It's a great time to travel....

Great compact watercolor sets!
These pocket-sized lightweight box
watercolor sets are ideal for the outdoor artist or for anyone who wants to do a quick sketch on the go. They offer a number of mixing surfaces and also include a small watercolor brush. Come and explore the many shapes and sizes.

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Bound in natural linen, these journals offer watercolorists an attractive and practical option for travel painting. Each journal features (30) sheets of soft-white, acid-free, watercolor paper with a pleasing cold-press finish. Built to provide the greatest level of durability, each Travel Watercolor Journal boasts rounded corners and includes a clear storage envelope on the inside back cover.  Available in 90lb and (new) 140lb paper.

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Assorted points and chisel tip waterbrushes for a range of strokes. This waterbrush has a large water barrel with push button for easy to control water release. Ideal for use with watersoluble paints and pencils. The nylon fiber tip holds its shape and point for continuous use and is very durable and also comes with a protective cap.

The Protege travel brush is made with premium white nylon and is excellent for use with watercolor or gouache. The smoky black barrel fits tightly over the brush head and will connect snugly to the handle when not in use. Available in size 7, round, only.
(Make sure brush head is thoroughly dry before storing for an extended time period).

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20% OFF
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Copic Multiliner SP inking pens are pigment based, and provide the highest quality for all your inking needs. Ink cartridges and replacement nibs are available so you never need to throw these durable aluminum bodied pens away.
Copic Multiliner SP Features:
  • Pigment-based inking pens
  • Refillable with SP refill cartridges
  • Aluminum body
  • Waterproof & archival
  • Compatible with Copic Markers
  • Photocopy safe
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For instant vibrant color on the go.
Highly pigmented artists´ marker with two tips; Water-based, water soluble ink; Soft brush tip for all-over color and dynamic sketches; Sturdy fiber tip for outlines, detailed drawings and precise lines; Excellent watercolor effects on watercolor paper; High lightfastness; Does not bleed through paper; Ideal for artistic work and expressive drawing.
* * * * * Check Out These Books for Summer * * * * *
5-Minute Sketching People by Stephanie Bower
"Illustrator, architect, and international workshop instructor and Urban Sketcher Stephanie Bower has collected 101 of her best insider drawing tips, hacks, and techniques and shares them in this fully illustrated, portable book. Learn shortcuts to getting your perspective right, determining your composition, and balancing your light and shadow"-
Conscious Creativity: Look, Connect, Create by Philippa Stanton
How often do you notice the texture of a painted wall or the scent of a friend's house and, importantly, how they make you feel? Connect your observations and your emotions and transform your creative practice with this essential toolbox packed full of exercises, tips, stunning images and personal experiences from dynamic artist Philippa Stanton.

Flowers: The Watercolor Art Pad by  Rachel Pedder-Smith
Inside the book are 15 pages of simple line drawings of flowers―from wild poppies to sculpted calla lilies―printed on high-quality watercolor paper for you to remove and paint. The outlines allow you to skip the sketching and simply begin painting. Each sketch is accompanied by a color guide and a completed version of the same flower to serve as a model and inspiration as you paint your own.


Terry Duffy
A Year of Painting: 
documenting through abstraction-

"Relational Closeness "
watercolor mixed media on paper
Emily Looman
Elias Hildebrand

Two Artists' Work:
"Sprung from Necessity"
Emily Looman
"An Index of Underthings"
mixed media sketchbook page

Elias Hildebrand
"The Falling Dead"
 digital - comic page drawing

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