  • The ability to update expiring cards for autopay items and an alert to card expiration has been added to the public account overview page
  • Organizations can have the same phone numbers as household accounts
  • Residency can be determined by zip code for new accounts based on zip code settings

  • When used receipt notes appear on small receipts for POS items via the portal
  • Global disclaimers can be electronically signed or emailed from the management side

  • Mailing labels for activities can be addressed to the registrant instead of the billing contact
  • Activities that have associated add-on purchases have a report for the add-ons in the program

Advanced Activities
  • Pricing options can be set to not allow purchase if any date within the selection is full
  • Sibling discounts can be set on the program level to apply to multiple activities within

  • Reservations and requests can require or recommend documents during checkout
  • Public reservations display on the public calendar as "Reserved" by default
  • The management side reservations list can be filtered to see reservations by when they start or end
  • Public reservations can be restricted by facility in terms of start and end date
  • Dates are no longer deleted from reservations, but instead are cancelled so a history remains

  • The payment subscription report can update card expiration dates and subscription statuses from based on's account updater tool that seeks out new updates on cards before they expire - we encourage looking into the account updater tool if you are using autopay
  • The disbursements by payment types report has a Detailed view to show budget group line items

  • Quick events can be added to the calendar without reservations using the Quick Add tool
  • The public and account calendars load data based on arrow selection instead of date range


  • If you have as your gateway, you can access direct refunds (in most cases), credit card storage for future use, in-system batch reporting, and more
  • We have a Musco connection available to send your event schedule to ControlLink for lighting control
  • Need receipt printers, card scanners, or other hardware? Visit our POS portal
  • Our Constant Contact partnership can give you a discount on email advantages like spam avoidance

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