Customer Segmentation in Washington DC Metro Area
EBP is working with a team to support The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) in understanding how different segments of their ridership respond to changes in services and fares. The analysis uses processed fare card data and demographic data to cluster WMATA customers into segments that share similar travel behavior and demographic characteristics. Read More
Regional Economic Development Strategy for Saint John (Canada)
EBP is working with Envision St. John: The Regional Growth Agency, to establish the first strategic, action- and results-oriented plan for the organization and its stakeholders.  Based in analysis of the region’s existing economic strengths in areas like energy, natural resources, telecommunications, transport, health data, and cybertechnology, EBP is helping Envision Saint John identify ways to promote the region for new investment, to attract residents to the area and grow the population, to support entrepreneurial activity, and support tourism.  Read More
The Impact of Teleworking on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Transportation System Post-COVID-19
EBP is supporting RSG in an analysis of how travel in Massachusetts will evolve post-pandemic and how those changes will impact the economy of the Commonwealth. The firm reviewed survey data and existing research about teleworking trends and telework propensity and how telework relates to population and job locations and travel behavior (number of trips, distance traveled, trips by time of day). Team members are developing 10 scenarios reflecting different potential teleworking patterns and associated land use changes. Read More
The Routledge Handbook of Public Transport, Chapter on "Public Transport Evaluation"

The Routledge Handbook of Public Transport has been published and is now available for purchase. Chapter 11, “Public Transport Evaluation,” is by EBP’s own Naomi Stein and Glen Weisbrod. The handbook is available for purchase in both e-book and hardcover formats on both the Routledge website and on Amazon. Read More
The Use of Scenario Planning to Support Economic Recovery in the Post-COVID Era

EBP US CEO Peter Plumeau and Frank Bruns, Senior Economist with EBP Switzerland, recently co-authored an article on “Planning Transport Investments in the Post-COVID Period,” published in the European journal Strasse und Verkehr (Road and Traffic). Read More
Measuring the Regional Economic Impact of Transportation Access Improvements

Jenna Goldberg and Glen Weisbrod authored a new article, Measuring the Regional Economic Impact of Transportation Access Improvements in the Context of a Large Metropolitan Region on Urban Transportation Access, Connectivity and the Economy, that was recently published in the Transportation Research Record. Read More
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